Words Of Farewell Posts “A Quiet World” Track-By-Track Break Down

Words Of Farewell just issued a new track-by-track clip for upcoming album “A Quiet World,” due out via AFM on November 18th. The band also commetns:

“After releasing our first new track ‘My Share of Loneliness’ last Friday we also want to tell you a little more about some of the other tracks of the album. So here’s a little message from Alex giving some information about the first three tracks of ‘A Quiet World.’ Enjoy!”

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Fair Warning Posts “Pimp Your Past” Teaser Video

Guitar player Helge Engelke and bass player Ule W. Ritgen have released more info about the new Fair Warning album “Pimp Your Past” with a new video teaser below.

The album features 2016 versions of the most important tracks from their first three studio albums “Fair Warning,” “Rainmaker,” and “Go!,” originally released between 1992 and 1997.

“Pimp Your Past” will be release worldwide (excluding-Japan) on October 28th, 2016 as a CD through Steamhammer/SPV. Pre-orders are online here.

1. Longing For Love 3:50
2. One Step Closer 3:58
3. Out On The Run 3:59
4. When Love Fails 4:37
5. Long Gone 4:39
6. Burning Heart 4:13
7. Picture Of Love 4:44
8. Angels Of Heaven 5:34
9. Rain Song 4:46
10. Save Me 5:34
11. Don´t Give Up 6:43

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Brutally Deceased Posts Songs From “Satanic Corpse”

Today the old-school death metallers from Brutally Deceased stream the first three tracks from upcoming album, “Satanic Corpse,” seeing release internationally via Doomentia Records. The full track listing is as follows;

1. The Art of Dying
2. The Disclosure (In the Circle of Thy Bowels)
3. Hostile Earth
4. Epoch of Self-Denial
5. Where No Gods Dare
6. Ruthless Cleansing
7. Withstanding the Funeral
8. At One with the Dead
9. In Torment We Shall Strive


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Lost Society Posts “Braindead” Track-By-Track Video

Finland’s Lost Society just released a new track-by-track video covering several tracks off upcoming album “Braindead,” which will drop on February 12th, 2016 via Nuclear Blast.

In the first episode – available below – Samy Elbanna provides you with background information on the album’s first three tracks:

01. I Am The Antidote
02. Riot
03. Mad Torture

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Human Waste Streaming “Harvest Remnants” Demo Collection

Human Waste just saw the release today of the band’s first three demos from ’91 – ’93 in one package via Xtreem Music, titled “Harvest Remnants.” You can also stream all the songs below, and the full track listing is as follows:

1. So is Death [Demo ’93] 02:51
2. Cranial [Demo ’93] 02:12
3. The Men and Their Lives [Demo ’93] 04:01
4. The Almighty Protozoan [Demo ’93] 01:59
5. Pool of Tears [Demo ’93] 02:45
6. Sacro Sanctum Semen [Demo ’92] 04:53
7. The Hegemony of Reality [Demo ’92] 03:24
8. Pseudo-Disharmonic Excrescence of Noiseous Micro-Kaos [Demo ’92] 00:15
9. Inert Bodies Distillation [Demo ’92] 03:33
10. The Silence [Demo ’92] 03:29
11. Existential Nausea [Demo ’92] 03:52
12. When Gravity Acts [Demo ’92] 04:39
13. Beauty Also Rots [Demo ’91]. 04:41
14. Nonsense Time [Demo ’91] 02:39
15. Human Waste [Demo ’91] 04:32
16. Reaffirmation of Repression [Demo ’91] 03:01
17. The Miracle of Death [Demo ’91] 04:13
18. Pool of Tears [Demo ’91] 03:49
19. Psychic Fear [Demo ’91] 04:45
20. Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost) [Demo ’91] *unreleased 04:23

Harvest Remnants by HUMAN WASTE

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First Three Ildjarn Albums Being Re-Issued Through Season Of Mist

True to a life-long interest in underground extreme metal, Season of Mist will re-release Norwegian cult act Ildjarn’s first three full-length albums, “Ildjarn” (1995), “Strength and Anger” (1996), and “Forest Poetry” (1996), on August 16th (September 3rd in North America).

All three will be adorned with brand new artwork and are available for pre-order on CD, gatefold double LP, and CD + t-shirt bundles at Season of Mist’s e-shop.

These three albums, as well as Ildjarn’s whole back catalog and the Ildjarn-Nidhogg and Sort Vokter productions, are already available digitally on all legal download and streaming platforms.

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Atheist Re-Releasing First Three Albums

Technical death metal fans will be thrilled to know that Atheist’s first three albums “Piece of Time” (1989), “Unquestionable Presence” (1991), and “Elements” (1993), will be reissued on Season of Mist.

2009’s “Unquestionable Presence: Live at Wacken” will only be released digitally and will hit legal download platforms in the coming days.

Packed with bonus tracks, the three studio albums will be released digitally before the end of the year, and physical versions will follow in spring 2013. More details on the various formats and bonus material will be given within a few weeks.

Atheist released latest full-length album “Jupiter” (reviewed here) back in 2010.

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3 To Shoot New Music Video For "High Times"

3 has announced the band will be shooting a new music video for the song “High Times,” which is off the upcoming album “The Ghost You Gave to Me.” You can listen to the song in the player below, and 3 also recently made its first three albums available for streaming online.

“The Ghost You Gave to Me” is set for release on October 7th, 2011 (Germany, Switzerland, Benelux), October 10th, 2011 (EU) and October 11th, 2011 (North America) via Metal Blade Records.

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Beyond Creation Streaming Entire New Album "The Aura"

Montreal’s technical/progressive death metal act Beyond Creation has posted all the songs online from the band’s new album “The Aura.” You can check out the first three tracks “No Request For The Corrupted,” “Coexistence,” and “Chromatic Horizon” below, while the rest of the songs are available through Beyond Creation’s YouTube page.

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