Infected Dead Details For Upcoming Album “Archaic Malevolence” Revealed

From the rotten shores of the River Medway in Kent, UK, Infected Dead have emerged to reveal details of their debut record Archaic Malevolence, set for release 8th December via Hostile Media. Six tracks of visceral death metal, brutal, catchy, influenced by genre leaders Aborted and The Black Dahlia Murder, as well as a love of the occult and Lovecraftian cosmic horror. The 5-piece have honed a razor-sharp sound, underlined by their trademark breakneck speed and intense live shows, which has been quickly turning heads in the UK underground.

Today today the band have offered up a brand new single, the closing track from the record ‘Samsara’, and have accompanied the release with a guitar playthrough from Alex Brown which clearly demonstrates their technical prowess.

Guitarist Alex Brown comments, “We are delighted to announce our union with Hostile Media for the release of our first offering. This year has been great for us and we’d like to thank them for their faith in what we do and for helping us step up to the next level. From the start of the writing process for Archaic Malevolence it was always our intention to push ourselves. We wanted to enter uncharted territory and push the boundaries of what we could do technically and creatively. Inspired by modern day juggernauts such as Aborted, The Faceless, Nile and countless others we feel this release is the perfect balance of unrestrained brutality, infectious hooks and sinister melody from the grandiose title track to the crushing weight of ‘Invocation Of Unspeakable Gods’ this release was designed to grab you.”

Archaic Malevolence was produced, mixed and mastered by Wynter Prior while Luciferium War Graphics was responsible for the epic artwork.

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Heathen Beast Releases New Video

Maintaining an anonymous identity for the band’s safety, from the start Heathen Beast has been using music to call out unfair and corrupt government practices.

From racist and oppressive ideologies to the recent “demonitization” scam carried out which entailed the removal of 86% of the currency notes in circulation in India, Heathen Beast been outspoken like no other band in the region.

In a latest video for “Reliance Is The Secret Of My Energy, Jio Mere Lal!,” Heathen Beast points out the corruption of the Prime Minister and his flagrant association with business tycoons. The track hails from the “$cam” album that saw release back in June.

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Speedclaw Releases “Iron Speed” Via Shadow Kingdom

On June 30th internationally, Shadow Kingdom Records is proud to present the debut tape of one of the most electric newcomers the label’s heard in recent years: Speedclaw’s “Iron Speed.”

Aptly named and also aptly titled, “Iron Speed” is a throttling force to behold, digging its nails deeply into you right from the start and never letting go. Originally self-released on CD in an extremely limited edition, “Iron Speed” is the six-song introduction to this Croatian force of nature. Check it out below or over at Bandcamp here.

1. Speedclaw 04:25
2. Mistress of the Night 04:18
3. Power From Hell 04:51
4. Razarac 02:35
5. Gospodar Tame I Zla 04:28
6. Heavy Metal Maniac 03:41

Iron Speed by SPEEDCLAW

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Dool Posts New Song “Vantablack”

Holland’s most notorious musicians have gathered to form Dool, a dark rock band featuring bassist Job van de Zande and drummer Micha Haring from celebrated cult rockers The Devil’s Blood and the country’s most infamous rock singer, Ryanne van Dorst.

Rounded out by guitarists Nick Polak (Gold) and Reinier Vermeulen (The New Media), Dool radiates an undeniable raw energy and has created a distinct sound right from the start. The band will release debut album, “Here Now, There Then,” on February 17th via Prophecy Productions.

In advance of the record’s release, new song “Vantablack” has come online and can be heard below. If you missed it, a previous video for the “Oweynagat” single can be seen right here.

Dool takes the listener from “dark caves, inhabited by ancient ghosts” on “Oweynagat” to “the deep abysses of a broken heart” on cuts like “Death of Love/” From the sensual and teasing “Words on Paper,” to the imposing and ominous 10 minute epic “Vantablack,” Dool hits every pressure point.

“’Here Now, There Then’ is about dreaming, ambition and will,” says Ryanne van Dorst. “The album is about breaking boundaries and behavioral patterns while destroying stigmas. It is a mantra for whoever needs it and in any way one chooses to use it. It is the shadow lands between fantasy and reality. A fairy tale in a concrete background.”

1. Vantablack (She Shreds premiere)
2. Golden Serpents
3. Words on Paper
4. In Her Darkest Hour
5. Oweynagat (watch VIDEO)
6. The Alpha
7. Death of Love
8. She-Goat

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Conflux Posts “The Keepers Of The Light” Studio Playthrough Video

Death metal collective Conflux has released a studio play-through video for the song “The Keepers Of The Light.” The track comes from the group’s debut EP “The Inception,” currently due to be released on May 3rd.

Conflux is a collaborative death metal project helmed by Chase Fraser (Continuum, ex Animosity, Decrepit Birth), Tommy McKinnon (Akurion/Neuraxis), and features an array of contributing members including:

Mike DiSalvo (Akurion/ex-Cryptopsy)
Derek Engmann (Cattle Decapitation)
Elliot Desgagnes (Beneath The Massacre)
Eran Segal (ex-Aborted)
Matt Mcgachy (Cryptopsy)
Hugo Doyon Karout (Beyond Creation)

“From the start we wanted to include contributions from other members. Then we got the idea of making it a sort of club where all the members can contribute their original ideas, voices and tone, and individual expression,” commented McKinnon on the synergetic nature of the project. “Associations like this in metal are somewhat rare, but they’re even more rare in death metal.”

Chase Fraser adds, “The Conflux collective is definitely an ambitious experiment and we couldn’t be happier with the results so far. We’re looking forward to sharing what we’ve been working on and can’t wait to record the full length later this year.”

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It Lies Within Streams Full New “Paramount” Album

Metalcore quintet It Lies Within will release sophomore album “Paramount” on January 8th, but you can hear it early today through the playlist below.

The record has a handful of guest vocalists including Telle Smith (The Word Alive), Ryan Kirby (Fit For A King) and Jonny Mcbee (The Browning). McBee co-produced the album as well with As They Sleep guitarist Nick Morris.

“Words cannot express how excited we are to release the album ‘Paramount,'” says vocalist Zachary Scott. “It’s been a long time coming, but well worth the wait. This album infuses many styles of metal along with some extra flare on the production side. We are excited to take our message to a larger platform with this album. Musically it’s a roller coaster ride from the start to finish. We hope you enjoy the ride.“

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Finsterforst Parts With Accordion Player Johannes Joseph

Germany’s Finsterforst has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with accordion player / clean vocalist Johannes Joseph:

“Sad news… today is a sad day for Finsterforst, as we have to inform you that Hannes will leave the band following our last Raunächte Tour gig in Berlin. Hannes wants to proceed with other things in his life and wouldn’t be able to find the time and right motivation to go on as a full time member of Finsterforst. While we are sad he’s leaving, we also deeply respect his decision to make a clear cut before our friendship might suffer from problems that would definitely arise with one member of the band not being fully committed to it.

“Hannes has been an integral part of the band from the start and of course his accordion and singing are somewhat trademarks in the Finsterforst sound. Though he won’t be part of every day band life, we will still put his skill to use when it comes to recording new stuff, so you can rest assured people, we aren’t going to change our ways in terms of sound, we’ll just have to deliver live without him.

“We are looking forward to making the last gigs with Hannes aboard memorable ones and we hope that you, our beloved fans, will find the time to give Hannes the send-off he’s deserving for his commitment and sacrifices over the years.

“Well, needless to say, but nevertheless: we thank you, Hannes, very much for everything you have done for us and all the times you were the voice of reason within this drunk horde that is Finsterforst. You’ll always be welcomed back with open arms bro!”

Hannes, the almighty Lulatsch himself, has a few words for ya: “10 years ago, I joined Finsterforst playing accordion and singing. Since then there were a lot of great gigs, special encounters with wonderful people and always a lot of widenings of my own horizon. Due to new challenges in my profession and changes in my private life I’ll stop all live-activities in Finsterforst with the beginning of 2016. This has not been an easy decision, because everything that is connected with Finsterforst is of a prime importance for me. I want to thank all the great people, which I had the chance to get to know during the years and I hope, that you’ll still remain loyal to the Schwarzwald-Horde.”

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Carnifex Posts 10th Anniversary Documentary Video

U.S. death metal outfit Carnifex will celebrate a 10 year anniversary this fall/winter with a massive North American and European headlining tour.

Today, the band has released a short documentary chronicling the preparation that went into this ambitious trek. The short was directed by Alex Wohleber for Press Play Creative and can be seen below.

“The reality that Carnifex has been a band for ten years is still something I can’t quite grasp,” comments vocalist Scott Lewis. “I’ve felt we’ve always been outsiders from the start, even in the metal world. But what separates Carnifex from everyone else is all of you have joined us on the outside, keeping each other alive and stronger than ever.

“This tour is our way of directly connecting with our fans, giving you the biggest headlining tour we’ve ever put together and personally saying thank you to each and every one of you for your die hard support. We look forward to seeing all of you and sharing this once in a lifetime experience.”

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Carnifex Announces More European Tour Dates

U.S. deathcore superstars Carnifex will be back on European stages to promote “Die Without Hope” (reviewed here).While the first part kicks off on July 17th in France; the band now announces the second leg, starting early December 2015 in Cologne, Germany. All dates are listedbelow.

Vocalist Scott Lewis comments: “The reality that Carnifex has been a band for ten years is still something I can’t quite grasp. I’ve felt we’ve always been outsiders from the start, even in the metal world. But what separates Carnifex from everyone else is all of you have joined us on the outside, keeping each other alive and stronger than ever.

“This tour is our way of directly connecting with our fans, giving you the biggest headlining tour we’ve ever put together and personally saying thank you to each and everyone of you for your die hard support. We look forward to seeing all of you and sharing this once in a lifetime experience.“

2015-07-17 Albi Carmaux (X-Treme Festival) FR
2015-07-18 Viveiro (Ressurection) ES
2015-07-22 Milan (Magonlia) IT
2015-07-23 Sant Antioco (Solk’n’Roll) IT
2015-07-24 Tolmin (Metaldays) SI
2015-07-25 Salzburg (Rockhouse) AT
2015-07-26 Kosice (Collosseum Club) SK
2015-07-27 Timisoara (Daos) RO
2015-07-28 Brasov (Rockstadt) RO
2015-07-29 Sofia (Mixtape 5) BG
2015-07-31 Thessaloniki (Eightball) GR
2015-08-01 Athens (Second Skin Club) GR
2015-08-03 Sarajevo (Kaktus) BA
2015-08-04 Bratislava (Randal Club) SK
2015-08-05 Josefov (Brutal Assault Festival) CZ
2015-08-06 Rostock (Alte Zuckerfabrik) DE
2015-08-08 Gävle (Getaway Rock) SE
2015-08-10 Rotterdam (Baroeg) NL
2015-08-11 Trier (Exhaus) DE
2015-08-12 Luzern (Schüür) CH
2015-08-13 Dinkelsbühl (Summer Breeze) DE
2015-08-14 Ieper (Ieper Fest) BE
2015-08-15 Lympne (Hevy Fest) GB
2015-12-03 Köln (Underground) DE
2015-12-04 Aarschot (De Klinker) BE
2015-12-05 Cardiff (CF10 Cardiff Uni) GB
2015-12-06 Glasgow (Cathouse) GB
2015-12-07 Manchester (Sound Control) GB
2015-12-08 London (Underworld) GB
2015-12-09 Paris (Divan Du Monde) FR
2015-12-10 Aarau (Kiff) CH
2015-12-11 München (Backstage) DE
2015-12-12 Ljubljana (Gala Hala) SI
2015-12-13 Wien (Arena) AT
2015-12-14 Budapest (Blue Hell) HU
2015-12-15 Rep Brno (Melodka) CZ
2015-12-16 Warsaw (Progresja) PL
2015-12-17 Leipzig (Conne Island) DE
2015-12-18 Berlin (BiNuu) DE
2015-12-19 Copenhagen (Pumpehuset) DK
2015-12-20 Hamburg (Logo) DE
2015-12-21 Eindhoven (Dynamo) NL
2015-12-22 Karlsruhe (Stadtmitte) DE

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Siren Releasing Debut Album “A Kingdom Aflame”

Cincinnati-based blackened doom metal act Siren will release debut full-length album “A Kingdom Aflame” via Draconum Records on May 30th, 2015.

“From the beginning we realized Siren had a mind of its own,” says co-guitarist/vocalist Dave Spicer. “We couldn’t sit still long enough for doom, we wouldn’t hold back on the riffs for black metal and the ‘clean’ vocals just added to the confusion. So early on we set aside the labels and guidelines, and I think that was the best decision we could have made. It was honest from the start and it’s an honesty you can hear when it’s all said and done.”

New single “The Devil Rides Out” can be heard below, and the album’s full track listing is as follows:

01. Fire & Blood
02. Into the Starless Night
03. Ursine Lineage
04. Bastard of the Dreadfort
05. And the Skies Mourned Her Light
06. Hiraeth
07. The Devil Rides Out
08. A Kingdom Aflame

“Lyrically the album has a strong sense of finality to it,” says co-guitarist/vocalist Jared Compton. “Every song deals with the proverbial ‘it’ that comes crashing down and, more importantly, how one chooses to answer it – to submit to it or to harness it. The use of fire as a symbol throughout the album is to communicate the idea of a destructive force but also something that can be used to fuel great things.”

Drums for the album were tracked by Dave Voll of Iron Forge studios (Cincinnati), while all other tracking and mixing was performed by bassist Sam Curtis at his own studio. The album was mastered by Same Wale Productions (UK) with artwork being supplied by Jennifer Warner (Exura of Winterhymn).

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