Soulwound Premiere New Music Video For “Damned”

Finland-based thrashers Soulwound have premiered a lyric video for the song “Damned”, the closing track of their second album “No Peace”.

Comments editor and lyricist Janne Huusari:

“We all hate those oh-so trendy lyric videos that prioritize style over substance and bombard you with enough flashing, moving and spinning images and words to give you a seizure and make the lyrics damn near impossible to follow. So, we decided to innovate and put together a lyric video that actually allows you to comfortably read the lyrics at a natural pace while listening to the song. Imagine that!

Musically, the song is far from any kind of a hit single, as you could argue that it’s one of the heaviest tracks on the album, if not THE heaviest. Lyrically, it’s one of my more personal pieces, as it deals with standing by and being there for someone who has to bear the scars of a downright horrific childhood. So, in a rather roundabout way, the lyrics actually carry a positive message, and Arto’s visceral vocal performance really brought the words to life. This shit comes straight from the heart, so please enjoy!”


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Any Given Day Premiere New Song “Savior”

ANY GIVEN DAY from the heart of the German Ruhr area have released their brand new single ‘Savior’ today. The song comes off their upcoming new record that will be released via Arising Empire in early 2019.

The band commented: “We are very proud to present you our first new single ‘Savior’ off the upcoming record! We put all of our energy in this song to open a new chapter while staying 100% AGD!

‘Savior’ is the cornerstone of the new album and guided our way on our current journey. Even the smallest things we do or say can save someone else’s life. Be a SAVIOR!”

Watch ‘Savior’ now below:

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Greystone Canyon Premiere New Single “Astral Plane”

Australia’s Greystone Canyon will be releasing their upcoming debut album “While The Wheels Still Turn” via Rockshots Records on March 9th for Europe, U.S.A and Canada along with the Australian release on Hellfire Records on March 12th. Inspired by legends like Megadeth and King Diamond, “While The Wheels Still Turn” is an album devoted to the love for old western cowboy films. Greystone Canyon premiere their first single “Astral Plane” from it below:

As vocalist/guitarist Darren Cherry proudly states:

“We really wanted to make an album similar to old Ozzy Osbourne record where songs like ‘I Don’t Know’ and ‘Goodbye To Romance’ can sit comfortably. This is music from the heart and soul!”

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Fornhem Posts New Song “Úrdjupets Svärta”

Primeval Swedish black metal duo Fornhem will release debut album “Ett Fjärran Kall” (“A Call From Afar”) this coming August 25th release via Trollmusic. Today, new track “Úrdjupets Svärta” comes online and can be heard below.

Fornhem was established in 2013 with a desire to conjure up the mysteries of nature. While members Vafthrudner (drums, vocals) and Solbane (guitars, bass, stringed instruments) undoubtedly owe a lot to the aesthetics originally crafted by the pioneers of Scandinavian black metal, they nevertheless create their own approach and style by interpreting influences from a broad spectrum of folk and rock music in a consciously minimal and almost hypnotizing way. The band’s lyrics are in Swedish and inspired by history, Norse mythology, nature and Swedish poetry.

“Our aim is to make music that moves forward, even if it’s minimal and repetitive, and we think that adding something or making slight alterations in a riff or chord progression makes it come alive and breathe, so to speak, which would be the whole meaning of music-making,” explains Vafthrudner. “Black metal in general is quite beautiful music behind all the layers of noise and we want to enhance that by using minimalism. Quieter moments or acoustic instruments create interesting dynamics that oppose the ‘wall of noise.'”

Reflecting on the folk aspect of Fornhem, Solbane adds: “I think folk music — as well as metal — has an inherent catchiness to it. It’s simple and direct music that comes from the heart. We are certainly influenced by a wide variety of Nordic folk and 70’s and 80’s classic hard rock and metal, but our main influence is old school black metal. Most notably Burzum, Darkthrone and Bathory.”

1. Ett Fjärran Kall
2. Kosmisk Dvala
3. Úrdjupets Svärta
4. Fornhem

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Impalers Posts Holiday Message To Fans

New EP “Styx Demon: The Master Of Death” is set to arrive from Danish thrash group Impalers on January 16th. While awaiting that release, the band issued this Yuletide greeting to all:

“Happy holidays, folks! In some countries people celebrate Christmas and wrap up presents tomorrow night. Other freaks do it the morning after. Some people, still, celebrate something else entirely, or nothing at all.

“But from all of us here at Camp Impalers, is a jolly Christmas message to ALL of you, straight from the heart.”

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The Funeral Portrait Posts “The Water Obeyed The Gravity” Music Video

Atlanta’s Theatricore unit The Funeral Portrait (Revival Recordings) blends elements of rock and roll, heavy metal, and a pop sensibility to paint stories of love, loss, anger, and grief.

Today the band is thrilled to announced brand new album, “A Moment of Silence,” is due out December 16th, 2016. This will be the group’s debut full-length album featuring 13 tracks including, “The Water Obeyed The Gravity,” which can be heard through the video below.

Vocalist Lee Jennings comments: “We went into recording ‘A Moment Of Silence’ trying to display a more dangerous and honest side of The Funeral Portrait. Everything on this record is real and played from the heart.”

Lead guitarist Juergie echoes: “‘A Moment of Silence’ is a story that explores one man’s journey through the afterlife. In this universe there is eternity after death, but there is no god and there is no heaven. This man has been told his entire life that when he died, he would be greeted by God at the gates of heaven. Now he must drift and observe, waiting for the truth to reveal itself.”

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Part 2 Of In Studio Clips On “Transcendence” Issued By Devin Townsend Project

The Devin Townsend Project released part two in a seven part documentary series about the making of “Transcendence.” The clip was shot by videographer and good friend of the band Mike “ZimZim’ Zimmer between March and April, 2016 during the album recordings.

The new release drops on September 2nd worldwide via Devin’s own HevyDevy Records.

The track list for “Transcendence” is:

1. Truth
2. Stormbending
3. Failure (song streaming here)
4. Secret Sciences
5. Higher
6. Stars
7. Transcendence
8. Offer Your Light
9. From the Heart
10. Transdermal Celebration

Check out the clip here:

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Infernal Outcry Releasing “Mass Extinction Requiem I” EP

Infernal Outcry today releases a fiery taste of new music – a bombastic single called “Eclipsed,” ripped straight from the heart of the “Mass Extinction Requiem I” EP due for release on March 18th.

For the uninitiated, Infernal Outcry is a technical and progressive extreme metal band based in Hobart, Tasmania. Punishing drums, maliciously methodical guitars, and deathly screams all play their part in luring the listener into a diverse musical landscape of weighty, multi-textured, and brooding compositions.

“Mass Extinction Requiem I” was produced by a legend of the Australian Metal scene, Joe Haley (Psycroptic). Vocalist Liana Eriksen also comments:

“One of the main themes I am interested in exploring is the emotional conflict arising from the awareness of our mortality, particularly in relation to the unsustainable and artificial nature of our global civilisation and its negative impacts on the natural world. The lyrics are an expression of the darker emotions that are experienced by humanity and attempt to provide the listener and creator with a form of catharsis by aiming to develop a deeper understanding of the world around us.”

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Tragacanth Signs With Loud Rage Music To Release “Anthology Of The East”

Loud Rage Music proudly announces it has reached a deal with Dutch newcomer extreme metal act Tragacanth. The label comments:

“Tragacanth is a black/death metal band with broad symphonic influences. Hailing from the heart of the Netherlands, their songs however tell of ancient Babylonian tales and times.

“Composer and lead guitarist Erik Brouwer set everything in motion in 2014 and soon Jasper van Minnen (theNAME) joined on drums. Adrian ‘OQ’ Neagoe (Negura Bunget) joined on guitar and with Terry Stooker to perform the vocals Tragacanth completed their recording line-up for their debut album, called ‘Anthology of the East.’

“Tragacanth and Loud Rage Music have agreed on the CD version release of the band’s debut album, ‘Anthology of the East,’ scheduled for the 4th of March 2016. An official lyrics video for the track ‘Edimmu’ is now available for streaming below.”

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The Man-Eating Tree Parts With Two Members, Working On New Album

The Man-Eating Tree just checked in with the following update about working on a new album and parting ways with two members:

“This Fall has been a harsh playground for emotions. As a result, there’s always some good things to come out of it, some less. We have started the writing process for new The Man-Eating material. We’re currently going through various new interesting ideas and making sure this new stuff will be something from the heart. Making new TMET-songs means full dedication and motivation.

“That being said, we are truly sad to see Antti Karhu (guitar and backing vocals) and Mikko Uusimaa (bass) leave The Man-Eating Tree. Unfortunately, with our plans as a band, it became impossible to match TMET with their personal life commitments elsewhere. Their decision to step aside is something we respect 100% and hope you respect too.

“They both played significant roles along the way and we´d like to thank them for all the good times and their contributions in making The Man-Eating Tree what it is today, We wish only the best for them both.

“Here’s the brand new video for the song ‘Death Parade.’ The video was filmed during the Unioni-tour last Spring with Finntroll and Wolfheart. The song is from the latest The Man-Eating Tree album ‘In The Absence Of Light.'”

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