Stortregn Debut New Track From Upcoming Album “Emptiness Fills The Void”

Swiss blackened death band STORTREGN is streaming the opening track “Through The Dark Gates” from their upcoming album. Their fourth album “Emptiness Fills The Void” will be released on May 25 through Non Serviam Records.

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Kingdom Debut Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Upcoming New Album “Putrescent Remains of the Dead Ground”

Death cult worshippers Kingdom are finally unveiling their long-awaited fourth album, “Putrescent Remains of the Dead Ground”, which will be released through Godz ov War Productions on 12 March 2018. The album is streaming now below.

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Devilish Impressions Premieres Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Forthcoming New Album “The I”

Polish epic black/death metal act Devilish Impressions premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band’s forthcoming fourth album “The I”, which comes out on September 22 via Lifeforce Records.

Check out now “The I” in its entirety below.

States guitarist/vocalist Quazarre:

“We really wanted this new album to become something really special, thus we worked our asses off harder than ever before and pushed things back and forth to get the best out of it. As a result we’ve got something we are damn proud of, something we believe surpasses everything we’ve done in the past. Although Black and Death metal in its core, the album goes far beyond the boundaries of the genre and I truly believe it will make your hearts beat faster. So, lit up some candles, close your eyes and let it take you on a journey across those twisted visions of ours. It will grant you ascension to dark realms you might not want to come back from…”

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Inanimate Existence Posts New Track “Formula Of Spores”

California-based technical death metal outfit Inanimate Existence is getting close to the official release of fourth album, “Underneath a Melting Sky,” set to drop on August 25th through The Artisan Era.

Today the band premieres new “Formula of Spores,” which serves as the album closer and is the third early single from the album to be released thus far. Check it out below.

1. Forever To Burn
2. Underneath a Melting Sky
3. In Moonlight I Am Reborn
4. Blood of the Beggar
5. The Old Man in the Meadow
6. The Djinn
7. The Unseen Self
8. Formula of Spores

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The Soundbyte Posts “Solitary” Music Video

Avant garde metal group The Soundbyte — helmed by former The Third and the Mortal guitarist Trond Engum — is treading dark waters in the new video for “Solitary.”

Drawing from ambient, progressive, and post-rock/metal sounds enhanced by ethereal vocals, The Soundbyte crafts songs that sound massive, aided by dark visuals.

“Solitary slit and tear us,” The Soundbyte told Decibel Magazine. “Beautifully distorting in character, it forces us to through all there is, all there was. It makes us witness our decay within and that of our surroundings twisted and formed by our choices. The album Solitary IV´s title song is moments of battling a haze of disturbing solitary. Intentionally discomforting, the song is aesthetically arranged with signature guitars, expressive drumming, contrasting string arrangements and tenderly raw vocal performances. “

The Soundbyte will release fourth album — aptly titled “Solitary IV” — on June 30th via Temple of Torturous. Pre-orders are now online at this location.

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Soulskinner Debuts Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Upcoming New Album “Descent To Abaddon”

Greek death metal band Soulskinner debuts the pre-release full-album stream of the band’s upcoming new fourth album “Descent To Abaddon”, which will be out in stores May 22nd via Xtreem Music. The cover artwork was created by Mark Riddick.

Check out now “Descent To Abaddon” in its entirety below.

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Rings Of Saturn Streaming Unconventional Video Teaser For New Album

If the below video is to be believed, this clip covers the making of Rings of Saturn’s fourth album (featuring some very unconventional instruments, including a pillow, a subwoofer, a weight and more). The band plans to release a first single from the effort on May 26th with more details to come.

Check it out below.

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Diablo Blvd Releasing “Zero Hour” Album

Belgian dark groove rock outfit Diablo Blvd today announce the international release of fourth album “Zero Hour,” which will be out September 22nd, 2017 via Nuclear Blast.

To give you a foretaste, check out a short video announcing the release show in Antwerpen, Belgium on September 23rd, including a snippet of the new song “Animal.”

“Zero Hour” is a dark 11 track groove monster with haunting melodies, huge guitar riffs, driving bass and pounding drums. The band worked together with Belgian producer and artist Dag Taeldeman, with mixing by Jay Ruston and mastering by Paul Logus. The mesmerizing album cover was designed by Hamburg-based artist and designer Hedi Xandt.

Humanity’s time is over, »Zero Hour« is here!

Track listing:
1. Animal
2. Sing From The Gallows
3. Life Amounts To Nothing
4. God in the machine
5. You Are All You Love
6. The Song is Over
7. 00:00
8. Like Rats
9. Demonize
10. The Future Will Do What It’s Told
11. Summer Has Gone

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Mord’A’Stigmata Streaming Full “Hope” Album

A week prior to its release, Mord’A’Stigmata shares the complete experience of fourth album “Hope,” due out on February 17th via Pagan Records. Listen in below.

“Hope” is the follow-up to 2013’s “Ansia,” which put the band under a global spotlight. The record’s enigmatic cover artwork was designed by Bartek Rogalewicz (Rogi, Non Opus Dei, Behemoth). “Hope” will be available on CD, LP, and in digital formats.

1. Hope
2. The Tomb from Fear and Doubt
3. To Keep the Blood
4. In Less Than No Time

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Zerozonic Streams “Broken Few”

Zerozonic, featuring Daniel “Død/Peisy” Olaisen of Blood Red Throne, is gearing up to release a fourth album later this week. Today new song “Broken Few” comes online and can be heard below. The album’s recording lineup consists of:

Daniel “Peisy” Olaisen – clean, rhythm and lead guitars
Nicolay Viksnes Johnsen – lead guitars
Martin Skar Berger – bass guitar and synth
Arvid Tjelta – vocals
Frank Nordeng Røe – drums

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