Kingdom Premiere New Song “Walls of Askalon” From Upcoming New Album “Putrescent Remains of the Dead Ground”

Death cult worshippers Kingdom have completed the work on their fourth full release titled ‘Putrescent Remains of the Dead Ground’ which will be released on March 12, 2018 on Godz Ov War Productions. Exclusive premiere of the album will take place during the coming edition of the Into The Abyss Festival where Kingdom will play alongside such acts as Vallenfyre, Profanatica, Hierophant, or Auroch. The new album will be available on CD, 12” LP and in digital format.

You can check the very first harbinger of doom, the battle hymn titled ‘Walls of Askalon’ below:

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Slamophiliac Posts Full “Slam Rehab” Album Online

Texan one-man slam Slamophiliac is back with a brand new sampler platter of gore, torture, and violence entitled “Slam Rehab,” which is out now on CDN Records. Check out the full release below, or pick up your own copy at Bandcamp.

1. Punched with a Forklift (ft. I Am Destruction)
2. Anally Invaded (ft. Gape)
3. Fecal Infection
4. Gross Mass of Genital Malformity
5. Intermediate Manual Uncoiling (ft. Decimated Humans)
6. Crushed
7. Feasting on Decomposing Cadavers
8. Resonation of a Crackling Ribcage
9. Special Leather (feat. Necroexophilia)
10. Creepy Crawly Booty Party (feat. Goremonger)

Slam Rehab by Slamophiliac

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Zebulon Kosted Streaming New Album “You Have No Race, You Have No Culture”

The latest Zebulon Kosted album “You Have No Race, You Have No Culture” just dropped today –
June 6th – through Hammerkrieg Productions / Tetraktys Media. You can pick up a digital or physical copy here or stream the full release below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Intro 02:19
2. Stripping, Burning, Crushing 04:33
3. With the Best of Intentions 05:10
4. Brought to Us by Slavery 06:21
5. That False God 09:43
6. Progress 06:16
7. Nightmares Become Reality 05:09
8. You Have No Race You Have No Culture 04:55
9. Outro 08:22


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Les Chants Du Hasard Working On New Album

If you dig your metal a little different, you’ll want to check out Les Chants du Hasard, an orchestral black metal project featuring only orchestral instruments – no guitars, no bass, and no drums.

The music is experimental, influenced by classical composers but also by metal bands such as Emperor, Ved Buens Ende, and Ulver. An album is currently in progress and will be released in the course of 2017. While awaiting that full release, check out three (of a projected six total) unmastered tracks below.

1. Chant cinquième 07:26
2. Chant second 06:35
3. Chant quatrième 06:45

Les Chants du Hasard by Les chants du hasard

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Seedna Posts Entire “Forlorn” Album

Seedna from Sweden is busy changing the perception of the black metal genre, crafting a beautiful full-length album that’s intuitively tempered with harsh as well as soothing moments, taking influences from outside the genre.

The hourglass on the cover symbolizes the continuation of life after death; the album is strangely nostalgic yet refreshing, as if we’re getting back memories of a past birth. Today you can hear the full release in its entirety – check out all of “Forlorn” below.

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Chalice Of Suffering Streams “For You I Die” Album

U.S. doom metal outfit Chalice Of Suffering will release new album “For You I Die” on July 8th, 2016 via Times End Records. The full release is also now online for streaming below and available for pre-order at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Darkness
2. Who Will Cry
3. For You I Die
4. Alone
5. Screams of Silence
6. Cumha Do Mag Shamhrain
7. Fallen
8. Void

For You I Die by Chalice Of Suffering

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Stillborn Posts Full “Testimonio de Bautismo” Album

The fifth album from the death/black metal outfit Stillborn, entitled “Testimonio de Bautismo,” will drop this coming February 27th through Godz Ov War Productions.

You can now stream the full release online ahead of time at SoundCloud here. The latest album contains eight new tracks, including an instrumental one, plus of cover of Sodom’s “Burst Command Til War.”

1. Martwo urodzony – rozdzial trzeci
2. Ancykryst
3. Upiór
4. Czlowiekowstret
5. Odezwa
6. Obled
7. Modlitwa poganina
8. Burst Command ’til War (Sodom Cover)
9. Apocalyptic Hymn of Satanic Warriors (Instrumental)

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Dead Lord Posts Full “Heads Held High” Album Online

Dead Lord’s new album “Heads Held High” is out now, and the full release is also available for streaming below. “Heads Held High” is the second album from Dead Lord, following the debut “Goodbye Repentance.”

The band recently released an entertaining self made music video for the track “When History Repeats Itself,” which can be seen here. The track list for the new Dead Lord album is as follows:

1. Farewell
2. Ruins
3. Mindless
4. No Regrets
5. Cold Hearted Madness
6. Strained Fools
7. When History Repeats Itself
8. The Bold Move
9. Don’t Give A Damn
10. With Heads Held High

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Kronos Posts Entire “Arisen New Era” Album Online

Featuring continuous references to the gods of ancient civilizations, the French battering ensemble Kronos is set to deploy new full-length, “Arisen New Era” this week via Unique Leader Records. Today you can stream the full release below.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by David Potvin at Dome Studios (Lyzanxia, Arcania, Under The Abyss etc.) in (appropriately) Angers, France, the nine-track “Arisen New Era” is a smoldering display of technical death metal barbarity centered on a bloody battle between the gods of Olympus and the Titans.

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Zom Streaming Full New Album “Flesh Assimilation”

Zom recently released the new album “Flesh Assimilation” via Dark Descent Records, and now all the tracks are available for streaming online.

Pick up a physical copy of the disc over here or stream the full release below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Tombs of the Void
2. Hordes from the Cursed Realms
3. Gates to Beyond
4. Conquest
5. Illbeings Unspeak
6. Dead Worlds
7. The Depths
8. Flesh Assimilation

Flesh Assimilation by ZOM

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