Vanhelgd Premiere New Song “Profaned is the Blood of the Covenant” From Upcoming New Album “Deimos Sanktuarium”

Swedish wretchlords VANHELGD have launched a stream for “Profaned is the Blood of the Covenant,” taken off the band’s forthcoming fifth full-length album, Deimos Sanktuarium.

Stream “Profaned is the Blood of the Covenant” now below:

Deimos Sanktuarium features seven tracks of crushing, yet cold OSDM. The album will be out October 12 on LP, CD and digital formats through Dark Descent Records (North America). The album will be available in Europe through Pulverised Records.

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Wayfarer Streaming New Song “Death Tundra”

Wayferer’s upcoming sophomore effort “Old Souls” will blast apart shelves worldwide as it debuts on June 17th via Prosthetic Records.

The band today launches a stream of the frosty new single, ”Deathless Tundra,” which can be heard below. You can also pre-order “Old Souls” right here.

Recorded at Flatline Audio with Shane Howard (Martriden, Khemmis) while being mixed and mastered by Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Cobalt), “Old Souls” features seven tracks, written by the band as a unit and clocking in at almost 50 minutes long. The track listing is:

1. Ever Climbing
2. Frontiers
3. Old Souls’ New Dawn
4. Catcher
5. Deathless Tundra
6. The Dust Lakes
7. All Lost in Aimless Chaos

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Wayfarer Announces “Old Souls” Album Release

Denver, CO’s atmospheric blackened metal band Wayfarer will release sophomore album ”Old Souls” on June 17 via Prosthetic Records. The album’s cover artwork, which can be seen below, was created by Colorado artist and knifesmith Adam Gersh.

Recorded at Flatline Audio with Shane Howard (Martriden, Khemmis) while being mixed and mastered by Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Cobalt), “Old Souls” features seven tracks clocking in at almost 50 minutes long.

Asked how “Old Souls” differs from debut “Children Of An Iron Age,” guitarist and vocalist Shane McCarthy commented: “This record is a darker and much more focused effort from us. Writing the album was a very cohesive and involved process as a whole band this time around. It has moved further and further away from any particular genre trappings and stepped closer into what we feel our sound is; which is always shifting, always evolving. Life is too short to write music that already exists. We can’t wait to get this out there.”

1. Ever Climbing
2. Frontiers
3. Old Souls’ New Dawn
4. Catcher
5. Deathless Tundra
6. The Dust Lakes
7. All Lost in Aimless Chaos

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Adrenechrome Releasing New Album “Tales From Adrenechrome”

If Mastodon and Baroness gave birth to a bastard child, that child’s name would be Canada’s Adrenechrome. Hailing from Orillia, ON this quartet offer a blend of groovy/progressive thrashy heavy metal that’s ready to smash your headbanging into overdrive.

Three years since releasing 2012 debut “Hideous Appetites,” these mosh thirsty bangers are ready to release the sophomore follow-up “Tales From Adrenechrome” on November 27, 2015. With its epic album artwork by graphic artist Clöwnbäbÿ, “Tales From Adrenechrome” features seven tracks exposing you to the horrors of the metal crypt. Check out first single “God Sized Shadow” below.

“I think this is our most ‘song’ like offering to date with a little black metal in the middle.” comments vocalist / guitarist Chris Friesen. The album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. A Familiar Face (2:59)
2. Lockstep (5:17)
3. Black Brubeck (4:05)
4. God Sized Shadow (4:01)
5. The Heart and The Feather (5:21)
6. Hideous Appetites (3:36)
7. The Led Elephant (5:36)

Tales from Adrenechrome by adrenechrome

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Them County Bastardz Streaming New Song “Drive By”

Them County Bastardz keep it simple – composed of local dudes from Essex County (an hour south of Windsor/ Detroit area) who are in it to make old school metal with back forty rock and having fun while doing it.

With upcoming debut album “Sick Daze” due out February 24th, 2015 via Smokehouse Records, the Canadian rednecks have teamed up with for the premiere of the track “Drive By.” Give it a listen over here.

Vocalist Andrew Watson comments: “I am super stoked about this album coming out. It’s been a lot of work. I feel ‘Drive By’ is a good introduction to who we are. The song has stuck with the band for a long time, through our ups and downs. ‘Drive By’ was written about a time we were cruising around in the county on a suspended license, seeing a cop and hoping he just drives by. Cheers!”

Produced by Chris Towle and TBC plus mastered by Chuck Carvaalho, “Sick Daze” features seven tracks inspired by true stories and experiences of the band living life in the county, so crack open a beer, get ready to rock out and have a good time. The track listing is:

1. Drive By (4:48)
2. In The County (4:33)
3. Buzz Kill (4:03)
4. It’s Not Metal (0:25)
5. Metal For Mark (5:25)
6. The Bastard (4:23)
7. Rise Up (3:58)

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Omotai Announces “Fresh Hell” LP Release

Houston, TX extreme music collective Omotai will release sophomore LP “Fresh Hell” on February 18th via The Treaty Oak Collective / The Path Less Traveled.

“Fresh Hell” features seven frenetic explosions of sound, a blend of grindcore, sludge and progressive noise-rock and is the follow up to the band’s punishing 2012 full-length “Terrestrial Grief.” The “Fresh Hell” track listing is as follows:

1.) Get Your Dead Straight
2.) Back Office
3.) Giant Pygmy
4.) Leglifter
5.) Throats of Snakes
6.) Laser Addict
7.) We Don’t Have to be Strangers

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The Lion’s Daughter Streaming New Song “Wolves”

St. Louis doom metal outfit The Lion’s Daughter is pleased to unearth the forbidden fruit from latest full-length, “A Black Sea.” Check out the track “Wolves” below courtesy of

A collaborative effort between The Lion’s Daughter and somber folk ensemble/fellow St. Louis occupants, Indian Blanket, the initial idea was to create just one special song together, however through musical chemistry, and perhaps some support from Jim Beam and various forms of earthbound psychedelics, what was prearranged as one track mushroomed into a full LP.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Gabe Usery (Fister) at Encapsulated Studios in St. Louis, “A Black Sea” features seven apocalyptic, blues-based, doom metal mantras. The track listing is as follows:

1. Wolves
2. Gods Much More Terrible
3. Swann
4. A Song For The Devil
5. Timeless Waters
6. Sea Of Trees
7. That Place

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Adrenechrome Announces Show With Corrosion Of Conformity, Reveals EP Artwork

Orillia, ON’s thrash metallers Adrenechrome are proud to announce they will be opening for Corrosion of Conformity on November 13th in Barrie, ON just a week prior to the official release of their debut EP “Hideous Appetites,” due out on Tuesday, November 20th.

November 13, 2012 – Fitzy’s – Barrie, ON – w/ Corrosion of Conformity, Biblical

The EP features seven tracks produced by Darius Szcespaniak. The track listing is as follows:

1. Titans Fall (3:18)
2. Six Guns (6:17)
3. The Horror (5:26)
4. Hymn For The Heathens (4:17)
5. Winds of The Void (5:01)
6. Locust Wings (4:26)
7. Hobbled (4:58)

Titans Fall by adrenechrome

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