Alcest Re-Issuing “Souvenirs D’un Autre Monde” Special Edition

Released in 2007, Alcest’s debut album, “Souvenirs d’un autre monde,” marks the starting point of the French band’s extraordinary career.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of this groundbreaking record, Prophecy Productions has unveiled plans to reissue “Souvenirs d’un autre monde” in two very special limited edition formats on September 22nd.

With the release of “Souvenirs d’un autre monde” (English: “Memories from another world”), Alcest mastermind Neige forged a luminous sound that floats on the fringes of metal, yet incorporates emotions of euphoria, bliss, and nostalgia. The album has become known as one of the fundamental releases of the blackgaze / post-black metal genre, and a record that continually influences countless other bands in its wake.

In 2016, the release was selected by Pitchfork as one of its “50 Best Shoegaze Albums of All Time.”

1. Printemps Émeraude (“Emerald Spring”)
2. Souvenirs d’un autre monde (“Memories from another world”)
3. Les Iris (“The Iris”)
4. Ciel Errant (“Wandering Sky”)
5. Sur l’autre rive je t’attendrai (“On the other shore I will wait for you”)
6. Tir nan Og (Irish: “Land of the Young”)

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MRTVI Announces New Album “Negative Atonal Dissonance”

Mysterious underground entity MRTVI has reared its ugly head with another groundbreaking album that defies conventions and bends perceptions. “Negative Atonal Dissonance” will drop July 30th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

A twisted interpretation of black metal laced with ambient textures and unpredictable experimentation turns the professed genre on its head. Like contrasting mental thoughts, the music is a cacophony of various influences clashing in a seemingly indecipherable pattern, with chaos reigning but only on the surface; underneath, it’s a carefully planned web of inextricable melodies and bursts of emotions.

MRTVI comments: “‘Negative Atonal Dissonance’ is not an album. It is a statement, a philosophy, an experiment; a rejection and reaction to the current trends within the mainstream and underground alike. Extreme metal has painted itself into a corner.

“Production values that serve no other purpose other than to sound recognizable and palatable. Arrangements, rhythms and harmonies that are more concerned with being identifiable and ‘viable’ than with originality.

“In an infinite universe, music is endless; a spectrum of emotion, of atmosphere, a vibrational connection running through and joining all frequencies; a spiritual, meditative practice, a dream and a nightmare connecting the creation with the creative force…”

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Integrity Releasing “Humanity Is The Devil” 20th Anniversary Vinyl

Chicago-based Organized Crime Records has confirmed the impending re-release (as a 20th anniversary vinyl edition) of Integrity’s “Humanity Is The Devil,” currently being pressed to hit for Record Store Day next month.

Subsequent to the release of “Systems Overload” earlier that year, Integrity would enter Mars Studio on Hallows Eve 1995; the result would be the true culmination of what the band had been working towards both music and thematically. “Humanity Is The Devil” was an aural assault like no other at the time.

Organized Crime Records is proud to present this groundbreaking record in its ultimate 20th anniversary edition. Comprised of limited color vinyl housed in a stunning five-color gatefold jacket featuring art by Pushead and layout by vocalist Dwid Hellion, this edition includes an updated version of the rare “Humanity Is The Devil” pamphlet, a 16.5″ x 22″ poster, expanded artwork by Josh Bayer, and liner notes by guitarist Aaron Melnick.

Integrity is also planning new live actions for 2016, having today been confirmed to take part in this year’s edition of the Amnesia Rockfest in Montebello, Quebec this June.

6/23-26/2016 Amnesia Rockfest – Montebello, QC

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Magick Touch Signs With Edged Circle Productions

Edged Circle Productions is proud to announce the signing of the hard rock stalwarts from Magick Touch. The first fruit of this signing will be the Norwegian band’s debut album, “Electrick Sorcery,” which will be released early next year on both CD and vinyl formats.

An exact release date, as well as cover and track listing, will be announced soon, but digital streaming of Magick Touch’s “Electrick Sorcery” is available now through Spotify.

A statement from the band reads: “Magick Touch explore the mystery and magic of the hard rock riff, a cosmic entity that has amused and frightened mankind for ages. By utilising the unholy trinity of electric guitar, thunderous bass, and explosive drums, the band seeks to evoke and further enhance the elements that human kind in a casual manner refers to as hard rock.

“Whereas paying great respect to the groundbreaking and inspirational work of ancient sorcerers like Lynott, The Youngs & Scott, Blackmore, Coverdale, Stanley, Frehley, Simmons, and young master Hudson, Magick Touch do not shy away from adding contemporary (magic) touches to the traditions of the Elders. Proud to be in the service of the greater universal powers, there is still hard rock to be revealed – believe the true wonders to come!”

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Metal Blade announces signing of German extreme metal outfit KETZER!

– July 6th, 2015 –

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the addition of KETZER to its ranks! KETZER (German for “heretic”) is an extreme metal outfit hailing from Cologne, Germany and are ready to set the world afire with this just recently signed pact (in blood).

KETZER comments: “In the last few years, working on new songs has been our journey, and it has been an intense one. Musically and conceptually we put everything back to zero. We found an element that gives our music something primal, something natural. It is the deep connection between all of us through making music together. It feels like sharing a fleshless body.

Far back in time, dancing to drumbeats around a fire, entangled in trance, it was all about the magic of one moment. We chase those moments and hope to share them with people all over the world.

Metal Blade, as a label that has evolved constantly in its history without ever forgetting their groundbreaking beginnings, will give us the opportunity to reach everyone of you out there.

There are many exciting things about to come along our way in the future and we are glad and grateful for being able to take this journey together with Metal Blade from this day on.

Four becomes two and two becomes one
The journey will end at the places unseen

KETZER‘s debut album ‘Satan’s Boundaries Unchained‘ is one of the most critically acclaimed black/thrash records in recent years. With the second album entitled ‘Endzeit Metropolis‘, they progressed in their musical direction even further. After the release of two full-length albums and playing three extensive tours throughout Europe and the United States, the band is far from reaching its peak! KETZER‘s long-anticipated new album will see the light of day towards the end of the year 2015 on Metal Blade Records!

Gerrit – Vocals
Marius – Guitars
Chris – Guitars
David – Bass
Sören – Drums

photo credit: Alina Cuerten


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De La Muerte Signs Record Deal With Bakerteam Records

Bakerteam Records just issued the following statement about inking a record deal with De La Muerte:

“De La Muerte is a modern and aggressive hard ‘n heavy band charmed by the Mexican ‘Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte’ cult, which inspired each of the 10 ‘damned stories’ contained in the groundbreaking debut album.

“The band was formed by some of the most experienced and technically proficient musicians in the Italian scene with the desire to mix heavy metal and hard rock with some shades of progressive and a ‘Southern’ flavour.

“‘De la Muerte’ was recorded by Simone Mularoni (DGM) and Simone Bertozzi (Mnemic) at Domination Studio in San Marino, Italy. It was also produced, mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni.”

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CHANNEL ZERO premieres video for “Duisternis”!

– July 15th, 2014 –

New album “Kill All Kings” out now!

The European summer festival season is upon us and Channel Zero is gearing up to conquer all the festival stages yet again. And to kickstart this season they are releasing their brand new video, “Duisternis“! This is perhaps the strangest song ever to be released by Channel Zero, and with lyrics in Dutch, French and English it’s probably also the most Belgian song that’s ever existed. Check out the groundbreaking video at now!

Channel Zero comments on the video: “The song “Duisternis” deals with the World’s current state of civil unrest. The word “Duisternis” literally means “Darkness”. We can see clearly, if the human race continues with this sick state of mind – soon there will be only DUISTERNIS!!

For my money, the best track on the album is “Duisternis”…this record would make a terrific soundtrack for a post-apocalyptic television

Kill All Kings” is out now and has been released by Metal Blade worldwide (except for the Benelux regions) as a Digipack CD with bonus DVD (in Europe) and digital download. Head over to to check out the first single “Electronic Cocaine” and to order your copy. Additionally, check out to listen to “Burn The Nation“!

The European edition of “Kill All Kings” includes the bonus DVD “Live at the Ancienne Belgique” recorded in 2010 featuring a full, multi-angle filmed show including 16 songs in total!

Channel Zero‘s sixth studio album shows a band combining technical workmanship with raw energy and groove. “Kill All Kings” is a thundering musical pinball game between Teutonic trash, snarling groove metal, elusive melodies and that typical and completely unique sharp Channel Zero edge fans have come to love.

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Havok Releases “Chasing The Edge” Music Video

The Denver thrashers in Havok have premiered a new video for “Chasing The Edge” taken from the band’s third full-length album on Candlelight Records, “Unnatural Selection.”

Produced by guitarist David Sanchez, mixed by Terry Date, and mastered by James Murphy, the album features original artwork from Polish illustrator Rafal Wechterowicz. David Sanchez comments on the new video:

“In case you couldn’t tell by the video, ‘Chasing the Edge’ is about space exploration. This song is dedicated to Nicolaus Copernicus and his groundbreaking idea that sparked the modern scientific revolution. Without his bold observations that turned the Church on its head, you might not be reading this text on a computer screen right now! The lyrics are dictated from Copernicus’ point of view, but of course, the meaning of the song can be interpreted in many different ways.

“Astronomy is very humbling when you realize that we are an incredibly tiny part of the cosmos. No matter how self-interested our society becomes, it should always be remembered that we are not the center of the universe… There is just SO much out there. Every time I look up at the night sky, I can’t help but contemplate the possibility that somewhere out there, there are creatures looking at our star; Wondering, like myself, about the possibility of life near our tiny pinhole of light, which we call the Sun. Peering into the vast ocean of suns above our heads is a mind-expanding exercise and I recommend that people do it more often. What greater fountain of mystery and wonder could you possibly look at with your own two eyes?

“We live in a historic time of human triumph and incredible discovery. It would be a shame to let these advances in understanding go unappreciated. We should be grateful for revolutionary thinkers like Nicolaus Copernicus and always remember, like the song says, ‘That an open mind has the biggest impact.'”

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Fen Posts New Official Video For “The Glove”

Following on the heels of their groundbreaking marionette video for “Miracle” off the “Trails out of Gloom” album, Vancouver progressive rockers Fen are now set to release the latest video for “The Glove” from their fifth and latest album “Of Losing Interest.” About the video, main Fen man Doug Harrison says:

“I came up with the video idea based on an experience in a public men’s room where a guy came out of the stall and wanted my help in putting a white, woolen glove on his hand, which appeared to have something wrong with it. I didn’t know if it was a genuine request for help or a trick to get me in a vulnerable position. After I wrote the script, I showed it to the other guys in Fen but no one wanted to be in the video. I also showed it to the guys at our label Ripple Music to see if they would do it. They were apprehensive as well. The two main actors ended up being friends of friends, guys who didn’t mind tussling around in a public washroom on camera while patrons from the ice rink came in to do their business.”

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Disembowelment Album "Transcendence Into The Peripheral" To See Vinyl Re-Issue

Relapse Records has issued the following announcement about releasing the “Transcendence Into The Peripheral” album from Disembowelment on vinyl:

“Relapse Records is extremely excited to announce the release of Australia’s legendary death-doom pioneers Disembowelment’s seminal full-length debut, ‘Transcendence Into the Peripheral,’ on vinyl for the first time ever. This groundbreaking opus of funeral doom will be limited to a one time pressing on gatefold double LP and is set for a May 8th release date. Pressing information and pre-orders are currently available at this location.

“Additionally, 2/4’s of the band will be performing a series of special shows under the names d.USK and their new project Inverloch, representing the final embodiment of diSEMBOWELMENT. A limited edition, deluxe version of Transcendence Into the Peripheral featuring a screen printed cover and alternate vinyl color will be available exclusively at the band’s performance for the upcoming Roadburn Festival.

“More details on this special press will be announced shortly via A full list of confirmed tour dates is available below with more to be announced shortly.

“Stay tuned to the official diSEMBOWELMENT Facebook page for the latest diSEMBOWELMENT information.”

April 12 Tilburg, NL Roadburn Festival
April 15 Helsinki, Finland Nosturi
April 17 Groningen, NL Gloppe
April 18 Antwerp, Belgium De Rots
April 19 London, UK The Underworld
April 20 Edinburgh, Scotland Bannermans
Jun. 15-17 Clisson, France Hellfest 2012

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