All Hail The Yeti Releases “Feed The Pigs” Music Video

If you are one of the many music enthusiasts looking forward to a huge wave of politically-charged, post-election punk, hardcore, and metal, All Hail The Yeti has arrived early to get the party started.

The band leads the charge with an official call for change on new track “Feed The Pigs” – a self-described “wake up call” for our generation to take action in society. Along with the track, the band reveals a new music video below.

“Writing ‘Feed The Pigs’ came very naturally for us; one of the least stressful, yet one of the most important songs we have ever written,” Garritty details to Huffington Post. “We have always been very conscious of the world around us, especially the environment. With everything that is going on around us right now, I felt that this song needed to be heard… so inspiration wouldn’t be the word – it is more of a wake-up call! Our society needs to clue in to what is going on! Change has to start right now!”

Although originally hailing from Canada, the members of All Hail The Yeti have resided in the Los Angeles, CA metropolitan area for several years. Garritty, a business owner in the state of California (Timeless Tattoo), personally feels the sting hitting small mom and pop shops everywhere.

Garritty continues to explain to Huffington Post, “Mom and pop businesses were once a thriving thing here and made this country what it is today. It is unfortunate that it became too expensive to keep things in America and I hope that changes soon. I always support a local business before some big chain or foreign company! If everyone in this country did the same it would make a big difference for people like me. I hope that Americans start to see the reality of this as well, Big corporations like Walmart and Target etc., don’t care about the people, they only care about big profit and to me that is a problem.”

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The Chronic Legion Reveals Self-Titled Album Art

New Delhi based experimental outfit The Chronic Legion has unleashed the artwork for an upcoming self-titled album. “The Chronic Legion” is slated to be a fusion of modern and old school metal complimented by traditional Indian folk music. The band’s bassist Sahil Bajaj says:

“The album and the artwork are inspired by the moral degradation of the society. The elements used in the artwork are based on the issues which the mother earth has to face in this generation. Both the artists, Ishaan & Naveen did an incredible job.”

Keshav Dhar from Skyharbor is slated to make a guest appearance, along with sitarist Rishabh Seen and tabla player Karan Chitra. The track listing will be as follows:

1. Intro
2. Hour of greed
3. Corruption
4. Decade of war
5. Pollution
6. Drugs
7. Maya

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Fragile Mortals Announces “Fired Up” Single Release

Fragile Mortals – the new band that combines hip-hop legend Darryl “DMC” McDaniels (Run DMC) with metal group Generation Kill featuring vocalist Rob Dukes (ex-Exodus) and bassist Rob Moschetti (ex-Pro-Pain, M.O.D.) – will release debut singe “Fired Up” on July 4th, followed by the single “Suicide” on July 5th via Bumblefoot Music.

Says DMC of the upcoming new track: “’Fired Up’ is a sports inspired attitude about giving all you got in this “game of life.” And like my verse says, you must do it without cheating!”

While the message of “Fired Up” is pretty straightforward, “Suicide” tackles darker topics, that according to DMC, hit closer to home: “’Suicide’ is really personal to me because I was fighting depression, so I know what individuals, young and old, go through. People will always tell you that you shouldn’t feel the way you feel. Easier said than done!”

DMC adds, “I discovered the first step to healing is be truthful to yourself about how you’re feeling, then look at WHO and WHAT circumstances are causing these feelings, then deal with those to remove those from your life. Me and Dukes wrote these lyrics no holds barred because that’s how we, and a lot of others felt.”

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War Baby Posts Full “Death Sweats” Album Online

Canadian noise rock trio, War Baby, is streaming the band’s upcoming sophomore release “Death Sweats” in full before it drops this Friday through Bummer Records.

“Death Sweats” was recorded at the Noise Floor Recording Studio with producer Jordan Koop while mastering was handled by Bob Weston. The track listing is as follows:

1. Master Blaster
2. Spell
3. No Generation
4. Spin Forever
5. Belly Ache
6. In Light of
7. Swamp Kunt
8. Throw Them in the Fire
9. God is Dead
10. Shrinking Violet

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Lost Soul Posts “Atlantis” Lyric Video

Lost Soul has a new lyric video online, available below, and the band also comments: “With ‘Atlantis’ we present to you the second track of the forthcoming album ‘Atlantis: The New Beginning.’ The album will be released on October 30th via Apostasy Records. Enjoy!”

The new album’s full track listing is as follows:

01. Hypothelemus
02. Aqueous Ammonia (streaming here)
03. Ravines Of Rapture
04. Unicornis
05. The Next Generation
06. Vastitas Borealis
07. Perihelion
08. False Testimony
09. Frozen Volcano
10. Atlantis
Bonus Tracks (Deluxe Edition)
11. Red Giant
12. Sonidos Del Apocalipsis
13. Supernovae

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Locrian Streaming New Track “An Index Of Air”

Chicago/Baltimore-based avant black/industrial experimental trio Locrian has issued “An Index Of Air,” the first single from impending “Infinite Dissolution” LP, due out July 24th.

Amidst the band’s nearly two-dozen releases over the past decade, “Infinite Dissolution” will mark Locrian’s second album Relapse Records.

One of the most determined tracks on “Infinite Dissolution,” the nearly eight-minute-long “An Index Of Air” is subdivided into three movements — i. Divinations, ii. Air Structures, iii. and Watcher Of The Clouds — the track encompassing the apex of the record. The track delivers a permeating vision of our planet in environmental peril, as does the rest of the album, which is inspired by the book, “The Sixth Extinction,” a futurist look at the current mass extinction of Earth which our generation attempts to thrive within every day.

Locrian is here joined by Dana Schechter of Insect Ark on slide guitar and Erica Burgner-Hannum of The Holy Circle on vocals, whose contributions help shape the segments of the song. Issues Locrian on the intense track:

“‘An Index Of Air’ was written as a three part suite with the first part, ‘Divinations,’ being the calling forth of the atmosphere and trying to read the future from it. ‘Air Structures’ takes its name from a Brian Eno/Robert Fripp live bootleg but is a narrative about the realization that the air being called forth will kill us and that we have brought this on ourselves. And ‘Watcher Of The Clouds’ is a play on the Genesis song ‘Watcher Of The Skies,’ but is also the shift in narrative voice where we predict a new atmosphere must be formed after humanity is extinct.”

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Poynte Posts “Hold On” Music Video

Altanta, GA-based group Poynte just released a video for “Hold On,” which can be seen in the player below. Guitarist Brett Davis comments:

“‘Hold On,’ to me, is a song that should light a fire for our generation. Everyone these days, they’re settling for mediocrity and forgetting that this nation was built by those that chased their dreams. People that let nothing stop them from achieving those dreams. It’s your life, you shouldn’t let anything hinder you from reaching upward and grabbing ahold of what you want out of this life. Really, the underlying theme of the album is this: Hold On to your dreams and don’t let them Take Control. It’s your life.”

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Archspire Posts “Seven Crowns And The Oblivion Chain” Guitar Playthrough

Technical death metal force Archspire just released a guitar playthrough video for the track “Seven Crowns and the Oblivion Chain.” Check it out below.

The track, featuring guitarists Dean Lamb and Tobi Morelli, is taken from the band’s new album “The Lucid Collective.” The full track listing is:

1. Lucid Collective Somnambulation
2. Scream Feeding
3. The Plague of AM
4. Fathom Infinite Depth
5. Join Us Beyond
6. Seven Crowns and the Oblivion Chain
7. Kairos Chamber
8. Spontaneous Generation

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Yesterday’s Saints Reveals “Generation Of Vipers” Album Details

Yesterday’s Saints is gearing up to release “Generation of Vipers” via Draconum Records this coming February 3rd, 2015. The following press release was also issued about the coming full-length:

“Concept albums are not new territory in the metal genre by any means. But Northern Virginia’s Yesterday’s Saints elevate the notion of conceptual metal to a whole other level, thanks to the rich, extensive storytelling and the pummeling metal of Generation of Vipers. The music is as smart and as thought-provoking as it is extreme, and that’s not an easy thing to do. Striking the artful balance is difficult, but Yesterday’s Saints make it seem easy.

“The current iteration of Yesterday’s Saints, which plays death-thrash-power combo, has been in existence since summer 2010 and with a self-released EP and some local touring under the band’s belt. They knew that a full concept album was the next step they wanted to take. But they did not go about it capriciously. The decision to go with a concept for the 11-track Generation of Vipers was driven by the most important things the songwriting and careful thought.

“The album is assembled like an opera, with three acts, along with an instrumental interlude and outro. It traces the story of Satan, one of the most notorious characters in history, throughout time, from his desire to usurp God’s throne to his modern infiltration of mankind to the indication that all of Earth’s inhabitants are now his descendants.

“The album opens with a flashback and what corresponds chronologically to a third song is actually listed as the first track. The story then resumes from its chronological beginning with the second track. The final song alludes to two theories of the universe: One that asserts we are all a figment of a man’s dream, along with the multi-dimensional membrane theory, where the Big Bang Theory was/will be the result of an intersection or collision between our current dimensional membrane and a parallel one.

“As a result of either theory, whether ‘the man’ waking up or the collision between dimensional membranes, the end of days is the outcome. Time is then reset again by the man falling asleep again or the explosion of another Big Bang.

“Still with us? It’s a lot to process, but once you absorb that story along with the music, your appreciation will be furthered and deepened, as all senses are satisfied by Generation of Vipers, which targets one’s brain and one’s body.”

“When I write songs, I write [from the point of view of] multiple characters, so I can pan those vocal styles against each other,” said vocalist Matt Rice. “So, at times, it’s like the vocals themselves are different characters. It’s almost like a conversation going on in my songs, through the process of telling a story.”

“The lyrics are written in flashback, using Paradise Lost, the Bible and other fiction,” Rice said. “Paradise Lost is written in flashback and I wanted to do that in homage to John Milton in that sense. I have the most exciting part first, which is the war in heaven, rather than the scene of Satan contemplating picking his ass up and usurping the Throne of God.”

01. Fall of the Ancients
02. Origen Adamantius
03. The Recruitment
04. A Priori
05. Sangreale
06. Cain’s Agony
07. Sands of Nod
08. Generation of Vipers
09. The Divine Tragedy
10. Recursion
11. Luctus En Mane

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Wings Denied Vocalist To Miss Upcoming Tour Dates

Wings Denied has issued the following statement about bringing on a session vocalist for upcoming tour dates:

“Hey guys, so we have an announcement to make. As many of you know, our singer Luka is not a U.S. citizen, and unfortunately this time around, we have run into a delay with his visa status, meaning that he will not be able to participate in the Progressive Winter 2015 tour with Cryptodira. This is not permanent, and we are working on getting him back here as soon as possible.

“However, fear not, as our good friend JCK Klemm, singer of Maid Myriad, will be filling in for Luka on this tour. His band is awesome, he’s a pretty sweet dude, and here’s a video of him absolutely killing Generation Y. Tour starts in 9 days, see you there!”

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