The Green River Burial Parting Ways With Vocalist Mert

Germany’s The Green River Burial just issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band’s vocalist:

“It has become a little quiet around us for some time now and there is a reason for it. Sadly, we have to announce that TGRB and Mert will go separate ways as musicians.

“We still remain close friends and do not at all part for personal reasons. Rather we have just come to realize that, over the course of many years as a band, our musical focus and preferences have simply moved apart. A statement by Mert concerning this matter will be posted right here in a few days to fill you in on the details.

“So, what does the future hold for this band? First of all, we will not cancel any of the upcoming shows. Mert will continue to be our singer until we are able to present you the new person behind the mic. Secondly: Yes, we do search for a new singer and no, we don’t have one yet. If you think you are the one for the job, hit us up with a message to this page. Include the following information and we’ll get back to you if we are interested:

1. Age
2. Location
3. Recordings or (even better) videos of you singing
4. Any band and touring history

“Thank you all for your support and understanding. We’re determined to continue our path and release our new material as soon as possible, but this was a decision that had to be made for the sake of us four, the band and our friendship.”

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Stealing Axion Parts Ways With Josh DeShazo

Guitarist / vocalist Josh DeShazo of Stealing Axion has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band:

“It is with a heavy heart that I have decided that I must step down from being a part of Stealing Axion. Life is getting busy and I must devote my attention in order to stay on track.

“I have never been a part of something so inspiring musically or emotionally and I’m really lucky to have had the best bandmates standing beside me the entire time. The musicianship that Dan and Phil surrounded me with has completely changed my life over the course of this band. I owe a lot of my progress musically and personally to the hard work that was required of me to be in a project as complex as Stealing Axion.

“I’m not giving up on music at all and please keep an eye out for my name in the future, but as for Stealing Axion and I, the time has come for me to try new things.

“Dan, Phil and I grew up together as friends, which is what made this band work so well between us. I fully expect to work on music with the guys in the future just because it is such a strong part of our friendship. I expect that everything coming out of these guys will be on par or better than anything we’ve done in the past because pushing ourselves as musicians is what Stealing Axion is all about.

“I’ll always have that in me and I’ll always have our stories. Thank you so much Dan and Phil. Thank you so much fans and friends.”

Aeons by Stealing Axion

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Broken Hope Buries The Hatchet With Deicide After “No Salvation” Tour

After a series of online posts and interviews attacking each other following the end of the No Salvation tour, Broken Hope and Deicide have reached out to each other, made apologies, and mended friendships. Broken Hope comments:

“Glen Benton, Shaun Glass, and Jeremy Wagner have been good friends for 20 years and the blow-up in El Paso was completely unnecessary and the situation could have been rectified if all parties talked it out as friends.

“Moreover, there were some very low-blows lobbed in an effort to maim Glen Benton, and a number of those words were very unfair and very immature, so to that end, we apologize.

“That said, both bands have extended olive branches to each other in order to retain their longtime friendships, and to rise above all the worthless drama, finger-pointing, and scandalous fallout that’s plagued both bands.

“We’re glad to once again have Benton’s friendship and to have Deicide as brothers. FRIENDSHIP and MUSIC are ALL that matters here.

“We ask all fans to please embrace our effort to revive our friendship with Glen and Deicide, and as we all take a higher, more positive road. “

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MyGrain Splits With Guitarist Resistor

Finland’s MyGrain has posted the following message online about parting ways with the band’s guitarist:

“Today we have sad news: Resistor is leaving MyGrain. The awesome sold out Nosturi show was his last one with us and now the time has come for him to step aside.

“We faced Resi’s decision with heavy hearts, but this is of course something that has to be accepted and respected. We have played together for nine years and grown to be a family, so the news was not easy to confront. Although our musical collaboration is now ending, the friendship with Resi will continue forever. He will always be a part of this bunch of monkeys and will be seen on our support group in the future.

“Despite of all the setbacks that have occurred this year, we will go full steam ahead, as Resi already mentioned. We have written a lot of new stuff during the long period of silence before ‘Planetary Breathing’ was released so the next album is already in the making. We are also lucky and overwhelmingly enthusiastic to welcome the new guitarist Joni Lahdenkauppi to join MyGrain team! Joni replaced Mr. Downhill on our European tour with Insomnium and Before the Dawn and instantly became a dear new member of MyGrain family. He is an extremely talented and musical guitarist so we feel that the sky is the only limit for the upcoming new material. With him we can develop our sound even further. You will meet him soon on the gigs next year but in the meanwhile, you can check his playing here.

“All the best to Resi! The awesome years with you will never be forgotten.”

Resistor also issued the following statement:

“Dear MyGrain friends, I am sad to tell you that I am going to leave MyGrain. To put it out simply, I just feel that I have given my everything to the band and now it’s time to concentrate on other things in my life. No big drama behind this decision.

“The last 9 years have been so awesome and I am so glad that I have had this great opportunity to make music, play gigs and record four great albums with my good friends. It really has been an amazing journey and a dream come true! The highlight of this has always been the live gigs and playing music for you friends and I know that I’ll really miss that in the future.

“There are too many friends that I would like to thank but I’ll keep this short. Just to name a few, a BIG thank you obviously goes to my brothers and a sister: Janne, Teemu, Tommi, Jonas and Eve for all the great moments we have had on this bumpy road of MyGrain, all the fans I have met and who have been supporting our dear “little hobby”. MyGrain crew: Toni, Glen, Vilma, Mikko and Levytukku crew, Alec Hirst-Gee & Spinefarm, Ville Palmu, Timo Honkanen and everyone who has believed in us in a way or another. You rule!

“This definitely won’t be the end of MyGrain. New winds are blowing the ship forward as we speak, so there will be something totally new and exciting for you… I will miss you all and I hope you’ll keep on supporting the music of MyGrain!”

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Sea Of Bones Announces New Album “The Earth Wants Us Dead”

Connecticut atmospheric doom metal miscreants Sea of Bones are pleased to soil the masses with their latest slab of slow motion desolation in the form of “The Earth Wants Us Dead,” the band’s first offering in six years.

Recorded with guitarist Tom Mucherino and longtime friend David Lutz at a secret underground location (aka Tom’s cellar) and mastered by Mell Dettmer (Earth, Kayo Dot, Thou), “The Earth Wants Us Dead” heaves forth a cataclysmic wall of soul-rumbling distortion.

Elaborates the band, “This album is more than just music to us, it is a testament to our friendship and the chemistry we have with each other. This album was made for the three of us but we hope you all will enjoy it as much as we do.”

“The Earth Wants Us Dead” will be unleashed later this year. Further info, including live assaults, to be announced in the weeks to follow. In the meantime, sear your ears to the sound of album opener, “The Stone The Slave And The Architect” in the player below. The full track listing is:

1. The Stone The Slave And The Architect
2. Black Arm
3. Failure Of Light
4. Beneath The Earth
5. The Bridge
6. The Earth Wants Us Dead

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Descrated Sphere Recruits Founding Drummer, Returns To Original Lineup

Desecrated Sphere has announces the return of the band’s founding drummer Rodolfo Bassani to its line-up.

With the recent departure of Rubens Fraleone (guitarist) and Saulo Benedetti (drummer), Desecrated Sphere now returns to the form present on “The Unmasking Reality.” Guitarist Gustavo Lozano comments:

“Rodolfo was a natural choice, not only because of our friendship and proximity, but also because of his talent, having recorded the tracks for the first album, and knowing all of our work. We were happy, despite the departure of both Rubens and Saulo, that Rodolfo could accept our invitation to return to the band.”

Desecrated Sphere, back to being a four-piece, is rehearsing regularly with this “new” original line-up and has already prepared a set list for shows in support of the upcoming new album, titled “Emancipate.”

 photo desphere_zpsb6f6bcdc.jpg

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Robb Flynn Of Machine Head Posts New Band Diary

Robb Flynn of Machine Head used to write diaries on the band’s website pretty regularly, but life got in the way, or as he puts it: “between touring and all the demands of Machine Head, as well as being a husband, and full-time Dad to two young boys when I’m not on tour, I just haven’t had the time. On top of that, my diaries had snowballed into epic endeavors that seemed to demand more and more with every installment and that just started to overwhelm the whole process.”

Robb has now finally posted a new diary entry, which includes his thoughts on Stone Sour’s “House of Gold & Bones Part 1” and performing at the memorial service for Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker, who died in a motorcycle accident in December.

Check out a clip below of Robb singing Black Sabbath’s “Die Young” and talking about his friendship with Mitch. You can also read the full new blog entry from Robb at this location.

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Impaled Existence Splits With Bassist Sam Walker

U.K. act Impaled Existence has posted the following message online about parting ways with bassist Sam Walker:

“As sad as it is, IMEX and Sam Walker are parting ways. We would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Sam for all the hard work, hard drinking and hard bantering he has put in over the last 4 years, he will be greatly missed as part of this band and this decision in no way affects our friendship with Sam, who is, and always will be a brother. Sam, best of luck in the future buddy and we will catch up with you soon.”

Sam also commented: “Hey guys, this may be a shock to you all but I have decided to part ways with Impaled. It has come to the time in my life where I feel that I need to move on and try new things.

“I’ve spent the best 4 years of my life with these guys, traveled the whole of the UK, played Download and also Bloodstock. I’ve learnt so much from them. I would like thank EVERYONE who has helped me and the band along over this time, the support from you guys has been unreal.

“Thanks again!”

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Members Of God Posts New Music Video For "The Sense"

Italian act Members of God has released a second video clip online from the “Ten Talking Words” album. Check out the new video for “The Sense” in the player below or over at the band’s YouTube page. More info on Members of God is available via Facebook. The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Opening
2. Someone Knows
3. Talking Words
4. Magical Water
5. Promise Of Happiness
6. The Sense
7. My Friendship
8. It’s Saturday
9. The Value Of Past
10. People
11. Don’t Murder
12. Like Empty Lyrics
13. Decline
14. Power And Fire
15. Secrecy
16. Don’t Desire
17. Outro

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Elis Calls It Quits; Band Disbands After Vocalist Departure

Lichtensteinian gothic metal band Elis has decided to call it quits with the recent departure of Simone Christinat (Legenda Aurea) due to “too much stress.” The band has seen its share of bad luck with the death of Sabine Dünser in 2006 due to a cerebral haemorrhage on July 8, 2006. After the death the band vowed to carry on and hired Ex-Eyes of Eden original vocalist Sandra Schleret, who joined the band in 2006 and stayed until 2011, having only recorded one album, “Catharsis” in 2009. The band decided to make one last attempt and hired Simone Christinat in 2011. Less than a year later Christinat has departed and the band has called it a day.

The following statement was issued on the band’s official website:

We have to inform you that ELIS has passed into history.Simone told us a couple of days ago, that she will leave ELIS immediately due to too much stress.We have decided now to quit the band. Too much things happened during all these years to continue once again.

But on the other side, there were a lot of good and lucky moments in this almost ten years of ELIS. Therefore we want to say thank you for your support, your dedication and your friendship through all these years!

But this will not be the end of our musical careers, some projects are already in the pipeline.
You will find more information about these things very soon on this location.

Cheers and take care!
Max, Tom, Pete, Chris

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