Vomit Angel Announces “Sadomatic Evil” Mini-Album Release

Iron Bonehead Productions has set February 17th, 2017 as the international release date for Vomit Angel’s debut mini-album, “Sadomatic Evil,” coming on 12″ vinyl.

Although “Sadomatic Evil” is the Danish duo’s debut recording, Vomit Angel comprise two founding members of Sadogoat, who preceded the bestial metal resurgence by many years, and who later wielded more influence on the black/death underground as Sadomator, releasing three pivotal LPs on Iron Bonehead that perfected the Blasphemy/Beherit axis to a T.

Now, under the banner of Vomit Angel, Necrodevil and Lord Titan aim for an equally scuzzy attack that’s less categorizably “bestial” on the surface. On that surface, instead, is a pulsing, slimy spew of gangrenous primitivism somewhere between the very earliest death and black metal in the South American tradition. No hope, no fun, no sobriety: this is Vomit Angel’s “Sadomatic Evil!”

1. Sadomator
2. Time Travel
3. Cotard
4. Voices in the Wind
5. Host of Darkness
6. Time of the Moon
7. Blasting Black Goat Attack
8. Female Goat Perversion

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