Godflesh Remixes Mortiis Track “The Great Leap”

Mortiis is offering a second single today titled “The Great Leap” and remixed by industrial metal godfathers Godflesh. The track is taken from upcoming “The Great Corrupter” remix album, penned for release on the 21st of April via Omnipresence Production.

Mortiis comments: “Godflesh was groundbreaking in bridging the gap between industrial and extreme metal in the ‘90s. Having their take on our song is simply amazing. Without Godflesh, a lot of fans would not have opened their minds to different genres of extreme music.”

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Matt Chanway Releases Debut, Self-Titled Album

Matt Chanway – lead guitarist for western Canada’s old-school death/thrash metal act Assimilation – has independently released an eponymous debut album offering some fresh, unique compositions and fiery guitar playing to the progressive metal genre.

These compositions bridge the gap between old-school and modern progressive rock and metal, and feature upbeat, crunchy riffs, soaring melodies, and tasteful, articulate leads. Check it out at Bandcamp here or in the player below.

1. Evidence of the Arcane (06:22)
2. The Receiver of Wisdom (06:58)
3. Harbinger 2.1 (08:24)
4. 271114 (06:48)
5. Eyes in the Sky (05:48)
6. Lucidity (06:26)

Matt Chanway by Matt Chanway

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Useless Streaming Full “Absence Of Grace” Album

The black metal abomination known as Useless has unveiled debut LP “Absence of Grace” in full online. The album is a disgusting and oppressive slab of sick old-school black metal that will be officially released on CD and digital formats this Friday.

Useless bridges the gap between Norwegian black metal and the U.S. black metal scene. It is slow and hypnotic, yet cold and depressive at the same time. Check it out for yourself through an exclusive stream at HeabyBlogIsHeavy.com here.

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Septekh Reveals New EP “Apollonian Eyes” Details

Septekh, Sweden’s dirty thrash/death act, will release new EP “Apollonian Eyes” on Abyss Records this coming April 1st, 2013. The new EP includes 4 new raging tracks of metal insanity and is the second EP from Septekh.

“Apollonian Eyes” is said to bridge the gap between previous debut EP and the band’s as-of-yet untitled full-length album, which is currently in production.

To get a taste of the new EP, check out the track “Cursing the Skies” through Axisofmetal.com here. “Apollonian Eyes” is available for pre-order now on the Abyss Records webstore, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Apollonian Eyes
2. Burn it to the Ground
3. Cursing the Skies
4. Vlad Tepes

 photo septcov_zpsf579023d.jpg

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