Lyric Video For New Song “What’s Behind The Fields” Available From Kaipa

Legendary Swedish progressive rockers Kaipa, led by mastermind Hans Lundin, released another new song from the new studio album “Children of the Sounds,” expected for release on September 22nd via InsideOut Music. Check out the lyric video for “What’s Behind The Fields” in the player below.

Hans comments: “I think we all want to explore what’s behind the fields. Sometimes we take that trip and sometimes it’s just a journey to a place somewhere in our rare and open minds.”

The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Children of the Sounds 11:31 (see lyric video here)
2. On The Edge of New Horizons 17:10
3. Like A Serpentine 12:52
4. The Shadowy Sunlight 6:57
5. What’s Behind The Fields 9:31

Check out “What’s Behind The Fields” here:

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Aggression Streaming Full “Fragmented Spirit Devils” Album

The old Canadian thrash metal scene was one of the best and most underrated with bands like Slaughter, Infernal Majesty, Razor, and Aggression leading the way.

Xtreem music has not only re-released Aggression’s classic 1987 album “The Full Treatment” but also managed to put out a brand new one: the freshly unveiled “Fragmented Spirit Devils.” Listen to the full release below.

1. At Play in the Fields of Satan 01:24
2. Chapel of Horrors 05:41
3. Unleashing the Ghost 04:29
4. Insanity Without Indulgence 02:02
5. Halo of Maggots 03:08
6. Furnace Creek 06:35
7. Dark Shadow Crossing 04:12
8. Strangulation Ejaculation 05:40
9. Evil Pox 2016 04:03
10. Razamanaz 02:56

Fragmented Spirit Devils by AGGRESSION (ca)

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Steve’N’Seagulls Posts “November Rain” Cover

Following the “Aces High” video (still available for viewing here), Steve’N’Seagulls has another cover track online. Check out the bluegrass rendition of “November Rain” by Guns ‘N Roses below.

Both tracks hail from the “Brothers in Farms” album, due out September 9th via Spinefarm Records. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Aces High
2. Sad But True
3. Wishmaster
4. It’s A Long Way To The Top
5. You Could Be Mine
6. November Rain
7. In Bloom
8. Symphony Of Destruction
9. Fill Up The Tank
10. Burn
11. The Pretender
12. Self Esteem
13. Out In The Fields
14. Born To Be Wild

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Sleep Of Monsters Posts “Golden Bough” Lyric Video

Today, Sleep of Monsters premieres a lyric video for “Golden Bough.” The track hails from the band’s second album, “Sleep of Monsters II: Poison Garden,” set for international release on June 3rd via Svart Records.

Recorded in an old hilltop villa in Álora, Spain, “Sleep of Monsters II: Poison Garden” sees this unique Finnish band venture into even richer, more dramatic and hauntingly beautiful soundscapes, complete with strings and horns… and hooves. Think of Lee Hazlewood getting drunk with the Abba girls in a metal bar, slurring some of the most spine-chilling (mostly) true tales of human tragedy and the occult ever heard in rock ‘n’ roll, and you’ll arrive at the moss-covered gates of “Poison Garden.” The new album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Poison King
2. Golden Bough
3. The Art of Passau
4. Babes in the Abyss
5. Beyond the Fields We Know
6. The Devil and All His Works
7. Our Dark Mother
8. Foreign Armies East
9. Land of Nod

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Preview Of New Album “Cross Of Thorns” Available From Black Majesty

Australian power metal act Black Majesty – featuring ex-Pegazus guitarist Hanny Mohammed – posted a preview clip featuring snippets from the entire new release “Cross of Thorns.” The album was mixed and mastered by Masterplan guitarist Roland Grapow (ex-Helloween). The release will be available on September 4th via Pride & Joy Music.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Phoenix
2. Anneliese
3. Vlad the Impaler
4. Crossroads
5. Out in the Fields (Gary Moore Cover)
6. Misery
7. Make Believe
8. One Life
9. Emptiness Ideal
10. Escape

Check out the preview here:

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Powerwolf Streaming Gary Moore Cover “Out In The Fields”

The upcoming Powerwolf album “Blessed & Possessed” (reviewed here) will be released worldwide on July 17th via Napalm Records.

On top of that there’s a ten track bonus tribute album titled “Metallum Nostrum” that features very special cover versions of classic anthems from metal giants including Judas Priest, Savatage, Black Sabbath, and Amon Amarth to name a few.

Today the wolves have released a brand new lyric video for the song “Out In The Fields” which is a cover of the Gary Moore track. Check it out below. Roel Van Helden commented on the song and lyric video:

“Like most of us, I began listening to metal when I was 11 years old. Later I discovered Thin Lizzy, who just like Iron Maiden – had a big influence on me. I still love to spin Gary Moore’s records while having a good glass of wine. Also his blues phases were genius. For ‘Out in the Fields’ we made a few changes, for the musicians under us: The original track is played in 4/4 stroke, but we re-wrote it into 12/8. This way it became more metal. But a good song is functioning in any form.”

The “Metallum Nostrum” disc is available with the 2-CD mediabook & all limited editions of “Blessed And Possessed.”

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Irreversible Mechanism Featuring Lyle Cooper (Ex-The Faceless) On Drums Streaming “Infinite Fields”

Technical death metal outfit Irreversible Mechanism premieres its new song “Infinite Fields” – the title track from the band’s debut album “Infinite Fields” featuring Lyle Cooper (ex-The Faceless, Absvrdist) on drums. The album is set to drop March 31st via Blood Music (Finland/USA).

Highly recommended for fans of The Faceless, Spawn Of Possession, Raising The Veil, Arsis, Necrophagist, etc.

Check out now “Infinite Fields” below.

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Irreversible Mechanism Featuring Lyle Cooper (Ex-The Faceless) On Drums Streaming “The Betrayer of Time”

Technical death metal outfit Irreversible Mechanism premieres it’s song “The Betrayer of Time” – the 8th track from the band’s debut album “Infinite Fields” featuring Lyle Cooper (ex-The Faceless, Absvrdist) on drums. The album is set to drop in early 2015 via Blood Music (Finland/USA).

Highly recommended for fans of The Faceless, Spawn Of Possession, Raising The Veil, Arsis, Necrophagist, etc.

Check out “The Betrayer of Time” below.

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Solace Of Requiem To Release New Album “Casting Ruin”

Pre-orders are now available here for Solace Of Requiem’s new album, “Casting Ruin,” which is due out August 29th, 2014. Two tracks off the album are available below, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Defiling the Spectrum
2. Casting Ruin
3. Soiling the Fields of Putridity
4. Song of Shards
5. Wading Into Mire
6. Eroded Absolution
7. Heaving Bile and Ash
8. Pools of Ablation
9. Bio-Alchemy

You can also catch the band live with Ulcerate and Wormed this November and December. Dates are available at this location.

Casting Ruin by Solace of Requiem

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Frail Grounds Announces New Shows Supporting “The Fields Of Trauma”

Frail Grounds – the progressive metal band from Norway – will be heading to Germany and Belgium for a weekend tour this summer. Promoting the release of the debut album “The Fields Of Trauma,” Frail Grounds is excited to finally bring the album to new locations.

The band comments: “It’s a great feeling breaking out of Norway and finally travelling to where there is such a great metal community! Both in Germany and Belgium we recieved great press coverage and feedback for ’The Fields Of Trauma,’ so it’s just fair that we get our asses down there to give everyone our very best heavy progressive metal! While we of course will be playing the best from ’The Fields Of Trauma’, we will also include some older stuff from ‘Corrosion’ (EP, 2008) and present some brand new tracks! Hope to see you in München, Berlin or Peer for some awesome nights!”

Frail Grounds will be playing at following dates and venues:

Friday 20th June: Blackland Metal Pub, Berlin (DE)
Saturday 21st June: The Other Side, Peer (BE)
Sunday 22nd June: Garage Deluxe, München

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