Origin Releases Second “Unparalleled Universe” In-Studio Video

In anticipation of upcoming new album “Unparalleled Universe,” iconic U.S. death metal crew Origin recorded a series of in-studio videos to discuss the album’s recording process. The second in-studio video, featuring guitarist and founding member Paul Ryan, is now available for viewing below.

“Unparalleled Universe” will be released on June 30th via Agonia Records (Europe / ROW) and Nuclear Blast Records (North America). The album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Infinitesimal to the Infinite
2. Accident and Error (streaming here)
3. Cascading Failures
4. Mithridatic
5. Truthslayer
6. Invariance Under Transformation
7. Dajjal
8. Burden of Prescience
9. Unequivocal
10. Revolucion

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El Camino Releasing “Cursed Congregation” Album

Swedish group El Camino will release “Cursed Congregation” on LP, CD, and cassette formats this coming July 2nd, 2017 via To The Death / Night Tripper Records. Check out advance song “Stars and Silence” below, while the full track listing is as follows:

1. Into the Dark
2. Intent of Man’s Heart
3. Cursed Congregation
4. Penance Upon the Pyre
5. Häxkraft I – Domens Hand
6. Crooked Wand
7. Häxkraft II – Elin
8. Vengeance
9. Stars and Silence
10. Ordeal of Faith
11. Häxkraft III – Vags Ande

Stars and Silence by el CAMINO

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Demonic Resurrection Posts “Varaha – The Boar” Playthrough Video

After the official video for “Narasimha – The Man-Lion” released last month (
1. Matsya – The Fish
2. Kurma – The Tortoise
3. Varaha – The Boar
4. Vamana – The Dwarf
5. Narasimha – The Man-Lion
6. Parashurama – The Axe Wielder
7. Rama – The Prince
8. Krishna – The Cowherd
9. Buddha – The Teacher
10. Kalki – The Destroyer Of Filth

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Coffeinne Posts “Fragile” Lyric Video

Spanish melodic metal band Coffeinne today presents a lyric video for new single “Fragile,” taken off the “Circle Of Time” album, due out June 15th via Fighter Records. The full track listing is as follows:

01. Fragile
02. Fallen Angel
03. Take This Life
04. Isolated
05. Life in a Showcase
06. Save Me
07. Broken
08. No Escape
09. The Hate Within
10. Circle of Time
11. Life in a Showcase (Orchestral) [Bonus]

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Somnium Nox Posts New Track “Soliloquy of Lament”

Atmospheric black metal band Somnium Nox just released “Terra Inanis” via Transcending Obscurity, and today another track has come online. Check out opening song “Soliloquy of Lament” below. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Soliloquy of Lament
2. The Alnwick Apotheosis
3. Transcendental Dysphoria

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Persecutory Unveils “Towards The Ultimate Extinction” Details

Turkish death worshippers Persecutory just revealed details of new album “Towards The Ultimate Extinction,” set for a release on CD and MC at the end of June, 2017 via Godz Ov War Productions.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Erhan Kabakci and Can Gelgec at Jam Session Studios. The artwork was created by Alex Shadrin who’s well-known with sickly illustrations as Nether Temple Design. The title hymn is now streaming below, and the full track listing is as follows:

01. Pillars Of Dismay
02. Towards The Ultimate Extinction
03. Till Relentless Salvation Comes
04. Along The Infernal Hallways
05. Awakening The Depraved Era
06. Hegemony Of The Ruinous Impurity
07. Maelstroms Of Antireligious Chaos

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Weapönizer Signs With 20 Buck Spin To Release “Lawless Age”

20 Buck Spin has recruited Denver’s unrestrained metal outfit Weapönizer for the June 30th release of second LP, “Lawless Age.” The label today issues a warning shot from the album, titled “Hellbound.” Stay tuned for more audio assaults to arrive in the coming weeks. The album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Malefactor
2. Hellbound
3. Vulture
4. Rattenkrieg
5. Lawless Age
6. Gangrene
7. Iron Clan Exiles
8. Temple Of The Iron Skull
9. World War 2 [English Dogs cover]

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The Wizards Streaming “Full Moon In Scorpio” Album

Spanish hard rockin’ heavy metal group The Wizards just released “Full Moon in Scorpio” via Fighter Records, a spin-off from Xtreem Music. You can hear the full album below, or pick up your own copy via Bandcamp here. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Avidya 04:51
2. Calliope (Cosmic Revelations) 05:23
3. Odinist 04:31
4. Stardust 07:42
5. Leaving the Past Behind 05:30
6. Halftones to Eternity 05:07
7. Who Are You, Mr. Gurdjieff? 05:04
8. When We Were Gods 07:27

Full Moon in Scorpio by THE WIZARDS

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Psygnosis Posts “Psygnosis Is Shit” Music Video

Yesterday, May 15th, Psygnosis released a new album titled “Neptune,” which can be heard in full or picked at Bandcamp here. Today the band goes a little tongue-in-cheek and releases a new video titled “Psygnosis” is shit, which can be seen below. The album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Phrase 7 11:54
2. Psygnosis is Shit 08:34
3. ?????´? 05:28
4. Storm 08:33
5. To Neptune 13:08
6. Mûe 04:16
7. Psamathée 09:46
8. Sünyatã 10:51
9. Nirva?a 04:46

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Contra Posts New Song “Snake Goat”

Cleveland group Contra today reveals “Snake Goat,” a new track from forthcoming album “Deny Everything.” Listen in below and you can pre-order the new album Bandcamp here. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Human Buzzsaw (streaming here)
2. Snake Goat
3. Altered Beast
4. The Gorgon
5. Humanoid Therapy
6. Son of Beast
7. Bottom Feeder
8. 100 Hundred Hand Slap
9. Dr. Goldfoot
10. Shrimp Cocktail

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