Deluge Posts “Aether” Record Release Show Footage

French black metal band Deluge has released footage online shot at the “Aether” release party that took place late last year at Nantes, Le Ferrailleur. Check it out below.

You can also hear the entire album – out now via LADLO Productions – at this location. The album’s track listing is:

1. Avalanche 04:50
2. Appât 05:18
3. Mélas-Kholé 03:54
4. Naufrage 05:14
5. Houle 06:53
6. Klarträumer 09:29
7. Vide 06:09
8. Hypoxie 07:14
9. Bruine 06:32

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Ignite Releases “A War Against You” Studio Footeage

Ignite has some new studio footage online – which can be seen below – and the band also comments:

“Here is the first episode of Ignite ‘In The Studio.’ Countdown update: 32 days until Ignite’s new album ‘A War Against You’ is out for the January 8th worldwide release.”

If you missed it, the previously posted “A War Against You” track titled “Nothing Can Stop Me” is up for streaming at this location.

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Akeldama Releases “A Seed Of Hope” Video

Akeldama just released footage online of the band performing “A Seed of Hope” off the 2013 album “Everything is Beautiful,” which was re-issued by Rogue Records America. Check it out below. Akeldama also comments:

“It has arrived! After extensive setbacks in a world that seemed against us at every turn, we are proud to unveil this awesome music video for A Seed of Hope! Give it a watch and let us know what you think. Happy Holidays!”

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Divination Posts “Mazel Tov Cocktail” Performance Footage

Divination has released footage online of the band performing “Mazel Tov Cocktail” from the 2010 album “The Age of Man,” which is available below. The full album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Nightmarathon
2. Becoming Pestilence
3. A Necessary Evil
4. Seeds of Decay
5. Mazel Tov Cocktail
6. Hollywood Autophasia
7. Death and Beyond
8. Deception
9. Ego Sum Vestri Abyssus
10. Fall from Grace

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Inter Arma Posts Year-End Recap, New Live Footage

Inter Arma has posted live performance footage online, which can be seen below, and the band also issued the following year-end recap:

“2014 has been one Hell of a year for us. We were finally able to release The Cavern EP, we got to visit Europe not once but twice(!) and got to tour with some really amazing people!

“All in all we played over 90 shows in 12 different countries and had an absolute blast. Thank you Russian Circles, Ulcerate, KEN mode, Mantar and Bastard Sapling for being such excellent tour partners.

“Thank you to Roadburn Festival for granting us the opportunity to play the greatest show we have ever been a part of. Thank you to everyone in the U.S. and Europe who came to shows/bought merchandise/gave us a place to stay/supplied us with food and drink/helped us out in any way. We sincerely appreciate it.

“We’ll have some announcements about 2015 soon. We promise. For now we’ll leave you with this video taken in Munich, Germany during our last tour. Something new…

“Rest in peace Jonathan Athon and Tim Kirk.”

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Contradiction Posts Live Footage Of Regicide Cover Performance

Contradiction – featuring two original members of 80’s speed metal band Regicide – has released footage online of the band performing a live show on June 28th, 2014.

During the performance the band covered two classic Regicide tracks, and video from the set can now be seen in the YouTube player below.

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Moth Posts Vocal Recording Footage

Denver metal outfit Moth has released footage online teasing the vocal recordings with Benton McKibben at Flatline Audio for an upcoming release. Check out the video in the player provided below. You can also check out the band’s previous music video for “Dissolved” over at this location.

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Skalmold Posts Live Footage With Iceland Symphony Ochestra

Skalmold has posted footage online of the band performing live with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, which will appear on an upcoming live CD/DVD.

Skalmold’s latest release was the 2012 full-length album “Born Loka” (reviewed here). You can check out a video for the track “Gleipnir” off the album at this location.

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Pelgrim Posts “Subsider” Live Video

Netherlands-based outfit Pelgrim released a self-titled debut EP earlier this year, and now the band has posted footage online from the release party in Tilburg, shot by Musickness Media.

Check out the live video for “Subsider” below, or you can watch the previously posted lyric video “For Better or Worse” at this location.

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