Assault Debuts New Video For Title Track Of Upcoming Debut Full Length Album “The Fallen Reich”

Singapore’s death thrash metal outfit Assault will release its debut full length album “The Fallen Reich” on May 10th via Transcending Obscurity Asia. Today we bring you a lyric video for the album’s title track streaming below.

“The Fallen Reich” features artwork from world renowned artist, Mark Riddick.

The track listing for “The Fallen Reich” is:

1. Enslavement To Torture (ft. Freddy Lim of Chthonic)
2. Genocidal Conspiracy
3. Spawn of Rage
4. Ghettos (ft. Fufu of Nothnegal)
5. The Fallen Reich
6. The Final Solution

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Details Of New Album “Back In Bondage” Revealed By Destructor

Ohio’s legendary metal act Destructor has returned with the new album “Back In Bondage.” The album marks the first studio album in nine years (2007’s “Forever In Leather”) and the first for bassist Tim Hammer (2014). It also marks the return of original drummer Matt Flammable who left in 2012 and returned in 2014.

The album will drop on February 26th via Pure Steel, The track list is:

1. Fight
2. Final Solution
3. G-Force
4. N.B.K.
5. Pompeii
6. Powerslave
7. The Shedding Of Blood And Tears
8. Tornado
9. Triangle

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Apophys Posts “The Antidote” Playthrough Video

Dutch death metal squad Apophys – which unites members of God Dethroned, Prostitute Disfigurement, Detonation and Toxocara among others – will uncork the smoldering “Prime Incursion” debut full-length in less than two weeks via Metal Blade Records.

As another “Prime Incursion” teaser, today Gear Gods is hosting the play-through video accompaniment to “The Antidote,” which can be seen below. Apophys comments:

“‘The Antidote’ is a death metal must. The drums are fast, the riffs are fast, the vocals are fast, you get the picture. The song tells a story of humanity’s ultimate cure for itself, a final solution as people start to transform into beings that are focused on nothing other than consumption. This gives it a twist one could see relevant to our current society. Eventually the urge to consume backfires resulting in humanity consuming itself and thus, providing the answer to the final problem; us.”

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Reign Of Vengeance Streaming Preview Of “The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion”

Arizona thrashing posse Reign Of Vengeance will be releasing “The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion March 19th on Synister Empire Records, and has posted a preview of the EP. Stream it below. “The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion” is an EP that is both musically and lyrically styled to narrate through a ‘fictional’ depiction of class warfare if it were to transpire in our modern world. This EP takes a dual perspective lyrically including that of the common man as well as the occultist elite.

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New Track "Pandemic Genocide" Streaming From Deadlands

Sacramento’s Deadlands is streaming the new track “Pandemic Genocide.” The song appears on the band’s debut LP “Evilution,” which was issued earlier this year through Molten Metal Records, but which will now see worldwide distribution through Massacre Records on February 22, 2013.

Founded in 2010, Deadlands features vocalist Brian O’Connor, who sang for Vicious Rumors on the 1998 “Cyberchrist” LP.

The track list for “Evilution” is as follows:

1. Pandemic Genocide
2. Deadlands
3. Ground and Pound
4. Final Solution
5. She’s On Fire
6. Asphyxiate the Masses
7. Path We’ve Chosen
8. Gone Wrong
9. Legions of the Damned
10. Shed My Skin

Check out “Pandemic Genocide” here:

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The Gardnerz Posts "The System Of Nature" Track-By-Track Breakdown

Swedish metallers The Gardnerz have teamed up with Metalholic to release a track-by-track breakdown of “The System of Nature” album. An excerpt from the breakdown follows:

The Art of Suffering – This was the first track I ever wrote for this band, and one of the once I like the best, very melodic yet at beast in its own right. The song is about people who only see the negative in life and never stop to embrace the positive. Maybe a strange topic for a death metal song, this has been pointed out to me, since we do gloomy music. But I consider myself an optimistic pessimist, yes the world is fucked and most things are shit, but instead of just focusing on this I try to think of what we can do with this to make life better. To quote Neil Young ” Some have taken pure bullshit and turned it into gold”. Instead of dwelling on the past I think it is better to live in the present and make the best of the situation.

Lady in The Grave – Slow monotones and evil, this was the second song I wrote, I think the contrast of the clean part that turns heavy turned out really cool. This is one of the songs that seems to be most appreciated by our listeners, even though it is not one of my favorites. The lyrics for this one was written and vocal pattern was written by our former vocalist, Joel Sundin, we kept some of his vocals in the clean part, he sounds so tortured. The song is about what happens when you cut down on the psychic care and let the not so sane people out in the world. Some nice social commentary for you.

Your Final Solution – So with this song we end the track listing chronologically as this was not song number tree in the creation process. Some reviewer said that this song sounds like Slayer but at a crawling pace, I can only agree, I’m very inspired by midperiod Slayer. Slow and catchy, that’s the ticket. The title has nothing to do with the lyrical theme, I couldn’t think of any lyric to fit the title so I wrote about something different. The song is about how a lot of us enjoy really gory movies and such, but when confronted with real life tragedy we shy away and don’t want to be bothered. Real life is in many ways way more scary than what any sci-fi/horror writer could ever imagine, I guess that is why most of the most nasty movies are often inspired by real events.

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The Gardnerz To Release "The System Of Nature" Album On Vinyl

Swedish band The Gardnerz has issued the following announcement about releasing “The System of Nature” on vinyl:

“The System of nature to be released on vinyl through Mechanix Records in the coming weeks. Yes you heard it hear first, Mechanix records will be releasing a gatefold LP version of the album. Contact for pre-orders and other inquiries: or check here.

“The system of nature will soon also be released on cd digipack through Abyss records, and shirts will soon be printed.”

The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. The Art Of Suffering
2. Lady In The Grave
3. Your Final Solution
4. Born To Consume
5. Incident
6. Shift In Thought
7. Flaw In The Axiom
8. More Or Less
9. Confusion
10. Maybe It’s Time
11. Bloody Vengeance (Vulcano Cover)
12. Servants Of The Warsmen (Winter Cover)

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