Claudio Sanchez Releases New Comic “The Amory Wars: Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV”

Issue one of Claudio Sanchez’s comic series/space odyssey, “The Amory Wars: Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV” was released today via Evil Ink Comics/Boom! Studios. The 12-issue sci-fi series is the 3rd in a line of comics that follow the story arc from Sanchez’s band, Coheed and Cambria.

The new series loosely follows the lyrics and tone of 2005 album, “Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness,” and elaborates on the graphic novel of the same name which was released as a companion piece to the album on it’s original release. You can get your copy over here.

The story of “Good Apollo” flows around protagonist Claudio Kilgannon (son of Coheed and Cambria) who until now has been mostly in hiding since the death of his parents; his advancing physical powers have drawn him out. It’s becoming clear to Kilgannon and those around him that the he is one mentioned in the prophecies, sent by God to destroy the universe he lives in because too many mistakes were made by the elite. But to Kilgannon, none of this makes any sense. Ambellina, the blue-skinned fallen Prise who’s mission it is to watch over him – helps guide him on the decisions he has in front of him.

Evil Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan is out to stop Kilgannon, and imprison every last human living in Heaven’s fence, or worse, steal their souls. “Good Apollo” introduces a character that crosses the fictional plane of the series: the “Writing Writer” Ryder, the alleged creator of these worlds, whose heartbreak in life is beginning to affect the fictional story, and causing him to lose control of his characters to their own free will.

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From Inside Releasing Debut EP “The New Era”

Formed in 2016, From Inside is a new alternative metal band based in Liverpool, UK. The aim of the band is pretty simple: offering fans something that will help them persist through dark times.

The band launched itself across social media midway through 2016 by releasing a music video for debut single “Find My Way,” which depicts the fictional story of how each member joined the band.

The following months where spent putting the finishing touches up on debut EP “The New Era” with Drew Lawson at Steel City Studios in England. “The New Era” will be available worldwide on all digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, etc.) this coming 1/13/2017.

1. Still Breathing
2. Be Yourself
3. Find My Way
4. Two Sides Of Me
5. There Was A Time

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Rise Of The Northstar Releases “Again And Again” Video

Crossover metal band Rise Of The Northstar kicks off 2016 with an official music video for the single “Again And Again.” Commented the band:

“What we demonstrate and picture in this video is what it takes for an underdog to break into the 2015 music scene and industry. It comes through countless miles on the road, relentless touring, everywhere (Vithia’s multiple injuries are a testimony of how hard it is to deliver what it takes to become established).

“Japanese culture comes into play as a focus driver for us; be it the fictional world of Saint Seiya or the concrete universe of Onizuka and furyos, the philosophy displayed by our heroes is one of absolute tenacity and strength when facing challenges and adversity. Everytime they fall to the ground, they manage to find that extra spark that makes them stand up right back on their feet – Again and again.”

The “Again And Again” single comes off the band’s debut album, “Welcame,” which was released in late 2014 via Nuclear Blast.

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Shock Posts “Once Denied” Video Clip

In continued support of the “Once Denied” album (released May 4th 2013), Canadian metal band Shock is proud to release the video for the song “Paths of Glory.”

The video follows the fictional story of the attempted overthrow of a corrupt government by an equally corrupt rebellion. With both sides promising victory and power to the people, in the end, the people are the losers either way.

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