Centuries Of Decay Announces Self-Titled Album

We live on the layers of deep time and history, strata of times past; life literally depends on centuries of decay. It’s fitting then that Centuries Of Decay builds on the metal that has come before to create the metal of the future.

The Toronto-based quintet will bring out a debut self-titled album this coming August 4th, 2017. Drummer Derrick Doucette comments:

“We’ve often thought about the fragility of civilization throughout history and the idea of events repeating itself. With that in mind, our concept album tells the story of society being born, corrupt and destroyed in an endless cycle. It can be taken as a literal piece of fiction, or even a social commentary. It also comes from more personal issues such as depression, disillusionment and failure.”

Today the band reveals a first single titled “Rise,” which is a track about pure rebellion and the rise of extreme opposition. It is the band’s most brutal song and is a tribute to the death/black metal that has been an influence in the past.

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River Black (Ex-Burnt By The Sun, Revocation Etc.) Debuts New Song “Boat” From Upcoming Self-Titled Debut Album

River Black (Ex-Burnt By The Sun, Revocation etc.) debuts a new song entitled “Boat”, taken from the band’s upcoming self-titled debut album, which will be released later today via Season Of Mist. River Black features former members of Burnt By The Sun (vocalist Mike Olender, guitarist John Abudato and drummer Dave Witte) and Revocation bassist Brett Bamberger.

Check out now “Boat” below.

Says Olender of the song:

“‘Boat‘ addresses the challenge that humanity faces to do the right thing for the right reasons. We all aspire to be better people than we are – and few people genuine think that they are a bad person because we all have our ways of justifying our feelings and our behaviors to ourselves.

Our paths are ultimately dictated by the fragility of the human spirit and our instinct to survive. Fate has a way of setting the stage for where we will go and who we are. Simply put, there’s little use escaping human nature. Lyrically, this song is a bridge between where Burnt By The Sun dissolved and this new project began.”

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Obscene Entity Premieres Pre-Release Stream Of Entire Debut Album “Lamentia”

Hailing from the East Anglian region of the UK death metal outfit Obscene Entity premieres the pre-release stream of the band’s entire debut album “Lamentia”, which will be out today via Tridoid Records.

Check out now “Lamentia” in its entirety below.

Obscene Entity describes the album’s concept as:

“A loosely-based concept album of the fragility of the human mind and states of psychosis experienced through both subjection and self-infliction”.

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Apneica Releasing “Pulsazioni… Conversione” Album

Apneica’s “Pulsazioni… Conversione” is due to drop on May 21st, 2015 via Club Inferno Entertainment. The label comments:

“‘Pulsazioni… Conversione’ is a brilliantly crafted little jewel that takes both the fragility and passion of humanity and moulds it into musical/lyrical concept that turns around the meaning of the water seen as human being ‘journey’ scenario.

“Delicate melodies and mighty distortion sound are the principles on which Apneica has his roots trying to give people great emotions. There will be everything from the traditional doom metal of bands like My Dying Bride, to the avantgarde post doom of Neurosis and Isis, but also the darkness that characterizes the decadent anthems of the Swedish dark gothic music of Opeth and Katatonia… each single element delivers you to dream. Great mastering at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden by Tony Lindgren.”

The track listing is:

1. Alba Artificiale
2. Assenza Di Gravità
3. In Orbita
4. Pulsazioni… Conversione

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