Hopesfall Premiere New Track “Faint Object Camera”

Another glimpse at the new Hopesfall effort “Arbiter” has arrived with the below streaming premiere of “Faint Object Camera” from the upcoming release. Arbiter will be out in stores on July 13th through Graphic Nature/Equal Vision.

Comments vocalist Jay Forrest of the new song:

“‘Faint Object Camera‘ was an optical and ultraviolet camera on the Hubble Space Telescope from 1990 -2002. This song has a big heavy spacey feel in the beginning that drops mid swing into an elegant but vast space where the mind wandered and wondered…What if one was lost floating in space alone? How would calendrical/time measurements work on other planets in other star systems? If floating and lost, could the hubble telescope find me lying flat and mistake me for the first discovery of a non-round world.”

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A Glimpse Of Daylight Posts “Heaven Shall Burn” Music Video

Falkenberg, Sweden’s A Glimpse Of Daylight is currently demoing new material for an upcoming release, and in the meantime you can check out the band’s music video for “Heaven Shall Burn” below.

Photographs from the filming of the “Heaven Shall Burn” video clip are also available at the A Glimpse Of Daylight Facebook profile here. The group consists of these members:

Teddie Helander -Guitar
Jonathan Helander – Drums
Ken Nilsson – Vocals
Sebastian Karlström – Bass
Jimmy Eriksson – Guitar

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Skewed Skies Streaming Full New Album “A Seaman’s Journey”

Instrumental act Skewed Skies has posted the full “A Seaman’s Journey” album online for streaming. Give it a listen through the widget below or by heading over to the Skewed Skies Bandcamp page here. The track listing for “A Seaman’s Journey” is as follows:

1. Set to the Sea 03:08
2. The Island of Tortuga 07:15
3. St. Elmo´s Fire 06:40
4. Mary Celeste 04:51
5. The Kraken 04:38
6. Leviathan 04:45
7. A Glimpse of the Other Side 02:58

A Seaman´s Journey by Skewed Skies

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Theatre Nocturne Streaming New EP "Anhedonia" Online

New York’s Theatre Nocturne has released a new EP titled “Anhedonia,” and the release can be purchased over at bandcamp or streamed in its entirety through the player available below. The track listing is as follows:

1. To Visit My Flesh 03:34
2. Nepenthe And Lavender 05:03
3. An Apostate In Passion 03:46
4. A Glimpse Into The Savage Garden 04:46
5. Anhedonia 09:29

Anhedonia by Theatre Nocturne

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