Agrona Premiere New Song “Storm’s End” From Upcoming New Album “Realm of the Fallen”

Welsh black metal unit Agrona premiere a new song entitled “Storm’s End”, taken from their upcoming new album “Realm of the Fallen”, which will be released by UKEM Records at some point later this year.

Check out now “Storm’s End” below.

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For The Fallen Dreams Premiere New Song “Ten Years”

A stream of the new For The Fallen Dreams track “Ten Years” has premiered online. Rise Records will release the outfit’s new effort “Six” next Friday, February 16th. For The Fallen Dreams have two album release shows booked for it, including:

02/16 Detroit, MI – The Shelter
02/22 Grand Rapids, MI – The Intersection

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Memoriam Reveals New Album Release Date, Artwork And Tracklisting

Old school death metallers, Memoriam, are set to unleash their second album, The Silent Vigil, on March 23rd through Nuclear Blast Records. Just one year after the release of debut album For The Fallen, the band returns with an authentic, raw flood of old school death metal destruction!

The album’s impressive artwork was created again by Dan Seagrave (Benediction, Dismember, Hypocrisy, Suffocation). Speaking about the album art, the band stated:

“Following the success of working with Dan Seagrave for our debut album For the Fallen, we decided that we had to get Dan involved for the next album cover. Initially we used Dan as we were all very impressed with the art that he has created for bands over the decades and Scott in particular wanted to have an album cover designed by Dan Seagrave, as part of the things he wanted to achieve with Memoriam. Dan really encapsulates the old school death metal feel to the album covers that he creates; they are full of detail and very atmospheric. We gave him a brief for the For the Fallen debut cover and he did a great job. We briefed Dan and asked him to create an image which followed on from the first album; the first album features a funeral procession, the coffin of the fallen leader paraded across an ethereal battle scarred landscape.

“The Silent Vigil represents the next phase of the journey where the coffin is lying in state with the followers standing in silence almost like terracotta soldiers. The cover has an overall solemn feel to it, with the ravaged landscape in the background and burnt out wrecks of military hardware in the foreground.

“The tree in the centre of the album cover is symbolic of life – that continues on. We are really pleased with what Dan Seagrave has created for us once again and we are proud to have his artwork on our album cover. We already have an idea for the next album cover and we hope that Dan will be able to do this for us too.”

The Silent Vigil – Tracklisting:

1. Soulless Parasite
2. Nothing Remains
3. From the Flames
4. The Silent Vigil
5. Bleed The Same
6. As Bridges Burn
7. The New Dark Ages
8. No Known Grave
9. Weaponised Fear

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Krukh Premiere Title Track From Upcoming Debut Album “БЕЗГЛУЗДІСТЬ”

Krukh premiere the title track of their upcoming debut album “БЕЗГЛУЗДІСТЬ”, which will be released via Fallen Empire Records this coming spring.

Check out now “БЕЗГЛУЗДІСТЬ” below.

???????????? by Krukh

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Chaos Moon Debuts New Song “Eschaton Mémoire I” From Upcoming New Album “Eschaton Mémoire”

Philadelphia black metal unit Chaos Moon debuts a new song entitled “Eschaton Mémoire I”, taken from the upcoming new album “”Eschaton Mémoire”, which will see release on November 17 through Blood Music and Fallen Empire Records.

Check out now “Eschaton Mémoire I” below.

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New Lyric Video “Savages” Posted By Cranely Gardens

New Jersey crushers Cranely Gardens has released the lyric video for “Savages,” a track from new release “House of Decay.” The video was created by the band’s own Joe Fedele and can be devoured in the player below.

“House of Decay” is out now and can be purchased and/or streamed in its entirety at this location.

Drawing influence from deathcore, metalcore, the new wave of American heavy metal, black, death, thrash and nu-metal, Cranely Gardens blends these various ends of the spectrum together to form their particular style. The band consists of Chaz Macklin on vocals, Randy Mac and Joe Fedele on guitar, Alex Niszczak on bass, and Victor Figueroa behind the drums. The band independently released the debut EP, “Locust Valley,” in 2015. On August 11 of this year, the seven-song EP “House of Decay” was self-released with the assistance of Ghostship Recordings.

“House of Decay” shows a much darker and more technical effort than the previous EP, and features guest musicians Chad Ruhlig (For the Fallen Dreams), Dan Watson (Enterprise Earth), Sims Cashion, Will Ramos (A Wake in Providence), and Josh Frazier (Narrow Vision).

Check out the clip for “Savages” here:

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Horrified Debuts New Song “The Perceiver” From Upcoming New Album “Allure of the Fallen”

U.K. death metal act Horrified debuts a new song entitled “The Perceiver”, taken from the band’s upcoming new album “Allure of the Fallen”, which set for release on September 29th via Shadow Kingdom Records.

Check out now “The Perceiver” below.

Allure of the Fallen by Horrified

Track List:

1. Allure of the Fallen
2. Light’s Dissolution
3. The Perceiver
4. Unanswered
5. Shorn
6. The Promise of Solace

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New Live Clip “Everything” Issued BY Crematory

Germany’s leading gothic/industrial metal act Crematory issued a live clip for the song “Everything.” The clip appears on the new CD/DVD entitled “Live Insurrection,” which drops on September 8th via Steamhammer/SPV.

The release captures the entire performance from the prestigious Bang Your Head Festival 2016 in Germany, and also includes four video clips in support of the latest album “Monument.”

The full track listing for the release is:

Audio CD:

1. Intro 2:45
2. Misunderstood 3:47
3. Fly 6:11
4. Greed 4:37
5. Tick Tack 4:07
6. Instrumental 1:32
7. Haus mit Garten 5:23
8. Ravens Calling 4:27
9. Pray 4:54
10. Everything 4.54
11. Instrumental 2:30
12. Shadowmaker 4:44
13. The Fallen 4:26
14. Höllenbrand 3:46
15. Die So Soon 4:49
16. Kommt näher 4:28
17. Tears Of Time 8:59

Video DVD:

1. Intro
2. Misunderstood
3. Fly
4. Greed
5. Tick Tack
6. Instrumental
7. Haus mit Garten
8. Ravens Calling
9. Pray
10. Everything
11. Instrumental
12. Shadowmaker
13. The Fallen
14. Höllenbrand
15. Die So Soon
16. Kommt näher
17. Tears Of Time

Monument – Video Clips:

1. Misunderstood
2. Ravens Calling
3. Haus mit Garten
4. Everything

Check out “Everything” here:

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Argonauta Records Inks Deal WIth Ancient VVisdom

U.S. occult rockers Ancient VVisdom inked a deal with Argonauta Records to release the highly anticipated new album “33.” The album follows the previous paths “A Godlike Inferno” (2011), “Deathlike” (2013) and “Sacrificial” (2014). “33” will be released worldwide on CD via Argonauta on October 13th. Check out the first single “Light of Lucifer” in the player at the bottom.

From the band, Nathan Opposition says: “Forging ahead, I have kept the all seeing eye on the fallen angel to keep my faith in his works. This album is a work made of worship songs to our Lord and Master Satan. The collective efforts of our unholy Trinity Lucifer, Satan and The Devil. In light of darker times, I find it necessary to express myself in a way that teaches on a higher level.”

On the record deal: “I’m very excited to release Ancient VVisdom’s 4th album “33” with 3 different amazing record labels! Argonauta Records in Italy for CD version, Magic Bullet Records out of Oceanside California doing our digital release, and DHU Records from the Netherlands is going to be doing some sick vinyl colors. It’s a collective. All excellent people, working hard to release underground and independent music. I’m a fan of many different artists and musicians, it’s quite rewarding to see everyone in an underground culture take the initiative and make things fucking happen for all of us, as fans of music and for the ones making music as well.”

About the new album: “33 is a master number. It is also the age Christ was crucified. 33 is the age of the peak of existence. It is the age I am. 33 is the answer. I’ve been fortunate enough to do the devils work and continue to spread the message to the masses. This album is very important to us. It has symbolic meaning and melody that serves the words purposefully. My brother Michael and I are grateful and are pleased to give you ’33.’ This is our favorite offering to date and we hope you all enjoy it.”

The track listing for “33” is:

1. Ascending eternally
2. Light of Lucifer
3. In The Name Of Satan
4. True Will
5. The Infernal One
6. Summoning Eternal Light
7. Rise Fallen Angel
8. 33
9. The Great Beast
10. Lux
11. Dispelling Darkness

Check out “Light of Lucifer” here:

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