Okilly Dokilly Posts New Music Video “Reneducation” Online

Viral sensations Okilly Dokilly – the world’s only “Nedal” band – recently announced the release of their upcoming second full-length album, entitled Howdilly Twodilly, scheduled for release on March 29th, 2019.

Today, after releasing the “Reneducation” single and announcing their upcoming Howdilly Twodilly Tourdilly (kicking off in April), Okilly Dokilly has revealed the new music video for “Reneducation”. You can check it out below.

In the Nick Mills-directed video, Head Ned does his best to educate a class of ho-diddly-opeful future Neds, only to come face to face with a very unruly student. Said student learns quickly – you don’t mess with Ned!

Head Ned says about the video: “The ‘Reneducation’ music video is a visual illustration of proper ‘Reneducation’. We’ve very excited to add some video content to our global lesson plan. We’re also very excited to show the process of what happens when ‘Reneducation’ is rejected.”

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A Pale Horse Named Death Premiere New Song “When The World Becomes Undone”

A Pale Horse Named Death (ex-Life Of Agony/Type O Negative) debut another new song from their impending album “When The World Becomes Undone“, which will be out in stores next Friday, January 18th. Below you can stream the title track from the outing.

Comments Sal Abruscato :

“When the world becomes undone was a concept I came up with in late 2014 in regards to the global chaos that was happening happening. Sure enough 5 years later and it could not no be more accurate the world is in disarray and it has become undone.”

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Brand New Slayer Song, Band Forms Own Label Imprint‏

Last night at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, Slayer surprised the capacity crowd with an unannounced performance, kicking off the show with a three-song set that included the global premiere of “Implode,” the band’s first new studio recording in five years. Later this year, the two-time Grammy-winning […]

more metal news here:
Brand New Slayer Song, Band Forms Own Label Imprint‏

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Heart In Hand Reveals North American Release For “Almost There” Album

U.K. melodic hardcore outfit Heart In Hand has announced a May 14th release date for “Almost There.” The following press release was issued about the coming album:

“The album is quite simply a masterclass in how to create a truly engaging hardcore record. With soaring peaks and bitter lows, the album incinerates the listener before embracing them again with a wave of melody. Featuring guest vocals from Mallory Knox and Bury Tomorrow, Almost There is an epic, sprawling release that will make Heart in Hand mark on the global market.”

The track listing is as follows:

1. Proposal
2. Almost There
3. Home/Sick
4. Vows
5. Sleeping Alone
6. Cuts and Bruises (feat. James Leatherbarrow of Death Of An Artist)
7. Maybe (feat. Mikey Chapman/Sam Douglas of Mallory Knox)
8. Old Tattoos
9. Life Goes On…
10. Broken Lights (feat. Dani Winter Bates of Bury Tomorrow)
11. Our Atlantic
12. Direction
13. The Latter

 photo hihcov_zpsc92540a3.jpg

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Skrog Streaming New Album "The Global Elite"

“The Global Elite,” the debut album from Minneapolis industrial metal war machine Skrog, is now streaming over at bandcamp in its entirety or below in the widget. Skrog is the work of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/composer Jay Reiter and “The Global Elite” is an explosive, damning account of the current state of American politics and policies. Reiter went into a track-by-track dissertation of the album had this to say about the themes explored on “The Global Elite”:

Skrog’s ‘The Global Elite’ is the perfect summarization of 2012. It reflects on a lot of the political turmoil across the globe. It speaks out to the ‘99%.’ It reflects on the ‘Occupy’ movement. It speaks out against terrorism. And best of all, it speaks to people around the world. Although the album focuses quite a bit on America and its global policies, a lot of issues The Global Elite addresses affect everyone. No matter who you are or where you come from, Skrog’s ‘The Global Elite’ will move and affect you.

The album starts out with ‘The Revelation’, a song which draws parallels between the current global state of affairs and the last book of the Bible. The second track, ‘MK-Ultra,’ is a song about the declassified CIA operation that involved dosing unaware U.S. citizens with illegal mind altering drugs. Military Industrial Complex uses samples from Eisenhower’s farewell address and JFK’s ‘Monolithic’ speech to paint a grim picture of an unheeded warning against current military expansion.

The fourth track, ‘Submit,’ is a fast paced declaration of resistance against the Global Elite.’ End of the World (As You Know It),’ the album’s fifth track, is a prediction of the end of peace in America and the start of global nuclear war. The album takes a turn at the sixth track into political doom and gloom; ‘Dark Metamorphosis’ poses a more surreal apocalypse – the rise of the undead. ‘The Hunter’ and ‘The Hunted’ comprise a two-part concept; the former an instrumental that takes the listener through a soundscape of the synthetic and the acoustic, the latter being a fast paced thrash song about the lives of the elite through their own eyes.

Skrog recently released a video for “My Dark Metamorphosis,” which can be viewed after the jump. That track was recently on the short zombie film “Arise.”

The Global Elite by Skrog

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The Contagion Effect Reveals Debut EP "Dichotomy Of Reality" Artwork

Baltimore, Maryland’s The Contagion Effect has revealed the artwork for the band’s debut EP, “Dichotomy of Reality,” which can be found after the jump. The EP was recorded at Oceanic Recording with Taylor Larson at the helm. Artwork for the EP was handled by none other than Grindesign.

An official release date for “Dichotomy of Reality,” which will be self released, is pending. The band recently made 4 of the 5 tracks available for streaming via Facebook, with “A Global Abortion” available for free download. “A Global Abortion” is also set to be featured in an upcoming video game, with details to be announced soon.

The “Dichotomy of Reality” track listing is as follows:

1. 3.765.5
2. Desistance
3. Exsanguination
4. A Global Abortion
5. 1120 A.E. (After Extinction)

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New Zealand’s Heresiarch To Unleash New EP "Hammer Of Intransigence"

Following the release of the demo “Obsecrating the Global Holocaust,” New Zealand’s Heresiarch will release a new EP, “Hammer of Intransigence,” via Dark Descent records on November 3rd. The EP will have six tracks, and below is one of the songs, “Thunorrad.”

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