This Gun For Hire Posts “Infection” Vocal Playthrough

Vancouver’s This Gun For Hire will unleash debut album “Something A Little More Sinister” on March 3st1, 2017. Leading up to its release, the metalcore tycoons just posted a new vocal playthrough video with frontman Shelby Tanaka performing the track “Infection.” Check it out below. The new album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Infection (3:34)
2. Something A Little More Sinister (4:13)
3. From The Earth To The Earth (3:24)
4. Set This Path (4:07)
5. Alligator Death Roll (6:35)
6. Good Evening Deacon (4:07) [streaming here]
7. To The Fallen And The Faithful (5:21)
8. One Hell Bent Lot Lizard (4:38)
9. Cause For Concern (3:32)
10. My Meaning (4:30)
11. Empty Eyes (4:31)

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New Track “The Best Of Times” Streaming From Cain’s Offering

Finland Cain’s Offering – featuring Stratovarius vocalist Timo Kotipelto, keyboardist Jens Johansson and ex-Sonata Arctica guitarist Jani Liimatainen – is streaming another new track…this time its “The Best of Times.” The song appears on the upcoming new album “Stormcrow,” the sophomore album and first since the 2009 debut “Gather the Faithful.” The album is expected to drop via Frontiers Records on May 15th (EU) and May 19th (North America).

The track listing for “Stomcrow” is as follows:

1. Stormcrow (song streaming here)
2. The Best of Times
3. A Night to Forget
4. I Will Build You a Rome (see lyric video here)
5. Too Tired to Run
6. Constellation of Tears
7. Antemortem
8. My Heart Beats for No One
9. I Am Legion
10. Rising Sun
11. On the Shore

Check out “The Best of Times” here:

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Update On New Album “Prometheus” Issued By Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody

Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody posted a new update on the upcoming release “Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus,” which is slated for Spring 2015.

The update reads: “After more weeks of hard work and sleepless nights we can give you a new update about the production of the new Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody album entitled: “Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus”

“After 6 months of intense work, we are at the final stage of the production. Our drummer Alex Landenburg just started recording his parts and knowing his skill and incredible talent we can guarantee a breath-taking percussive performance!

“Luca Turilli just ended the recordings of his guitar parts in France. As usual, he recorded his lead and solo parts by himself using the Eleven Rack from Avid and the Protools software installed on a Mac laptop.

“Turilli commented: ‘When I compose the songs and work on the orchestral arrangements I need to be in my home studio in Trieste (Italy), using my super orchestral template based on 3 x dual Xeon PCs, 12 x SSD and Cubase software. But for the guitar solos I like to rely on a simple laptop and my faithful Eleven Rack, which allows me to record my parts (regular audio track + contemporaneous DI signal to be re-amped later) wherever I want in the world and with total freedom.’

“Luca is now back in Italy to work on the last orchestral and cinematic arrangements.

“Since some days Dominique Leurquin started recording his lead guitar parts in Annecy (France) and should complete his task before the end of the month. You will be really amazed by the feeling and the ‘touch’ of one of the most expressive guitar players around nowadays!

“The mix of the album will start on January 3rd in Kempten (Germany) at the Backyard Studios of Sebastian Roeder, the faithful Rhapsody’s top level engineer who is taking care of the sound of the band in the studio and on stage too.”

Much more news on the album is expected soon.

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Arrayan Path Comments On Upcoming Album "Ira Imperium"

Arrayan Path has checked in with the following statement about the band’s upcoming album:

“Arrayan Path’s new, third album, ‘Ira Imperium,’ is almost here and we can confidently say that this album is simply a masterpice (for lack of a better word)!

“As previously announced, the album features a guest appearance (on the title track more specifically) by the legendary Tony Martin (ex BLACK SABBATH). It also sees the return of Vagelis Maranis (SANVOISEN) lending his voice on several tracks.

“Recorded and mixed at Maranis Studios in Germany, ‘Ira Imperium’ is released worldwide on November 4th (November 7th in the UK) while at the same time it will be available as a digital download through major mp3 stores. A limited edition will also be available for die-hard fans, details of which will be revealed later.”

Arrayan Path is also offering a free download of the new song “77 Days ’til Doomsday,” which can be found here.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Dies Irae
2. Gnosis of Prometheus
3. Ira Imperium (The Damned)
4. Kiss of Kali
5. Katherine of Aragon
6. 77 Days ’til Doomsday
7. Emir of the Faithful
8. Hollow Eyes of Nefertiti
9. Amenophis
10. Lost Ithaca
11. I Sail Across the Seven Seas
12. The Fall of Mardonius
13. The Poet Aftermath

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Arrayan Path Streaming New Album "Ira Imperium" Sample

Arrayan Path (formerly known as Arryan Path) has issued the following update about streaming a sample online from the band’s upcoming album:

“This is a small sample from the upcoming album ‘Ira Imperium’. These are rough exports, this is not mixed! Mixing begins end of the month but we’ll release a song for free download somewhere in august. Hope you’ll enjoy!!”

You can check out the sample by heading over to the Arrayan Path MySpace page. A recent edition of’s “Pit Stories” column also featured Arrayan Path, which can be found here. The “Ira Imperium” track listing and cover artwork can be viewed below.

1. Dies irae
2. Gnosis of prometheus
3. Ira imperium (the damned)-feat.Tony martin
4. Kiss of kali
5. Katherine of aragon-feat.Natalie kyprianou
6. 77 days ’till doomsday
7. Emir of the faithful
8. Hollow eyes of nefertiti-feat.Vagelis maranis
9. Amenophis
10. Lost ithaca
11. I sail across the seven seas
12. The fall of mardonius
13. The poet aftermath

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