Second Trailer For “Thrash Anthems II” Posted By Destruction

German thrash legends Destruction released a second trailer clip for the upcoming release “Thrash Anthems II,” which drops on November 10th via Nuclear Blast Records.

The album features 10 fully re-recorded versions of past classics taken from the first seven albums and picked by the fans, along with the oft-covered Dead Kennedy’s tune “Holiday in Cambodia.”

The second trailer clip focuses on guitar and bass recordings and guest appearances for the release, which include Arch Enemy’s Michael Amott, Poltergeist’s V.O. Pulver and ex-Evile guitarist Ol Drake. The track list for “Thrash Anthems II” is:

1. Confused Mind
2. Black Mass
3. Frontbeast
4. Dissatisfied Existence
5. United by Hatred
6. The Ritual
7. Black Death
8. The Antichrist
9. Confound Games
10. Ripping You Off Blind
11. Satan’s Vengeance
12. Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedys cover)

Check it out the clip here:

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Trailer For “Thrash Anthems II” Issued By Destruction

10 years removed from recreating the past on “Thrash Anthems,” German thrash legends Destruction is at it again with the impending release of “Thrash Anthems II” on November 10th via Nuclear Blast Records.

The album features 10 fully re-recorded versions of past classics taken from the first seven albums and picked by the fans, along with the oft-covered Dead Kennedy’s tune “Holiday in Cambodia.”

Today, the band released the first trailer clip leading up to the release, which features the drum recording sessions. Check it out in the player below.

The track list for “Thrash Anthems II” is:

1. Confused Mind
2. Black Mass
3. Frontbeast
4. Dissatisfied Existence
5. United by Hatred
6. The Ritual
7. Black Death
8. The Antichrist
9. Confound Games
10. Ripping You Off Blind
11. Satan’s Vengeance
12. Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedys cover)

Check out the clip here:

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Primitive Race Unveils New Album “Soul Pretender”

Primitive Race — the hard rock/industrial hybrid helmed by Chris Kniker with core members Mark Gemini Thwaite (The Mission UK/Peter Murphy) and Erie Loch (Wiccid/Luxt) — will release sophomore album “Soul Pretender” on November 3rd via Metropolis Records.

As was the case with the band’s debut, Kniker brought on a group of guest musicians into the Primitive Race fold, with the full album featuring vocals by former Faith No More singer Chuck Mosley and drums by the Melvins’ Dale Crover.

The album was produced by the band’s core trio, with Kniker recruiting Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More/Sepultura) for mastering, Toshi Kasai (Melvins/Helmet) for engineering, and Joe Haze (tweaker/PIG) for mixing.

“Musically, ‘Soul Pretender’ was a natural progression from the first album,” explains Kniker. “To have Chuck and Dale involved was perfect! They really brought a new vision to the project. Their style is a perfect match with Mark, Erie and myself. This record is more focused and organic. I wanted more of an alternative rock record. Stripped down. Live real drums. There’s space in the record. I didn’t want some overly polished ‘perfect’ record.”

1. Row House
2. Cry Out
3. Cranial Matter
4. Take It All
5. Bed Six
6. Stepping Stone
7. Turn It Up
8. Soul Pretender
9. Nothing to Behold
10. Dancing On The Sun

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Crimfall reveals details for new album, ‘Amain’

– June 29th, 2017 –

Launches first single, “The Last of Stands”, online

On August 25th, Finnish cinemascope metallers Crimfall will release their new album, Amain, worldwide via Metal Blade Records! To hear the first single, “The Last of Stands”, please visit: – where the record can also be pre-ordered in the following formats:

–limited Digipak CD with exclusive bonus tracks (acoustic and instrumental songs)
–180g black vinyl
–red/black marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
–skin colored marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
–bluish gray marbled vinyl (USA exclusive – limited to 100 copies)
* exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

Crimfall comments: “We couldn’t be happier to publish a meaty sample from our forthcoming album. This MASSIVE six years of production is finally seeing the light of day and we are more than proud about what we have accomplished. At the same time we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all those dozens of volunteers who have been contributing and helping us to see it through one more battle in Crimfall history. The first single ‘The Last of Stands’ represents the most vigorous and pompous side of the album. Expect to be steamrolled from the first note as we unleash the frustration of past years in a single unforgiving assault. Victory or death!”

Amain is Crimfall‘s most ambitious album yet, combining familiar elements with fresh inspiration, and wreathed in massive crisp production from Fascination Street Studios. Featuring music that spans from monumental orchestrations to songs whispered over fading pyres, Amain contains layers upon layers of grand melodies woven between jagged shadows. On this new release, Crimfall also continues to sing the stories of wars waged in vain, advocating freedom from religious dogmas and the bloody chains of tradition.

Amain track-listing:
1. Eschaton
2. The Last of Stands
3. Ten Winters Apart – pt1. Far From Any Fate
4. Ten Winters Apart – pt2. Song of Mourn
5. Ten Winters Apart – pt3. Sunder the Seventh Seal
6. Ten Winters Apart – pt4. Dawn Without a Sun
7. Mother of Unbelievers
8. It’s a Long Road
9. Wayward Verities
10. Until Falls the Rain

Crimfall live:
Oct. 13 – Helsinki, Finland – The Circus w/ Ensiferum + Wolfheart

Crimfall line-up:
Mikko Hakkinen – Vocals
Helena Haaparanta – Vocals
Jakke Viitala – Guitars
Miska Sipilainen – Bass
Janne Jukarainen – Drums

Crimfall online:



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Deity Premieres New Song “Sacrificium” From Upcoming New Self-Titled Album

Canadian death metal band Deity premieres a new song entitled “Sacrificium”, taken from the upcoming new self-titled album, which will be out in stores June 2nd.

Check out now “Sacrificium” below.

Comments vocalist/guitarist John Massey about the song:

“‘Sacrificium’ is one of those songs when it kicks in you just want to run into the mosh pit. From the first drop you can hear the intensity of the vocals, the technical yet melodic riffing, and the hard hitting drums. We have a very Slayeresque chaotic dual guitar solo in which we pay homage to Jeff Hanneman as well. We kept the arrangements and transitions more true to old school death metal. Lyrically, “Sacrificium” is about people treating you like shit, trying to belittle you because they are better known, and the kind of people who wouldn’t have the guts to confront you face-to-face.”

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New Album “Overloaded” Announced By 42 Decibel, Video Clip For New Single Available

With the impressive debut album “Hard Rock ‘n’ Roll” (2013), the follow up “Rolling In Town” (2015), and fresh from the first European tour in 2016, 42 Decibel is making a comeback with the latest album, “Overloaded,” which will be released by Steamhammer/SPV on June 23rd. A video clip for the new single “Dangerous Mess” can be seen below.

42 Decibel has recorded ten new rock tracks inspired by the idea of pushing a piece of equipment to its limits. The band recorded and mixed with this in mind, so most of the equipment used in the recording was pushed to its limits; VU meters hitting the red zone, red lights flashing resulting in various types of distortion. Overloaded still carries the Blues Rock torch from the previous albums, but this time 42 Decibel cranked it up a notch to give a more explosive experience but with that same Hard Rock n Roll these boys are known for.

With “Overloaded,” 42 Decibel resolutely follow the course set out on in early 2010 with the first 7-track demo and went straight on to put into serial production with the debut “Hard Rock ‘n’ Roll.” The current line-up with Junior Figueroa, Nicko Cambiasso, Billy Bob and Matt Fraga, is bursting with energy and thirst for action, and – with the exception of the final mastering of the album, for which the band members once more enlisted the services of Justin Weis – took on the entire spectrum of tasks involved in a dynamic studio production themselves.

The track listing for “Overloaded” is:

1. Whiskey Joint 3:07
2. Dangerous Mess 3:22
3. Brawler 3:42
4. Roadkiller 3:46
5. Hot Shot 3:03
6. Half Face Dead 2:39
7. Lost Case 4:37
8. Cause Damage 4:09
9. Double Itch Blues 6:55
10. Cannon Fodder 4:44

Check out “Dangerous Mess” here:

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Hessja Releasing “Planet Sedam: ISON” EP

Hessja was formed in 2012, eventually releasing a self-titled first record in 2014 via Devils Eject Records. Now follow-up EP “Planet Sedam: ISON” is coming, with vinyl and digital editions available at Bandcamp here.

WOOAAARGH Records comments that the release “imagines the comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) in the role of liberator in the endless fight between living will and eternal silence, hope and finality. From the first second until the end of the EP, you will become part of this fight. The EP is a masterwork, that erases all of the typical limits of metal. Besides the atmospheric samples and synergetic sounds, you will hear blast beats mixed with post rock parts.”

HESSJA – Planet Sedam: ISON by HESSAJA

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Unruly Child Streaming New Album “Can’t Go Home”

Frontiers Music Srl has released the new studio album from Unruly Child, “Can’t Go Home,” which is available here and can be streamed in full below.

Marcie Free (vocalist – King Kobra, Signal), Bruce Gowdy (guitarist – Stone Fury, World Trade), and Guy Allison (keyboardist – Lodgic, World Trade, Doobie Brothers) together with the original rhythm section from the first record, drummer Jay Schellen (Hurricane, World Trade, current touring member of Yes) and bassist Larry Antonino (Pablo Cruise), are back again with an energetgic rock album for old and new fans alike!

“Early in 2016, we decided to make time and give it a go once again with all five Unruly Child members,” states Guy Allison. “The new album, ‘Can’t Go Home’ has now become my favorite set of Unruly Child Band songs and performances ever. True story!”

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New Album “Saint Of Lost Souls” To Be Released By House Of Lords, New Song Streaming

Los Angeles hard rock act House of Lords will release the new album “Saint of Lost Souls” on March 24th via Frontiers Music srl. As a taste, the band is streaming the new song “Oceans Divide,” which you can check out in the player below.

Recorded and produced by the band’s singer and mastermind James Christian, this collection of songs has an incredible flow of up-tempo and mid-tempo rockers mixed with power ballads, which lean a bit more toward keyboards this time around, but without compromising the band’s trademark sound which is based around Jimi Bell’s guitar.

“Saint Of The Lost Souls” is already one of the years most anticipated melodic rock releases and will not disappoint fans of the band or genre. James Christian’s well crafted and smooth vocals bring the band’s craft to new heights. Guitarist Jimi Bell is on fire and the melodic riffs throughout the album will leave you breathless. A new addition on bass is Chris Tristram, who is no stranger to the rock community. His solid performance adds another dimension to the sound and BJ Zampa brings a solid and powerful rhythm foundation to House of Lords.

House Of Lords stands for superb hooks and majestic atmospheres that bring back the memories of their stellar debut album, monumental guitar riffs and a production to die for. All these ingredients you will find on “Saint Of The Lost Souls” which shines from the first second to the last!

The track list for “Saint Of The Lost Souls” is:

1. Harlequin
2. Oceans Divide
3. Hit the Wall
4. Saint of the Lost Souls
5. The Sun Will Never Set Again
6. New Day Breakin’
7. Reign of Fire
8. Concussion
9. Art of Letting Go
10. Grains of Sand
11. The Other Option

Check out “Oceans Divide” here:

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Sepultura Posts “Machine Messiah” Track-By-Track Video

Sepultura just released the first in a series of track-by-track videos online. This debut clip covers the lyrics and music from the first five tracks on new album, “Machine Messiah,” which is due out January 13th, 2017 via Nuclear Blast Records. The album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Machine Messiah
2. I Am The Enemy
3. Phantom Self
4. Alethea
5. Iceberg Dances
6. Sworn Oath
7. Resistant Parasites
8. Silent Violence
9. Vandals Nest
10. Cyber God

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