Acid Age Releases New Album “Drone Shark Ethics”

Northern Ireland’s Acid Age has released debut full-length album “Drone Shark Ethics” through the German Label Witches Brew.

The tracking for the drums on “Drone Shark Ethics” were recorded at the home studio owned by punk rock vocalist Buck Defect (The Defects). The album also features a guest appearance by Felix Griffin (Ex-D.R.I and BAT) on the closing track. The track listing is as follows:

1. Knight of the Living Shred 01:13
2. F.T.P.L (Fuck the Poor Legislation) 01:38
3. Hyper Thrash 02:48
4. Fall on your Sword 02:11
5. Charles Gein 02:37
6. Drone Shark Ethics 01:43
7. 50,0000 Robot Archers 02:50
8. B.L.S (BIG LONG SONG) 00:18
9. No Place to Skate 03:06
10. Women with No W 03:48
11. Septic Butcher 01:56
12. U.F.A (Unidentified Flying Asshole) 02:35
13. Hound Dog (Feat Felix Griffin) 01:36

Drone Shark Ethics by Acid Age

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