Jubal Premiere New Song “Death and the Firmament” From Upcoming New EP “Through Flesh and Bone”

Dutch duo Jubal premiere a new song entitled “Death and the Firmament”, taken from their upcoming new EP “Through Flesh and Bone”, which will be out in stores later this year.

Check out now “Death and the Firmament” below.

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Esben And The Witch Posts New Song “The Wolf’s Sun”

The English-via-Berlin post rock trio Esben And The Witch is now streaming the second new track from upcoming album “Older Terrors.” The track, an expansive slow burner titled “The Wolf’s Sun” is streaming below.

“Older Terrors,” the band’s third album, and first with Season of Mist, will be released worldwide on November 4th. Regarding “The Wolf’s Sun,” the band comments:

“An ode to Luna, a blazing white rock. We find ourselves drawn to and driven by a night lust as old as the firmament itself. The first chapter marks the laden swagger of the satellite, a pendulous, ominous beacon. Switching to the second movement, the maniacal march of its wide-eyed disciples, entranced by its heady glow. Rampaging with hearts as swollen as the moon itself – ‘Light it is blooming, A madness consuming, Inside your head, Inside your hands. In love! I’m raptured!”

Regarding this upcoming album, the band continues, “Our forthcoming album ‘Older Terrors’ was written and recorded over the course of a year in Berlin, our adopted home. We’ve spent eight years getting here, sweating on stages, holed up in studios and exploring all that which inspires awe and terror. The album features four tracks. In this digital age of music we wanted to create a collection that worked together but could also be separated, each track standing alone, carving its own path and telling its own tale. This record is dedicated to the sublime. To Edward Young’s Night Thoughts, John Martin’s apocalyptic visions, Caspar David Friedrich’s forays into the forest and to the sparks of light that glimmer in times of utter darkness.”

1. Sylvan
2 Marking The Heart Of A Serpent
3 The Wolf’s Sun
4. The Reverist

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King Dead Posts New Song “The Firmament Of Heaven Opened, And The Flood Waters Were Upon Them”

Pennsylvania’s mostly-instrumentalists from King Dead recently undraped a brand new three-track album. After the spacious post-metal textures of the band’s first demo last year, the scope of latest release, “Woe & Judgement,” has expanded considerably.

With three tracks constructed to fit on two sides, King Dead pushes its way into an encompassing rumble that still seems to hold onto a human core even as it lumbers between airy doom and rawer, thoroughly-reverbed noise. Check out opening psalm “The Firmament Of Heaven Opened, And The Flood Waters Were Upon Them” below.

“We’ve been opening our set with this lately,” said drummer Steve Truglio of the track, “and it’s funny that people seem to think it’s our soundcheck for the first couple minutes. Yeah, shit’s gettin’ pretty weird.”

1. The Firmament Of Heaven Opened, And The Flood Waters Were Upon Them
2. A Monument To Decline
3. The Coward, The Thieving Liar

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The Clearing Path Streaming Full Album “Watershed Between Earth And Firmament”

“Watershed Between Earth And Firmament,” the debut recording from Italian solo outfit The Clearing Path is out now on Avantgarde Music, and the album is also now playing in its eviscerating entirety online. Listen in below.

Fully written, executed, recorded and mixed by Gabriele Gramaglia, following the demise of his former outfit, ThySolace, The Clearing Path’s “Watershed Between Earth And Firmament” is a concept album about spiritual renaissance inspired by the beauty of mountainous landscapes of the Italian Alps north of the creator’s homeland, conceived in reflection about one of the darkest periods in his life.

Stand by for more updates on The Clearing Path in the months ahead, as this debut is only the beginning of an extensive journey for the outfit.

Watershed between Earth and Firmament by The Clearing Path

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THE CLEARING PATH: Italian Soloist Completes Blackened Metallic Hardcore Debut Album For Self-Release This Summer

[photo by Virginia Saredi] Italian blackened hardcore/metal outfit, THE CLEARING PATH, has completed its debut full-length album, Watershed Between Earth And Firmament, and is finalizing the details for its release this Summer. Born from the ashes of ThySolace, THE CLEARING PATH‘s sole creator, one Gabriele Gramaglia, took the black metal and hardcore influences of that […]

heavy metal updates:
THE CLEARING PATH: Italian Soloist Completes Blackened Metallic Hardcore Debut Album For Self-Release This Summer

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Astrophobos Streaming New Song “Malevolent Firmament”

After streaming “Soul Disruptor” online, Swedish black metal band Astrophobos has revealed another new song from debut album “Remnants of Forgotten Horrors.”

Hear the track “Malevolent Firmament” below, courtesy of DeadRhetoric.com. “Remnants of Forgotten Horrors” is scheduled for release on January 24th, 2014 through Triumvirate Records.

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