At The Gates Posts New Video, “Daggers Of Black Haze” Online

Swedish melodic death metal revolutionaries At The Gates has posted a new music video online for the song, “Daggers Of Black Haze.” You can check it out below. The song comes from the group’s forthcoming new studio album, “To Drink From The Night Itself,” which will be released on May 18th through Century Media.

At The Gates frontman Tomas Lindberg commented: “‘Daggers Of Black Haze’represents the more progressive side of the new record. It has a lot of reference-points to our early back catalogue, both style wise, and the emotional setting. It is desperate and urgent, but still melancholic and epic. It is conceptually one of the cornerstones of the album. Driving home the point of the need for a war on apathy and the populistic forces that takes advantage of it. This is a fight against the abyss. A beacon for the importance of real art, real forms of expression, and importance of our understanding of our mutual cultural history. The video was filmed by Costin Chioreanu once again, and it is full of symbolism and heavy on the conceptual side. Costin displays the war for art and the importance of standing up to the oppressive powers and paradigms with his film. It is beautiful, striking, melancholic and I am very happy to see his vision of my concept.”

Video director Costin Chioreanu added: “Being aware of the heavy topic in this song I realized that making a video for it represents a mandatory mission for the art, in general. Speaking today of the way how the ruling class guided the evolution in art and the perception upon it, the weight of the history, which is deeply buried in the artifacts’ structures and ideologies, I take this song and the means of illustrating it as a pure and genuine artistic attitude. In the course of time, an imposed perception projected through the manipulation of the art by those holding the power, took the shape of an idol in the viewers’ eyes, it became their main light, the source of the imaginary, artistic beliefs and patterns. The presence of the main character depicted on the newest At The Gates cover and artwork – Alcyoneus, the oldest hero among the giant warriors – is here as well. His bust was rebuilt for this video, but it got a new face. Now his mouth is closed and therefore, he is reduced to silence due to the new paradigms and the oppression’s influence in art. Yet, this character continues to defy the primitive human nature. The snake’s symbol and the eternal temptation offered by the bestial side of the self are also present here, and they work hand in hand with the new Alcyoneus’ image. The video goes fast through different moments in the history, including the perception of art and human nature, and it employs a heavy, almost funeral type of visual tone. This time I have also decided to base all my work on a pretty sharp type of image, as sharp as the blade of the daggers. Regarding imagery, there is darkness, heaviness, hate and anger, which accede to death, primordial co-habitation and they are all enshroud with an almost political type of solemnity. The revolutionary spirit emerges through the mere existence of this video per se. At some points, short scenes depicting nature come as an invitation to a philosophic reflection on the monumental character of the art required by politics. This is how I felt this song, its lyrics and all the explanations provided by Tomas for this particular tune.”

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Tribulation Debut New Music Video For “Lady Death”

Tribulation debut the below video for the title track to their recently released EP “Lady Death“. The EP’s arrival precedes the upcoming January 26th release of the band’s new album “Down Below” via Century Media.

Comments Tribulation of the track’s release:

“Today we are very pleased to announce the release of the second single of the upcoming album, Lady Death! It is also our second collaboration with the film director Robert Piel, who has created the visuals that are accompanying the song. We are also very proud to say that the amazing Anna von Hausswolff has recorded an exclusive track for the b-side of the 7? version of the single! She also makes a guest appearance on the song Purgatorio on the new album Down Below!”

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Cliterati Debut New NSFW Video For “Burn” From Self-Titled EP

Cliterati – the Portland, Oregon-grown hardcore unit featuring Poison Idea, Voetsek, and Murderess alumni – is pleased to unveil the visual accompaniment to “Burn,” taken from their self-titled EP. For the “colorful” clip, Cliterati teamed up with Sign Of The Beast Burlesque for the film short Pizza Sluts as part of the Metalesque Fest, the world’s first and only festival dedicated to heavy metal and burlesque.

Watch “Burn” now below.

Cliterati’s self-titled EP was initially released via Tankcrimes digitally before making its way to seven-inch vinyl earlier this year. Cliterati was recorded and mixed by Andrew Grosse, mastered by Jose DeLara at Caravan Studios and remastered for vinyl for maximum bad assery by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound.

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Warbeast Posts “Hitchhiker” Music Video

Warbeast just unveiled an official video clip for “Hitchhiker,” delivered as an eighteen-minute horror movie and coming by way of the band’s “Enter The Arena” full-length album (streaming in full here).

The clip, available below, is based on Edwin Neal’s character in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Elaborates vocalist Bruce Corbitt: “I’ve actually had this idea of using Ed Neal for a music video for a long time. So after we knew for sure that we were going to include a song called ‘Hitchhiker’ on the new Warbeast album, the timing was right to make this old idea become a new reality.

“The lyrics for the song are based on Ed’s character from the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre. But this short film/music video is not related to that movie plot in any way. This is really just a silly script and a band having fun working on our final project together. Ed was a complete professional and great to work with and we are excited to have him starring in this.

“But like I said, this film isn’t to be taken serious I hope you have as much fun watching it as we had making it. Thanks to Michael Huebner and 12 Pound Productions for doing a great job filming and editing this video. I also got to give a shout-out to Lee Russell and Gas Monkey Live for allowing us to film the music portion of this film there.”

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Sifting Responds To Trump’s Proposed Raise Act With New Song “Not From Here”

As a direct response to the Trump administration’s proposed Raise Act, Venezuelan-American progressive metal outfit Sifting just unveiled a video for new single “Not From Here.” The video was directed by Abelardo Malpica at LH FILM.

“Not from Here” also serves as the title track taken from an upcoming full-length album produced by Ryan Williams (Velvet Revolver, Rage Against the Machine) and Steve Evetts (Senses Fail, Suicide Silence), set for worldwide release on September 29th, 2017 via Eclipse Records.

“We can’t forget that this beautiful nation was built by immigrants. That diversity has contributed to the development of this great nation,” states vocalist and frontman Eduardo Gil. “The intent of the proposed Perdue-Cotton Raise Act is to curb the level of legal immigration by proposing a merit-based system that grades immigrants based solely on their skills. When I first moved here from Venezuela, I thought I needed to fit in, lose my accent, and dress like everyone in Los Angeles. After reflection however, I realized that I would have been lying to myself. ‘Not From Here’ was written about overcoming this dilemma which is something all immigrants think about. We don’t need to erase our heritage, or try to fit in. This is a free country and that’s why this nation is great!”

You can also catch Sifting performing live on these upcoming dates:

July 28 – Pomona, CA @ Character’s Sports Bar (w/ Sorrowseed)
September 13 – Los Angeles, CA @ Silverlake Lounge (w/ Obey the Wolves & Shattered Systems)

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“Blackhearts” Documentary Offered Free For Iranian Viewers

The producers of the award-winning documentary “Blackhearts” have had a goal to release the film in Iran since early in development, and as news of the documentary started to spread online, Iranian main character Sina began receiving messages from aspiring young metalheads finding inspiration in his story, themselves wishing to play the music they love without fear of consequences.

Preparing for the DVD release, all kinds of approaches for distribution or screening possibilities in Iran were pursued, but no traditional solutions were found. Now a geoblocked minisite has been created where all Iranians can watch the full documentary for free, and the production company Gammaglimt has reached out to spread the link below the radar of the Iranian regime. If you’re in Iran and want to view the film, send a message at Facebook here.

Sina comments: “I have received many inquiries from young musicians in Iran, both via email and through social media, who have read about me in connection with Blackhearts. In Iran, it is impossible to play black metal. It is impossible to release your music legally and concerts is also something you can forget. Through my story, they can see that it is possible!”

The story of Sina’s oppression at the hands of the Iranian government questions the role of authority in dictating what defines art; on the other end lies Kaiadas, a government oppressor who is a member of Greece’s neo-fascist political party The Golden Dawn by day and black metal musician by night. In the middle, we have Hector, a devoted Satanist and frontman for the Colombian black metal band Luciferian. All three of them exemplifying the global reach and cultural heritage of Norwegian black metal. Also featured in the film are Norwegian black metallers Keep Of Kalessin, Nocturno Culto from Darkthrone, Destructhor from Myrkskog/Zyklon/ex-Morbid Angel and Tjalve from Den Saakaldte/ex-1349.

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New Video Clip “Painful Shadow” Issued By Hadal

Italian death/doom metal band Hadal is proud to announce the release of the new official video for the title track of the latest album “Painful Shadow,” which is available now via Sliptrick Records.

In the bands own words; “We tried to recreate the essence of the album, using no colors but only black and white, as a reminder of the acoustic guitars opposed to the distorted ones and of the clean vocals opposed to the growls. A lonely soldier is facing an unfair war, surrounded by the distressing presence of a silent shadow that hangs over him. Particular attention has been paid to the photography and the film making technique. We didn’t want to use special effects or any computer graphics. Our intention was to keep it as real and as cruel as reality is.”

Check out the clip here:

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In The Presence Of Wolves Announces New EP “Of Two Minds”

Philadelphia-native group In The Presence Of Wolves rattled the east coast metal scene with 2015 full-length release, “Thalassas,” deftly mixing a bevy of classic progressive rock, modern prog-metal, experimental, post-hardcore and jazz influences.

In The Presence Of Wolves further improves upon that addictive sonic blend with upcoming EP, “Of Two Minds, Stages 1-2: The Ape and The Cage,” a conceptual offering due out June 30th, 2017.

“Of Two Minds…” is available for pre-order now via Bandcamp and you can take a listen to first single, “The One Who Fell To Earth,” in the palyer below.

The release shares ITPOW’s personal confrontations with mental illness, emotional struggles, and the five stages of grief. The EP tells the story of twin brothers, one with paranoid schizophrenia and one without. The sane brother deals with the first two stages of grief as he investigates the reasons behind his twin taking his own life.

At the helm on “Of Two Minds…” was producer Kevin Antreassian of Backroom Studios, otherwise recognized as guitarist for kings of metallic chaos, Dillinger Escape Plan. The EP was mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.

“This EP feels like a natural evolution of the band,” says guitarist Chris Capitanio.”Our live show has grown more aggressive and our music has too. We still try to incorporate the dynamics and odd time signatures that we love and are known for, but it’s a little heavier this time around.”

“Working directly with Dillinger Escape Plan’s Kevin Antreassian on the record definitely inspired a heavier edge to the songs. This new album is more focused and definitely has a lot more to say,” adds vocalist and bassist Vini Stamato.”We added a lot more to our existing traditional progressive influences and it provided us with an incredibly freeing writing experience.”

1. As We Speak Pt. 1
2. The One Who Fell to Earth
3. White Noise
4. The Ape and the Cage
5. M.U.A. (Manipulation Under Anesthesia)

Capitanio adds, “This EP is the first in a series of conceptual releases. When we started writing, we were all going through a lot of negative things in our personal lives-several close family deaths, cancer scares, breakups-it seemed like it was all happening at once. We came up with the idea of basing the record on the five stages of grief and everything just fell into place.”

“In addition to our own experiences, the lyrical content is somewhat inspired by a documentary I once watched about David Bowie and his family’s history of paranoid schizophrenia,” continues Stamato. “I was actually already writing this EP before his passing, and during that process, I remembered that documentary and re-watched it for inspiration. I wouldn’t go as far as saying this EP is based on Bowie or the documentary, nor are we interested in capitalizing on the Bowie legacy, but the film definitely taught me a lot about the subject matter, regardless.”

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“The Devil’s Candy” Is The Most Metal Movie Of 2017

Metal fans who dig horror movies take note: this is seriously the most metal movie you are going to see this year. Although originally released in 2015, “The Devil’s Candy” wasn’t available in America until yesterday and is out now via all the various VOD platforms.

From the same director as the utterly demented (in a very good way) “The Loved Ones,” this follow-up flick from Sean Byrne features a metalhead dad and daughter caught in a very bad situation when the family buys a house with a nefarious past.

Heavy metal is essentially its own character in the film, and you’ll see all kinds of nods to bands from Sunn O))) to Isis and of course the more well known like Metallica and Ghost.

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Revocation’s “Communion” to appear in upcoming ‘Power Rangers’ movie

– March 16th, 2017 –

After releasing their sixth full-length, Great Is Our Sin, to critical acclaim last year, Revocation will now also be featured in the upcoming ‘Power Rangers’ movie for the album track “Communion”. USA fans can hear the song when the film is released in theaters on March 24th; to listen online, please visit:

For more information about the film ‘Power Rangers’, please visit:

Having delivered five killer albums boasting some of the most potent, technical and abrasive metal unleashed over the last decade, it would be easy for Revocation to sit back and rest upon their laurels. However, with their constant drive to push their sound ever forward and refusal to compromise their integrity, this could never be the case – and Great Is Our Sin is their most dynamic, boundary-pushing and weighty release to date. To preview and purchase Great Is Our Sin, please visit

Next week, Revocation will play select shows in Canada, as well as appear in Rhode Island, before heading out on a full USA tour with Morbid Angel, Suffocation, and Withered in May/June. See below for all upcoming dates!

Revocation tour dates
Mar. 23 – Ottawa, ON – Brass Monkey
Mar. 24 – Quebec City, QC – L’Anti Bar & Spectacles
Mar. 25 – Providence, RI – Fete Music Hall

Revocation tour dates
w/ Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Withered

May 19 – Baltimore, MD – Ottobar *
May 21 – Jacksonville, FL – 1904 Music Hall *
May 22 – Tallahassee, FL – The Side Bar Theatre *
May 23 – Orlando, FL – The Beacham
May 24 – Tampa, FL – The Orpheum
May 25 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
May 26 – Nashville, TN – Exit/In
May 28 – Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
May 29 – New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
May 31 – Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Smalls Theatre
June 1 – Cleveland, OH – House of Blues
June 2 – Detroit, MI – Crofoot
June 3 – Chicago, IL – Metro
June 4 – Minneapolis, MN – The Cabooze
June 6 – Fayetteville, AR – George’s Majestic Lounge
June 7 – Lawrence, KS – Granada
June 8 – Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater
June 9 – Colorado Springs, CO – Black Sheep **
June 10 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
June 12 – Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
June 13 – Portland, OR – Dantes
June 15 – San Francisco, CA – The Social Hall SF
June 16 – Los Angeles, CA – The Regent Theater
June 17 – Pomona, CA – The Glass House
June 18 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues
June 19 – Flagstaff, AZ – Flagstaff’s Green Room **
June 20 – Phoenix, AZ – Marquee Theatre
June 21 – Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater
June 22 – El Paso, TX – Tricky Falls
June 23 – Dallas, TX – House of Blues
June 24 – Austin, TX – Grizzly Hall
June 25 – Houston, TX – House of Blues
June 27 – New Orleans, LA – House of Blues
June 29 – Richmond, VA – The Broadberry ***
June 30 – Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie ***
July 1 – Amityville, NY – Revolution Bar and Music Hall ***
July 14 – Armstrong, Canada – Hassen Arena *
*=Revocation only
**=no Morbid Angel
***=Revocation, Suffocation only

Revocation line-up:
David Davidson – Guitars / Vocals
Dan Gargiulo – Guitars / Vocals
Brett Bamberger – Bass / Vocals
Ash Pearson – Drums

Revocation online:

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