Divinity Releases “Manhunt” And “Atlas” Lyric Videos

Calgary, AB progressive death metal band Divinity just posted new lyric videos for “Manhunt” and “Atlas,” which are the two first tracks from freshly-released album “The Immortalist.” The full track listing is as follows:

1. Manhunt (4:25)
2. Atlas (4:42)
3. Hallowed Earth (6:04)
4. DMT (7:36)
5. PsyWar (6:36)
6. Distorted Mesh (3:48)
7. The Dead Speak From Behind (7:05)
8. Lucid Creator (4:52)
9. The Reckoning (4:24)
10. All Seeing Eyes (5:40)
11. Momentum (5:21)
12. Conqueror (7:20)

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Kreator Enters Studio To Record Album Thirteen

German thrash giants Kreator have entered the studio to record the band’s thirteenth full length studio album. The album is expected by summer 2012 and is the follow up to the 2009 release “Hordes of Chaos.”

The band posted the following update on its Official Facebook Page:

“Kreator has entered the ‘Studiomega’ studios in Varberg (Sweden) to finally start the recordings for the new record coming mid 2012. As for now, the drums are set up and the first tracks are already recorded. Stay tuned for more stuff from from recording process.”

In a recent interview conducted by the band’s website team, frontman Mille spoke about the direction of the album: “The songs are coming along great and I think it’s ok to say that this will be our most epic album so far. There’s some classical, a lot of traditional metal and of course a huge dose of thrash metal influences in the new stuff. Everyone in the band is very excited at this point. The demos sound killer so far. We have about ten songs we’re working on so far.”

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