Prezir Debuts Full-Album Stream Of Brand New EP “Contempt”

Milwaukee’s Prezir debuts the full-album stream of the band’s brand new EP “Contempt”, out now via Bandcamp. Featuring guitarist/bassist Rory Heikkila (Shroud of Despondency), vocalist/lyricist Luka Djordjevic (Khazaddum), and drummer Brian Serzynski (Pigs Blood), “Contempt” is an iniquitous and undeniably feral blend of death, black, and thrash metal with influences inclusive of early Emperor, early Enslaved, Grand Belial’s Key, Arghoslent, Morbid Angel, Deicide, and Destroyer 666.

Check out now “Contempt” in its entirety below.

Contempt by Prezir

Drums on Contempt were tracked by Dan Klein at Iron Hand Audio. Everything else as recorded and produced by the band in 2017. Mixing by Rory Heikkila.

Track Listing:

1. How God Loves
2. Devotee Decree
3. Holy Men of Putridity
4. The Legend of the Five Suns
5. Dar al-Harb
6. Serpents in the House of Ra

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Masada’s “Hideous Rot” Album Seeing Vinyl Release

Masada’s “Hideous Rot” is now seeing a 12″ vinyl pressing courtesy of Blood Harvest on September 27th, 2013. The following press release was issued about the band:

“Although the name might be new, Masada feature legendary scene vet Cazz ‘The Black Lourde of Crucifixion’ Grant (Crucifier, ex-Grand Belial’s Key) on vocals and drums. Along with guitar/bass wizard Chris Milewski, Masada create complex, labyrinthine constructions that warp the mind and wrack one’s equilibrium, recalling the likes of Coroner, Timeghoul, mid-period Pestilence, and even later Death whilst keeping a unique identity all their own. Open your mind and let in Hideous Rot…”

1. Hideous Cerebral Pulp
2. Fluteotherapy
3. Exist To Rot
4. Suffer Mental Decay
5. Toxic Unreality

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Crucifer Announces Vinyl Release “Coffins Through Time…A Mourning in Nazareth”

Iron Bonehead Productions has announced October 1st as the release date for Crucifer’s vinyl “Coffins Through Time…A Mourning in Nazareth.” The following press release was issued:

“At long last, the entirety of Crucifer’s recorded work during the dark, epochal 1990s is collected on double-LP vinyl. Entitled Coffins Through Time…A Mourning in Nazareth, this 2LP collection comprises Crucifer’s four demos – Humans Are Such Easy Prey (’91), Crown of Thorns (’92), Unparalleled Majesty (’93), and By Disgrace of God (’93) – alongside their Powerless Against tape from ’96 and the ‘Trafficking With the Dead’ split with Nunslaughter from ’99.

“Long-running and well-respected in the metal underground, Crucifer perfected a twisted and morbid sort of death metal that maintained a blasphemous, blackened edge that band leader/founder Cazz Grant would then expand upon in UG legends Grand Belial’s Key. Crucifer’s lineups may have always been shifting, but their commitment to dark, deathly arts always remained firm, which can be heard in all evilness across Coffins Through Time…A Mourning in Nazareth, all of which has been powerfully remastered by P. Engel at Temple of Disharmony. Featuring a 16-page booklet featuring extensive liner notes, old photos, and flyers as well as an A2 poster and quintessential Chris Moyen cover art, this is the ultimate Crucifer collection and a tribute to ancient times.”

1. The Cinerarium
2. Demons Of Filth
3. The Funeral
4. Exhumed Remains Of A Decayed Corpse
5. Portrait Of Blasphemy
6. Introduction + Massacremation of the Flock
7. Disembowelment Lunacy
8. Apocryphal Nativity
9. Soul Burial
10. Chime Of The Goat’s Head
11. Sodomy of Angels
12. Spirits
13. Demons Of Filth
14. Something Wicked This Way
15. Portrait Of Blasphemy
16. A Mourning In Nazareth
17. Chime Of The Goat’s Head
18. Fire And Brimstone
19. My Lord Of Swine
20. Foul Deeds Will Rise

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