Severed Premieres New Song “Edge of the Abyss” From New Five-Song Promo

Iceland’s Severed (f.k.a. Severed Crotch) premieres a new song entitled “Edge of the Abyss”, taken from the band’s new five-song promo that’s intended to lay the groundwork for their next full-length album.

Check out now “Edge of the Abyss” below.

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Serpents Lair Releasing “Circumambulating the Stillborn” On CD

Denmark black metal band Serpents Lair will release a CD version of the debut full-length “Circumambulating the Stillborn” on January 29th via Hellthrasher Productions.

Expanding upon the groundwork laid forth on a 2014 demo, the album contains 7 tracks of dissonant, kaleidoscopic black metal that explores bleak, malignant atmospheres by means of musical hallucinations.

Tracked and mixed between December 2014 and January 2015, the record was mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio and features cover artwork by Misanthropic Art. Initially released earlier this month on vinyl via Fallen Empire / Duplicate Records, “Circumambulating the Stillborn” will be available on CD as a limited 6-panel digipak. The track listing is as follows:

1. Epipháneia
2. Epistemology Of Death
3. Circumambulating The Stillborn
4. Mortui Vivos Docent
5. The Serpentine Gnosis
6. Dwelling On The Threshold To Tartarus
7. Devouring Wrathe

Circumambulating the Stillborn by Serpents Lair

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Obliterations Finishes Recording New Album

Following a signing announcement at the beginning of 2014 and subsequent touring, California’s Obliterations has finished tracking a debut LP for Southern Lord.

A day after returning from a Southwest U.S. tour in March, Obliterations recorded sixteen tracks with producer Chris Owens (Lords, Coliseum, Young Widows) at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 in only three days.

The record taps into the groundwork the band laid on its two previous EPs, but sheds light on a much more expansive, dark, brutal and bleak sound. Mixing will take place throughout May, with a Fall 2014 release through Southern Lord in sight. The LP’s release will be joined by major US and European tour actions. More details on the impending full-length will be released in the coming months.

Check out live footage of the band in action at SXSW earlier this year below.

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Cemetery Lust Inks Deal With Hells Headbangers

Hells Headbangers has announced the signing of Portland, Oregon’s Cemetery Lust. The first fruits of evil will be the band’s second album, entitled “Orgies of Abomination,” which Cemetery Lust is currently recording in the studio.

Its projected release date will be early 2014. Then, Hells Headbangers will reissue Cemetery Lust’s debut album, “Screams of the Violated,” later on next year. The following press release was also issued about the band:

“Formed in 2009 after sitting around cranking The Mentors and slammin’ booze all damn night, five sick cunts decided to form Cemetery Lust to devastate all the wimpy ‘retro’ thrash! Since that time, Cemetery Lust have been perving out on audiences live throughout the American Northwest, refusing to cease their disgusting death/thrash assault. Blasting drums, hellfukkin’ guitar, and beerpounding kunt-bass are the groundwork underneath some of the most twisted lyrics about rape, necrophilia, Satan, disgusting sex acts, hell, grave desecration, and you guessed it…BOOZE.”

A band statement simply reads: “Cemetery Lust are extremely excited and proud to raise the fukkin’ banner of evil and sign with one of today’s strongest forces in heavy metal – Hells Headbangers! Only gruesome death and liver failure will follow…”

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Yob To Re-Issue “Catharsis” Album

Nov 12th will see the re-issue of Yob’s cult doom metal classic “Catharsis” on the ten year anniversary of when it was first released. Profound Lore Records comments:

“Out of print and hard to obtain for many years, ‘Catharsis’ is an album which marked a turning point in the career of one of the most important doom metal bands today. It is the album in which helped define the signature style of massive colossal doom that YOB are known for harnessing unto the masses.

“Originally recorded in early 2002 but not released until fall 2003, ‘Catharsis’ was released at a time when the heavier side of American doom metal was recognized by a select few bands and releases (i.e. ‘Holy Mountain,’ ‘Jerusalem,’ ‘Crippled Lucifer,’ ‘The Art Of Self Defense,’ ‘Goatsnake Vol 1’ and various Neurosis releases) which helped play a part in influencing YOB’s sound.

“But it was with ‘Catharsis’ in which YOB would create a new sound of their own, a sound of doom which would inevitably develop itself over the years and finally be recognized as one of the most powerful sounds emanating from the doom metal scene as proven by YOB’s succeeding albums.

“It was ‘Catharsis’ that laid down the groundwork for YOB which allowed Mike Scheidt and co. to be recognized as visionaries in heavy music; three massive tracks of monolithic spaced-out heaviness to characterize such an album that climaxes in the 20-plus minute epic title track that many recognize as one of the greatest YOB songs ever written.

“Re-mastered from the original tapes by Tad Doyle, giving ‘Catharsis’ a more complete and warmer sound than the original, along with featuring new artwork and presentation design by Aaron Edge, and liner notes by Mike Schedit, this re-issue of ‘Catharsis’ is the definite presentation of this album with its original tracklisting in place.”

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Autumns Eyes To Shoot New Music Video For "Haunting Your Daughter," Recording New Songs

Autumns Eyes, which released new album “Please Deceive Me” (reviewed here) earlier this year, has issued the following announcement about working on a new music video:

“Its been a while since Ive brought everyone back up to speed with whats been going on in the Autumns Eyes realm these days. Lots of time has been spent planning the next phase, which will include a new music video and even a new album. The music video will be for the track ‘Haunting Your Daughter’ and will be shot later this summer. Story wise I can’t give away too much, but I can tell you that visually it will be inspired by some of my favorite old school horror films both in the look and the amount of gore you will witness.

“I have also been working on recording the first five songs I ever wrote back in 1999 when I started this project. They are all instrumentals covering a wide variety of styles which laid the groundwork for all Autumns Eyes material to come. I originally recorded them on a four track recorder, but since it was my first time recording I truly had barely any idea of how to operate the equipment properly. I’m completely in lust with the material itself, so to give them a proper recording is quite a fun experience to say the least.

“Outside the Autumns Eyes world I have also been devoting a large chunk of my time to reworking the Beneath the Woods Studio website. Aside from the standard audio and web services I will also be offering (my new hobby) photography as well. The site will also feature a ton of tips and articles on both recording and design.

“In the meantime I am constantly updating the Autumns Eyes website with features, articles, top ten lists, and many more random things pertaining to horror movies, Halloween, and heavy metal.”

You can also check out the band’s previously posted music video for the album’s title track at this location.

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