Inanimate Existence Frontman Cameron Porras Accused Of Rape

The Faceless booted Inanimate Existence from an upcoming mini-tour (as we reported earlier this week), induced by “information that has just come to our attention today regarding actions that we simply cannot stand for” as the band put it. Although The Faceless did not go into detail about these actions, a Facebook post by mainman Michael Keene made it clear that there had been allegations of sexual misconduct.

Past Thursday, November 16, The Faceless finally posted more details about that matter on their Facebook page:

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Ringworm Back In Writing Mode

Ringworm announce that they have a new album in the works, sharing the below message via Facebook:

“So, We here at the RINGWORM Corporation, over this past summer/fall, have been in the writing, rehearsing and molding stage of a new collection of musical compositions for your consuming pleasures. Some of the most foul, and most diabolical ear worms to date. Stay tuned, as more news will begin to ooze through the cracks of RINGWORM‘S new album chrysalis.”

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The Faceless Announce Mini-U.S. Tour – Boot Inanimate Existence From Tour Over Alleged Incident Involving A Female

The Faceless will be unleashing its long-awaited new outing “In Becoming A Ghost” on December 1, 2017 and has now announced a mini-US tour in support of it. The trek starts on pretty short notice and was originally announced to have support from Inanimate Existence, but The Faceless has since booted them due to “actions we simply cannot stand for.”

Meanwhile we have obtained the following screenshot of a post from Michael Keene’s personal Facebook page. The post appears to have since been removed, but you can read it below. According to Keene the alleged incident involved a female:

Check all dates for the tour below:

11/29 Petaluma, CA @ The Phoenix Theater
11/30 Cupertino, CA @ The X Bar
12/1 Portland, OR @ Analog Theater
12/2 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
12/3 Boise, ID @ The Shredder
12/4 Denver, CO @ Roxy Theater
12/5 Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room
12/6 Dallas, TX @ Trees
12/7 El Paso, TX @ The Rockhouse
12/8 Tucson, AZ @ The Rock
12/9 Fullerton, CA @ The Slide Bar

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American Head Charge Bassist Chad Hanks Dead At 46 Following Battle With Terminal Illness

American Head Charge bassist Chad Hanks passed away this weekend. Hanks was said to be 46-years-old at the time of his death and friends have indicated his battle was with cancer. Various other social media posts suggest he was suffering from kidney and liver failure. Tributes from friends, family and fans have been pouring in across Facebook in the wake of the sad news. A benefit show/public memorial in his honor has been announced for November 26th at the First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN with proceeds going towards his funeral expenses. Donations for his final expenses are being fielded via and are encouraged to be sent as a friends and family/gift to avoid fees.

Frontman Cameron Heacock shared the following pic of himself with Hanks:

Former guitarist Ted Hallows commented:

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Voivod Begins Recording First Full Length New Album In Five Years

Canadian progressive thrash veterans Voivod has announced via a short post on Facebook that they have today entered the studio to begin recording a new album. The message, which simply read: “It is with great enthousiasm that we announce that Voivod is entering the Studio today for the next full length album! Exciting! Stay connected!” means that this will be the band’s first full length album since 2013’s, “Target Earth.” The gap has been filled in the meantime with the 2016 EP, “Post Society,” which comprised of songs released as split singles with Entombed A.D., Napalm Death and At The Gates, as well as a cover of the Hawkwind classic, “Silver Machine” and the title track.

In an interview with Rock Sverige earlier this year, drummer Michel Langevin (AKA, Away) stated that the new record would be a concept album and that it could very likely also be a double album, given the lengths of some of the songs. No further details have been confirmed as of yet.

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Former Vital Remains Singer Scott Wily Passes Away

Former Vital Remains frontman Scott Wily, who was with the group from 2008 to 2012, has passed away according to his former bandmates. No cause of death has been announced as of yet. A posting on the official Vital Remains Facebook page by guitarist Tony Lazaro reads as follows:

“It is with heavy heart and deep sadness that i say Gator Gaeton Collier and I (Tony ) lost and old friend and singer of Vital Remains Scott Willey. I had just seen him this summer at Summer Slaughter Fest in July. And we had a nice conversation about alot of things. We told some road stories from the past and we had some good laughs. I will always remember the good times my friend.

“Until we me again for that next jam! Rest in Peace Brother ….My Condolences to his Family and friends! m/”

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My Dying Bride Vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe Denies Breakup Rumours, Band Working On New Album

My Dying Bride vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe has addressed recent rumours that the band is breaking up after the band were forced to cancel upcoming live shows and some cryptic statuses were posted on their Facebook page. He has issued a statement on the group’s official page which reads as follows:

“I would like to quash some recent rumours regarding the demise of My Dying Bride in the light of our previous statements. We most certainly are NOT splitting up and in fact are vigorously composing the next album right now. The reason we have had to cancel a run of shows is due to a severe and fearful illness that has struck a member of my immediate family for which I have now dedicated all my time until signs of improvement. The other five members of the band however are working hard to produce the next opus which will be our debut for new label partners Nuclear Blast and will be released in 2018. I will do my part when the time comes and I can assure fans that it is going to be suitably epic.

“Apologies to all who were looking forward to seeing us perform live but rest assured, we will be back!

“Aaron Stainthorpe”

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Former Marilyn Manson/Jack Off Jill Guitarist Daisy Berkowitz Passes Away

Scott Mitchell Putesky, more famously known as Daisy Berkowitz, the co-founding guitarist of the Marilyn Manson (originally Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids,) and later of Jack Off Jill, has passed away according to a number of his friends and bandmates. A posting on the Jack Off Jill Facebook page stated; “Saying good bye to Scott, friend, band mate, artist , hero.. RIP Scott – “always touched by your presence dear.” Daisy Berkowitz.” An official cause of death has yet to be revealed but in 2013, Putesky was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.

Putesky formed Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids in 1989 with the eponymous singer (AKA Brian Warner,) after meeting at an after party at the Reunion Room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He remained with the group recording the album, “Portrait of an American Family” and the EP “Smells Like Children,” before leaving halfway through the recording of “Antichrist Superstar” due to creative differences, though he does appear on the record. He would then join Jack Off Jill in 1998 and went on to record the album, “Covetous Creature” with the group and made a guest appearance with Godhead, before recording some albums with Three Ton Gate.

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New Male Vocalist Sought By Concordea

On May 27th, power/progressive metal band Concordea published the first full-length album “Over Wide Spaces,” and since then they received many positive reviews, compliments from all over the world.

Now it has come make this album come alive on stage, so the band announced: “We thought like ‘Hmmm, we created something that doesn’t sound so bad!! What if we gonna make it live?’ Yes, dear friends, now we wanna reveal that normal wishes, plans and hopes which every band or artist has for sure. We wanna tour! We wanna tour! We wanna go under spotlights and hit the stage! It should happen in the beginning of the next year. Our album wasn’t meant to be put in a box of table (ok, not in the last one ahaha). Neither this, nor the next one.”

The band searching for a prepared male singer (tenor) who is ready to join the band in their adventures. It’s not so important which country you are from. For more details please contact the band via its Facebook page at this location.

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This is xFiruath, Officially Signing Off

My long journey with Metalunderground began nearly a decade ago. Obama wasn’t President yet, and I still had a day job. I was tired of people screaming at me on the phone over problems with their cell service that I hadn’t caused and had no ability to fix. It was time for a change, so the wife and I decided to give a big old middle finger to the daily grind and dive headfirst into freelancing online.

It wasn’t long after getting in touch with Deathbringer that I found myself in Seattle on a tour bus shaking hands with Mikael Akerfeldt and blathering like an idiot about what a big fan I was. Its an experience I’ll never forget, seeing a legend in the flesh and learning what his daily life was like while performing across the country. I was so star struck I accidentally left my audio recorder on the bus after the interview and didn’t get it back until after the show. I’ve got a good half an hour of Mikael on the phone talking to family in Sweden that I’m never going to delete.

Never in my life did I figure I’d be talking to Kyle Gass about the death of Dio and whether there might ever be a Pick Of Destiny 2, but there I was on the phone with one half of Tenacious D chatting about legalizing drugs and how mortality sucks. Phone calls with lifelong idols like Emperor’s Ihsahn and Vorph from Samael became semi-regular occurrences. I actually ended up discussing the infamous “Jesus is a cunt” t-shirt directly with Dani Filth.

The Metalunderground of those golden days feels like a completely different era now. I remember back when every Avenged Sevenfold or Slipknot thread had 150+ comments and became any given reader’s personal chat room. That time Deathbringer made a forum link on the main page as an April Fool’s joke (royally pissing off everyone who wanted a message board long before we actually had one) had me in stitches while fending off angry emails.

Looking back at those days, I think of shirtless Wilco and his creative grammar. Regulars like americanpatriot1 and Gorecunt keeping conversations going. InfernoNecrosis oversharing about bodily functions. KMADD and Korndogg trolling. The constant cry of “That’s not Rob Zombie!!” All those times I accidentally wrote “Mike Porntoy” or “Windows Of Plague” in a headline. Branded or Kali getting into massive fights with anyone about anything. Blindgreed1 coming up with ever more inventive insults to anyone who would dare besmirch the Metalunderground name or anybody who called MU home.

If you got past the hazing phase, you were a regular – you were on of us, and that meant something. Those were the days of R10 and Wolf, Natsquatch and Cozen, BrunoHockalugie and Jackrum, Terminator and BrianSD, IrishMetal and Trendkill91, PorcupineTreeFan and IrishMetal, Fuck_A_Name and Drum_Junkie (who blessedly has stayed active). Whoever thought a grown man could look back at a forum thread titled “I’d put my tongue in her butt” and feel nostalgic?

It wasn’t just the readers that made us into that powerhouse of metal though, it was also the contributors. It was Vicky bringing absurdly underground pornogrind bands to the world’s attention. It was CROMCarl’s pun-tastic reviews. It was James (Cynic), Zack (zMETALlica), Peggy (darkstar), Cody (The_Avant_Garde), Dan (heavytothebone2), Kevin (n0thinghead), Joel (bloodofheroes), Andrew (remembermetal?), Matt (Dasher10), psythe, and more turning this thing into a community. All the while there was Deathbringer keeping us together and introducing me to bands like Acid Bath.

Along the way I’ve had the distinct pleasure of running our staff voting and writing up the yearly best-of articles, chronicling an absurd number of releases and how they ranked in the metalverse. I’ll never forget those dueling articles about the merits of Opeth’s “Heritage” with Darren (if you think the comments we get now are negative, oh boy, you should see some of the shit that hit my inbox back then when I dared to state a negative opinion about the Swedish golden boys). There were the fabulous inverse Valentine’s Day articles with Ollie, as well as meeting fascinating people who have since moved on to other endeavors like Frank (Progressivity_In_All) and Mike (OverkillExposure).

This journey of a staggering 603 reviews and just shy of 62,000 news stories has included everything from spending time talking to a band absurdly named Vaginal Penetration Of An Amelus With A Musty Carrot to moments that truly defined my life.

Although most of it took place in my home office, this has been a truly global journey, like when I had the opportunity to interview dozens of both Christian and Satanic black metal bands across the world for that unblack metal article. I got a whole new perspective on humanity while talking to people who lived through different denominations of the same religion trying to bomb each other into eternity in Croatia side by side with people who believe that prayer can literally resurrect the dead. I ended up interviewing utter misanthropes who did not want to be talking to any metal sites and were openly antagonistic, as well as extremely friendly bands who were beyond grateful someone was just simply paying attention to them.

There was the monumental undertaking of putting together our Peter Steele tribute album with bands from around the world to just simply meeting up with people I never could have imagined. Shared musical connections were forged with fans and musicians from far flung locales like Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Greece, Russia, Cyprus, Belgium, Iceland, Argentina, Israel, Chile, Norway, Maldives, the Czech Republic and even more! If it wasn’t for Metalunderground, I’d never have interacted with any of those amazing musicians and metal fans.

Far all those people I met online in far off lands, there were also plenty closer to home, from the trio of excellent lads in Spokane instrumental group Odyssey to local Montana scene stalwart Rashid (aka Zebulon Kosted). Probably the most surprising (and humbling) moment of my life took place right here in my own town, when the teller at my local bank saw my name and recognized who I was from Metalunderground, excitedly chatting me up about metal news.

While there were changes to the site, it was really metal itself that changed over these past 10 years. There was the appearance (and ignominious end) of djent. The love/hate phenomena that is Ghost. Pirate metal. Melodic post-hardcore (aka whiny mallcore that all sounds the same). Nu-metal’s unexpected return. That God Of Atheists album that never came out (and probably never will). Watching several different bands implode in public. Hearing bands I’d adored since I was a teenager slowly turn to utter shit. Terrible fires and even terrorist shootings that took the lives of our fellow music lovers. Hilariously awesome metal covers that deserve way more attention than they ever got. Finding nobody bands from a place no one’s ever heard of who could outperform absolutely anyone on the Metal Blade or Roadrunner rosters (which was hands down my favorite part of this job).

There have been huge ups and yes, some downs. There have been times when Metalunderground sat triumphantly among the top 5 metal sites in the entire world and times when we’ve struggled to get comments and views. The fall of MySpace, subsequent great exodus to Facebook, and rising dominance of clickbait content completely changed how music sites operate. We went from a few scant thousand Facebook followers and catapaulted to more than a million. Sometimes its good and sometimes its bad, but change happens whether you want it to or not, and sadly now those changes are leading me away from the place that’s been my online home for most of my adult life.

Many of the people I’ve met through Metalunderground have legitimately become friends, whether its our contributors, readers, or even PR and label folks like Curtis Dewar, Tom George, and Ryan Feldman. Plenty of those friendships have gone way beyond “hey, we like the same bands” over the years. We’ve been there for each other through marriages, divorces, births, mental breakdowns, and even funerals (RIP DeathInEye, Godlike, and Tom Himself – the three of you will not be forgotten).

At this point, some of the people reading this post are more like family. I’ve given job recommendations over the phone for some of you. Regulars have emailed me asking what they can do to help our writers who were going through hard times and vice versa. When my wife and I lost our first child, there were probably more MU readers messaging me their support and condolences than anyone else – even people I’d openly argued and clashed with before. We’re metal heads. No one else understands us, so we fucking stick together.

It’s been my honor to serve the metal community and do my part to keep the scene thriving. I have no doubt the rest of the staff and the regular readers will keep things running smoothly. For my part, I’ll now be writing for Gameskinny, working on my next fiction release, and handling a few PR campaigns for metal bands I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know to over the years.

I may be leaving the site, but I’m not going to vanish from the metal community, so keep in touch. For everyone reading this, whether you’ve been around since those heady early days or just recently got on the MU train, please know you have my thanks.

All good things come to an end, and my time here is finally done. This is xFiruath, officially signing off. Farewell Metal Underground.

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