Atheist‘s Early Works Getting Deluxe Reissues – Rare 1991 Live Clip Posted

Technical metal pioneers Atheist‘s early works will be reissued by Season Of Mist this year, with 1992’s “Unquestionable Presence” the first in line, which will be released on July 24th. The deluxe reissue will include footage of the last show the band performed with their “classic lineup”, Tony Choy‘s first rehearsal and show. Some footage of the title track being performed during the last show with bassist Roger Patterson can be streamed below. Patterson later died in a car crash.

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Debut Album “Armed With Rage” To Be Released By Battery

Danish thrash act Battery will release the debut album “Armed With Rage” on February 24th via Punishment 18 Records (distributed in the U.S. via CM Distro). The band was formed in febuary 2008 by Chris, Andreas and former rythm guitarist Dennis, shortly after the demise of Abattoir (DNK).

The first rehearsal demo was recorded in 2008 and pressed on tape in 15 copies given to friends.
Shortly after, Dennis left the band and the band went on ice until the summer of 2009 when Jannick joined as both first and current bass player.

In 2009, the demo “Born In a Beaker” was recorded and released by the band itself in a limited quantity of 100 copies on cassette, which was spread throughout the Danish underground paving the way for the first gigs – the first being with Crematoria and Pagan Rites in April 2010, and the second in July at the Metal Magic Festival – accompanied by Atziluth on Live-guitar.

Atziluth was soon replaced by Jeppe Campradt until the summer of 2011 where Jeppe became the current rythm-guitarist in Battery.

2011 saw the first release on Deadbangers Productions (also the last release as a 3-piece) entitled “NUKE” which was distributed and sold far beyond Denmark, and soon followed up by the EP “Mental Pollution,” also on tape by/through Deadbangers Productions.

The track list for “Armed With Rage” is:

1. Narcotic Mirage
2. Armed With Rage
3. Indirect Oppression
4. Halo Of Hypocrisy
5. Hostile By Content
6. Vermin Of Fukushima
7. Pyramids Of Deceipt
8. Sense Eclipsed
9. Zombestial Incantation
10. Genocidal Gatlin Gunners

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Supreme Pain Posts New Drummer Rehearsal Clip Of "The Unholy Throne"

Supreme Pain, which recently recruited a new drummer, has now posted footage online of new drummer Eric de Windt rehearsing the “Unholy Throne” track. The band commented on the clip:

“This song is taken from our second full-length Nemesis Enforcer…Eric on his unholy throne m/ Horns Up m/

“This video was made 13.11.2011 at a first rehearsal of Supreme pain with a new drummer Eric de Windt that did a hell of a job behind the drumkit!”

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