Harm’s Way reveals details for new album, ‘Posthuman’

– December 6th, 2017 –

Launches first single, “Human Carrying Capacity”

On February 9th, Harm’s Way will release their new album, Posthuman. Having grown with each subsequent release, Posthuman, the band’s fourth full-length – and Metal Blade Records debut – is a devastating addition to their catalog. “We’ve always stayed true to who we are and allowed the songwriting process to take shape organically from record to record, and as the band has progressed, our sound has become more refined with metal and industrial influences,” states drummer Chris Mills, while guitarist Bo Lueders succinctly sums up what people can expect when they first spin the record: “To a Harm’s Way fan, I would describe ‘Posthuman‘ as a blend of ‘Isolation‘(2011) and ‘Rust‘ (2015), but it’s sonically way more insane. To anyone else, I would simply say it’s full on heavy and full on aggression.”

For a first preview of Posthuman, the single “Human Carrying Capacity” can be streamed at: metalblade.com/harmsway – where the record can also be pre-ordered in the following formats:

–Highlighter red/orange vinyl + download card (limited to 200 copies – USA exclusive)
–White vinyl + download card (limited to 1000 copies – USA exclusive)
–Translucent clear w/ white, blue and purple marble vinyl + download card (limited to 400 copies – USA exclusive)
–Marble green vinyl + download card (limited to 300 copies via Closed Casket)
–Translucent purple/black split vinyl + download card (limited to 300 copies via Death Wish)
–White / black marble vinyl + download card (limited to 500 copies – EU exclusive)
–Transparent violet vinyl + download card (limited to 200 copies – EU exclusive)
–Clear “birthday cake” splattered vinyl + download card (limited to 200 copies – EU exclusive)
–Milky-clear/blue-green-red splattered vinyl + download card (limited to 100 copies – EU exclusive)
* exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

With producer Putney overseeing the tracking at Graphic Nature Audio in Belleville, New Jersey, Posthuman came together easily and fluidly. Having three weeks to track it – the longest they have ever spent on a single full-length – was definitely beneficial. “We spent the first three days there doing pre-production and refining the songs to be the best possible versions of themselves,” says Mills. “The amount of time we had in creating this record meant we were able to experiment and not have to rush with any aspect of it, and I feel it shows in the end product.” The title, Posthuman, aptly summarizes the themes of the record, reflecting a sense of not feeling like a part of the world anymore, whether that be politically, socially, ethically, or emotionally. “It very much pulls from ideas of transcendence, progression, and resilience”, Mills elaborates, “and it’s very much a push back on traditional ideas of the self and self-actualization. ‘Posthuman‘ to us is about progressing above and beyond the confines of what is considered human, in the physical, psychological, and categorical sense.”

Posthuman track-listing
1. Human Carrying Capacity
2. Last Man
3. Sink
4. Temptation
5. Become a Machine
6. Call My Name
7. Unreality
8. Dissect Me
9. The Gift
10. Dead Space

An intense touring campaign will see the band taking the songs into venues around the world throughout 2018 and beyond – stay tuned for dates coming soon!

Harm’s Way line-up:
Chris Mills – drums
Bo Lueders – guitar
James Pligge – vocals
Casey Soyk – bass
Nick Gauthier – guitar

Harm’s Way online:



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END (Counterparts, Fit For An Autopsy Etc.) Premieres New Video For “Love Let Me Die” From Debut EP “From The Unforgiving Arms Of God”

END (Counterparts, Fit For An Autopsy, etc.) premieres a new song entitled “Love Let Me Die”, taken from the band’s recently released debut EP “From The Unforgiving Arms Of God”, which was produced by Will Putney (Graphic Nature Audio).

Check out now “Love Let Me Die” below.

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Thy Art Is Murder Announces New Album “Dear Desolation”

Australian group Thy Art Is Murder will release new album “Dear Desolation” on August 18th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Check out the music video for the first single, “Slaves Beyond Death,” in the player below.

“Dear Desolation” was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Will Putney at Graphic Nature Audio in Belleville, NJ. Artwork was created by Eliran Kantor.

Comments vocalist C.J. McMahon: “I feel the strongest I’ve ever felt going into a record. Coming back to the fold of our band has reinvigorated me. I missed my brothers, touring, and of course all our dedicated fans around the world who have always given us their all.

“This new record is going to shape our future; we gave it everything we could and then some. In the past, I was the weakest link and now that I have re-built myself, we are stronger than ever and nothing can stand in our way.”

Adds guitarist Andy Marsh: “Hate, War, Desolation; the trilogy series of the path mankind has laid out before himself. We are prouder than ever of our efforts on this record. A lot of time, planning, creativity and teamwork has culminated in what we think is our most completed vision yet: Dear Desolation.”

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First Blood Posts New Song “These Are The Rules”

Vicious metal-edged hardcore heroes First Blood just premiered new track, “These Are The Rules.” This song is featured on the band’s forthcoming album, “Rules,” due out on February 10th via Pure Noise Records and up for pre-order here.

Talking on new track, vocalist Carl Schwartz says: “This song serves as a ‘preamble’ for the concept of this album. Rules. Who sets the rules? What rules? Why should we care? Well, these are the rules that control nearly every aspect of our lives. We serve. We sacrifice. We corrupt. We pollute. We hate. We torture. We oppress. And we kill.

“But it’s okay, because positions of power say it’s okay. Public opinion (or lack thereof) says it’s okay. Laws of the state say it’s okay. Accept these terms and everything will be okay. Dare to question them and you will pay. These are the rules… This is reality. Some things we might never change, but at the very least I say, “Don’t stop fighting for what you believe if you’re to rise up from this hate.”

On this first album in seven years, First Blood has come out swinging. Produced by recording mastermind Will Putney at Graphic Nature Studios (formerly known as The Machine Shop) in Belleville, NJ, “Rules” features 12 tracks of the band’s hardest, yet most inward-looking material to date.

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Holy Grail Posts Graphic Music Video For “Those Who Will Remain” From New Album “Times of Pride and Peril”

Holy Grail posts a new graphic music video for “Those Who Will Remain”, taken from the band’s latest album “Times of Pride and Peril”, out in stores now via Prosthetic Records. The clip tells the tale of a murderous merch guy…

Check out now “Those Who Will Remain” below.

Says the band of its decision to now release the video:

“The “Those Who Will Remain” Video was made by Holy Grail for our very amazing fans/friends and is in no way affiliated with any companies we’ve worked with or are working with. In fact, it was heavily discouraged by some. Please don’t let the graphic nature of this video reflect on anyone but the 5 dudes in HG who tried to make a horror film/tour video while on the road. Party On, Dudes!!!”

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Night Verses Inks Deal With New Label Graphic Nature

Producer Will Putney (Northlane, Stray From The Path, Counterparts) has launched Graphic Nature, a unique new imprint label within Equal Vision Records, and has signed Night Verses as his first band on the label.

“Night Verses is a great flagship band for Graphic Nature,” explains Putney. “They’re phenomenal musicians who write great songs, and they really have a style of their own. They are a band that doesn’t fit well into the normal channels and needed its own home. We’re aligned artistically and musically with the band, and their new songs feel like a breath of fresh air.”

Night Verses is currently in the studio with producer Ross Robinson (Glassjaw, At The Drive In, The Cure) recording a sophomore full-length. The new album will put an emphasis on presenting a fuller, darker ambience than the previous releases, with more effects, live electronics, experimentation and an overall massive sound.

Drummer Aric Improta elaborates, “Our instruments are sounding less and less like they’re traditionally expected to. At times, even the vocal patterns have become more rhythmic, painted with a wider array of colors both lyrically and thematically. Our collective focus has been to create a record that feels cinematic, something to get lost in, like we so often do when listening to our favorite albums. Retro-Futurism has also had a huge influence on the sound of this record as a whole.”

“We met up about a year ago with Ross and discussed what we valued in music, how we pictured the record sounding, and the overall importance of an album carrying an undeniable vibe from start to finish,” says vocalist Douglas Robinson. “He spoke with such a genuine tone and at times seemed to understand what we wanted more clearly than we did, giving us awesome suggestions on approach and the recording process. It just felt right. The combination of Ross’ unquestionable creativity and experience coupled with Will’s studio expertise made it an easy decision. It’s the perfect team to help bring this next release to its full potential, sonically and spiritually. We’ve spent about two years consistently composing new material for this record. Forty demos later, we’re anxious to see how these songs transform once Ross and Will step in and sincerely excited to see what we learn in the process.”

Putney adds, “I’ve been fortunate enough to have a career in the music industry where I’m able to help develop younger up and coming artists as a record producer. I’ve also come to realize there’s a hole that exists for bands that are a bit less “standard”. More often than not, labels are weary of taking risks on bands who don’t fit a certain sound or mold. Graphic Nature Records is founded on this idea, to provide an outlet for interesting and unique bands to release their work. It’s a more artistic approach to record making and releasing.”

“Dan Sandshaw and Equal Vision Records have steered the ship in this world for as long as I can remember,” he continues. “From Circa Survive, Coheed and Cambria, The Dear Hunter, Codeseven, all the way back to the days of Drowningman, Sick of It All, and Burn, they’ve constantly pushed forward exciting and genre-defining bands. Being able to operate as an imprint of EVR has given Graphic Nature the opportunity to hopefully continue this tradition of cultivating important records.”

Night Verses is comprised of Douglas Robinson (vocals), Nick DePirro (guitar), Reilly Herrera (bass), and Aric Improta (drums). The new album will also be mixed by Putney, and is expected to be released in 2016. To date, the band has toured and shared stages with the likes of Norma Jean, The Fall of Troy, Protest The Hero, A Lot Like Birds, letlive., and more.

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