Infernal Angels Streaming Full “Ars Goetia” Album

Infernal Angels just released new album “Ars Goetia” and is now happy to present the full album streaming online. Check it out below or via the My Kingdom Music YouTube page.

My Kingdom also comments: “The first feedback is absolutely thrilling. Here the Italian black / deathsters present to you all their 4th full-length album ‘Ars Goetia’ including the killer official video of ‘Belial: The Deceiver’ and the three songs where Mancan from Ecnephias, Lorenzo from Frostmoon Eclipse and Snarl from Black Faith offer their voice as special guests. The album is a black monolith and we hope you’ll enjoy it!”

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Forbidden Records Posts Goatcraft And A Transylvanian Funeral Album Streams

Forbidden records is streaming two brand new March releases in their entirety, the latest from Goatcraft and A Transylvanian Funeral, over on their bandcamp page. Goatcraft’s piano black neoclassical metal stylings of “All for Naught” and the raw black metal of A Transylvanian Funeral’s “Gorgos Goetia” are also streaming below in full. Both releases are scheduled for March 20th release. While over at Forbidden records, there are several other extreme metal releases that you can listen to as well.

All For Naught by Goatcraft

Gorgos Goetia by A Transylvanian Funeral

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A Transylvanian Funeral Releasing Second Full-Length Album

Twelve rituals of primitive black magick in the form of “Gorgos Goetia” – the new album from A Transylvanian Funeral – will be offered to the international masses on March 20th for the apt sum of $6.66 from Forbidden Records and other online retailers worldwide.

“Gorgos Goetia” is a staggering 72 minutes of raw and unbridled black metal magick, with no drum machines, no keyboards and minimal production values to retain the creative and improvisational style that Sleepwalker is known for on his multi-instrumentalist albums. The tracklisting and cover art of “Gorgos Goetia” is featured below.

Cold Blood and Darkness
Burning Astral Hunger
Light Cast Out
The Supreme Rite of Transmutation
Mars Exalted in Capricorn
Percival in Black Armor
Ten of Swords
Hymn to a Gorgon
Goliath Resurrected

 photo ATF_GG_CoverCC_zps142792c1.jpg

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