Breaking Wheel Premiere New Song “Torment of Flesh” From Upcoming New Album “Ceremonial Torture”

Breaking Wheel premiere a new song titled “Torment of Flesh”, taken from their upcoming new album “Ceremonial Torture”, which will be available digitally through the band on February 7.

Check out now “Torment of Flesh” below.


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Jubal Premiere New Song “Death and the Firmament” From Upcoming New EP “Through Flesh and Bone”

Dutch duo Jubal premiere a new song entitled “Death and the Firmament”, taken from their upcoming new EP “Through Flesh and Bone”, which will be out in stores later this year.

Check out now “Death and the Firmament” below.

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The Order Of Apollyon Premiere New Song & Music Video “Trident Of Flesh” From Upcoming New Album “Moriah”

French black/death metal band THE ORDER OF APOLLYON premiere a music video for the track “Trident Of Flesh”, taken from the upcoming album “Moriah”, due out October 26th via Agonia Records. The video was directed by Sylvain Lécuyer and is available for streaming below:


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Innumerable Forms Premiere Full-Album Stream Of Brand New Album “Punishment in Flesh”

Boston-based death metal outfit Innumerable Forms premiere the full-album stream of the band’s brand new album “Punishment in Flesh”, which was released August 17 via Bandcamp.

Check out now “Punishment in Flesh” in its entirety below.

Punishment In Flesh by INNUMERABLE FORMS

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Innumerable Forms Premiere New Song “Purity’s Demand”

Massachusetts-based death metal band Innumerable Forms premiere a new track titled “Purity’s Demand”, taken from their debut album “Punishment In Flesh”, which will be released on August 17 by Profound Lore.

Check out now “Punishment In Flesh” below.

Punishment In Flesh by INNUMERABLE FORMS

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Innumerable Forms Premiere Title Track To Debut Album “Punishment In Flesh”

Massachusetts-based death metal band Innumerable Forms premiere the title track to their debut album “Punishment In Flesh”, which will be released on August 17 by Profound Lore.

Check out now “Punishment In Flesh” below.

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The Flesh Premiere New Song “Siren’s Call” From Upcoming Debut EP “Dweller”

Dutch group The Flesh premiere a new song titled “Siren’s Call”, taken from their upcoming debut EP “Dweller”, which will be out in stores June 1st.

Check out now “Siren’s Call” below.


01 – Tot in Den Treure
02 – Black Rain
03 – Siren’s Call
04 – Dweller (In The Dark)
05 – Salax
06 – Thrones In The Sky
07 – A Knife To The Conformist
08 – Fire Red Gaze (Bandcamp download only bonus track)

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The Flesh (Herder, Verwoed Etc.) Premiere New Song “Salax” From Upcoming New Album “Dweller”

Dutch purveyors of doom THE FLESH will be releasing their new album “Dweller” on June 1st, 2018. The first single “Salax” from it is now available for streaming via Bandcamp below:

Dweller (EP preview) by The Flesh

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Exmortus Premiere New Music Video For “Feast Of Flesh”

Exmortus premiere a new music video for their track “Feast Of Flesh“, which is taken from their new album “The Sound Of Steel“, which was produced by Zack Ohren (Machine Head, Suffocation). The effort will be out June 08th via Prosthetic Records.

Comments vocalist/guitarist Jadran “Conan” Gonzalez:

“As some may have noticed on my personal page, I don’t just post guitar or band stuff, but a lot of food pictures and I’m no vegan. ‘Feast Of Flesh‘ is a celebration of our carnal needs and desires. I’m not trying to make any political/environmental statements but I feel this song expresses the ugly and brutal nature of humans and other animals.

It ain’t pretty so we thought it would be fun to shoot the band chowing down on actual raw flesh fresh from the meat market. My girlfriend was willing to play the hapless victim of the carnage, which made the whole experience quite fun and yet funny since we were all trying to act and not laugh at the whole idea. The song itself is more of a caveman stompy headbanger so the music works beautifully with the lyrics and visuals in bloody harmony. So, sit back and enjoy the Feast of Flesh! Cheers!”

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Lik releases video for third single, “Celebration of the Twisted”

– April 24th, 2018 –

Death Metallers Lik from Stockholm, Sweden have just released the third single taken off their new album, Carnage, to be released May 4th via Metal Blade Records. To watch the video for “Celebration Of The Twisted”, please visit:

Lik comments: “We wanted to depict just how dark and gloomy Stockholm can be during the long winter we’re given here in the north. That sets a mood perfect to write old school death metal. You can say that the inspiration is always just around the corner. The one who knows his or hers Stockholm death metal will rejoice as there’s some major landmarks included in this video!”

The video was shot, produced and edited by Niklas Sandin. Thanks to Jonas Renkse & Linus Johansson.

Head over to to check out the videos for the first two singles, “Rid You Of Your Flesh” and “Dr. Duschanka”. At the same location you can pre-order the album in the following formats:

–ltd. 1st ed. Digipak-CD
–180g black vinyl
–grey black marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
–white vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
–red opaque/black splattered vinyl (EU/EMP exclusive – limited to 100 copies)
–clear/black marbled vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
* exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

In the dirt where fallen idols lay to rest, the maggots and seeds in 2014 spawned a new creation. This took the ugly form of Lik, which fittingly means corpse in Swedish. An un-dead creation which offers a plate of savory old school death metal. Walking the earth for three cold winters, and with the first offer named Mass Funeral Evocation in 2015, it’ll have a sister released in May of 2018. Through iconic Metal Blade Records, Carnage will reach even further in the quest to spread the beauty of imperfection.

Responsible to capture this on tape was once again Lawrence Mackrory (Darkane, F.K.U). This time things where stepped up a notch as the recording took place in the famous Dugout studios in Uppsala where Daniel Bergstrand also added some spice to the infernal stew. In the land where the craft is polished to resemble something else than brute reality, Lik has no passage as this entity is devoted to make a permanent mark in those who lay down their souls to rock’n’roll. That’s why the recipe will always, and has always been, to record as much live as possible. Keeping editing to a minimum offers a “what you hear is what you get”-experience. That’s why it feels like you’re on the spot at a live gig, rather than a calm studio environment when you spin the disc.

The new offering from the Stockholm group delivers more of what you got on the debut. It’s an effort where you can expect everything from slow and bone crushing songs to fast and furious riffs. The lyrics are once again about everything between heaven and hell, both in reality and in fiction. It portrays the deepest corners of humanity and it also flirts with old school horror.

Carnage track-listing
1. To Kill
2. Rid You Of Your Flesh
3. Celebration Of The Twisted
4. Dr. Duschanka
5. Left To Die
6. Cannibalistic Infancy
7. Death Cult
8. The Deranged
9. Only Death Is Left Alive
10. Embrace The End

Lik line-up:
Chris Barkensjo – drums & vocals
Tomas Akvik – vocals & guitars
Niklas “Nille” Sandin – guitars & bass

Lik online:



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