Necrowretch Posts New Song “Curse Of Blasphemy”

Necrowretch just released another new track from forthcoming album “Satanic Slavery.” The vicious track, a deadly dose of french death metal titled “Curse of Blasphemy,” is streaming below.

Regarding this freshly unveiled song, guitarist and vocalist Vlad comments: “Spewed out from our forthcoming album ‘Satanic Slavery,’ ‘Curse of Blasphemy’ is an evil incantation composed to the Evil God of the Dark Spells, from its most devoted zealots. Surrender now and renounce your life to the Serpent of Old. Torment, pain and suffering!”

The upcoming “Satanic Slavery” album will be released worldwide on April 14th and features the following track listing:

1. Sprawl of Sin (streaming here)
2. Tredeciman Blackfire
3. Satanic Slavery (watch the video here)
4. Evil Names
5. Hellspawn Pyre
6. Bestial Rites
7. Curse of Blasphemy
8. Verses from the Depths

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God Of Nothing Streaming “Bridge Burner”

Virginia-based group God Of Nothing just dropped a new track stream – check out the freshly unleashed “Bridge Burner” below.

“Bridge Burner” will appear on impending EP release “Silent Silhouette” via We Are Triumphant Records. You can catch these upcoming God Of Nothing tour dates:

3/21 Youngstown, OH @ Cedars West End
3/22 New Castle, PA @ old Princeton School
3/23 Poughkeepsie, NY @ My Place Pizza
3/24 Providence, RI @ Firehouse 13
3/25 West Haven, CT @ the Cave
3/25 Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bazaar

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Aggression Streaming Full “Fragmented Spirit Devils” Album

The old Canadian thrash metal scene was one of the best and most underrated with bands like Slaughter, Infernal Majesty, Razor, and Aggression leading the way.

Xtreem music has not only re-released Aggression’s classic 1987 album “The Full Treatment” but also managed to put out a brand new one: the freshly unveiled “Fragmented Spirit Devils.” Listen to the full release below.

1. At Play in the Fields of Satan 01:24
2. Chapel of Horrors 05:41
3. Unleashing the Ghost 04:29
4. Insanity Without Indulgence 02:02
5. Halo of Maggots 03:08
6. Furnace Creek 06:35
7. Dark Shadow Crossing 04:12
8. Strangulation Ejaculation 05:40
9. Evil Pox 2016 04:03
10. Razamanaz 02:56

Fragmented Spirit Devils by AGGRESSION (ca)

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Rudra Streaming “Root Of Misapprehension”

Another track has now come online from Rudra’s impending full-length album “Enemy of Duality,” due out December 17th through Transcending Obscurity. Check out the freshly unveiled “Root Of Misapprehension” below. “Enemy Of Duality” will feature these tracks:

1. Abating the Firebrand (streaming here)
2. Slay the Demons of Duality
3. Perception Apparent
4. Acosmic Self
5. Root of Misapprehension
6. Seer of All
7. Hermit in Nididhyasana
8. Ancient Fourth (available here)

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Berserkers Releases “The Foolish Man” Music Video

Berserkers today introduces the world to new video “The Foolish Man,” taken from the freshly released album “Lock & Load.” Check it out below. The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Outlaw 03:59
2. Blind Taste 03:16
3. Vampire Lady 04:07
4. It’s Up to You 03:16
5. The Foolish Man 04:20
6. Rock Save the World 02:54
7. Heroes Are Back in Town 05:23
8. Starlight City 03:48
9. Hangöverhead 07:38

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Magma Rise Releases “False Flag Operation” EP

Today – March 14th, 2016 – Hungarian doom metal band Magma Rise sees a new EP release via Nail Records / Hammer Music. The “False Flag Operation” EP comes out 3 years after previous CD “The Man In The Maze.”

Vocalist / bassist Holdampf Gábor comments on this freshly released mini-album: “The new songs are a bit more gloomy unlike the tracks of ‘The Man In The Maze. That’s the extract of all the things which sorrounds us know. We live in a World in what everything is about juggling with people, rushing them into dreams then crushing them up…

“The Trouble cover was in our mind for many years and finally we worked it out. The apropops is just that that our friend Butch – the doom legend, singer of Penance erstwhile, and the member of Argus nowdays – mentioned before that he would like to record this song and looking for partners in that. I told him that Magma Rise would happily take part in it. Then for some different reasons we held over this project. But the time has come now!”

See the band live in Europe:

14th March 2016. Graz, Jugendkulturzentrum Explosiv
16th March 2016. Budapest, Dürer Kert
17th March 2016. Vienna, Viper Room Vienna
18th March 2016. Innsbruck, Weekender Club

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Seven Sisters Of Sleep Streaming Full “Ezekiel’s Hags” Album

“Ezekiel’s Hags” – the freshly released Seven Sisters Of Sleep album out now via Relapse Records – has come online for full streaming.

Recorded with engineer Paul Miner (Motörhead, Terror, Phobia), “Ezekiel’s Hags” bears fifty minutes of new material through eleven relentless songs that beat the listener into oblivion. You can also catch the band live at a record release show:

2/16/2016 The Complex – Glendale, CA w/ Coffins, Noothgrush

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Acidiun Releases “9 Circles” EP

Acidiun has a new lyric video online for the track “Strolling Downwards,” taken from the freshly released EP “9 Circles.”

The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dennis Bertilsson of Cedron while the lyric video and illustrations were handled by Daniel Erstrand of Redire.

Check out the lyric clip below, and if you dig it, you can hear the entire EP by heading over to Spotify here.

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Akasava Streaming New Track “The Deep”

Akasava is proud to unveil the freshly-recorded single “The Deep” today, taken from upcoming debut EP “Strange Aeons.” Check it out below, courtesy of The track listing for this EP, due in late Spring 2015, is as follows:

1. Join The Ritual
2. The Deep
3. Sons Of Bastet
4. The Witch Is Rising
5. Black And White Lady
6. And Die!

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Bofo Kwo Streaming New Song “Enduring The Smell Of Burning Flesh”

New Finnish metal outfit Bofo Kwo just released a song online for streaming titled “Enduring The Smell Of Burning Flesh,” which can be heard below. For more info on this freshly formed band, head over to Facebook here.

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