Alkaloid (Obscura) Debut New Track “As Decreed By Laws Unwritten”

Alkaloid, featuring current and former members of Obscura and more, debut another track from their new album “Liquid Anatomy“. “As Decreed By Laws Unwritten” is the latest single to land from it, which arrives in stores on May 18th via Season Of Mist. You can stream the track now over at

Explains the band’s guitarist Danny Tunker:

“This was the second song I wrote for ‘Liquid Anatomy‘. When we first started sending demos and talking about songs we felt we needed some heavier songs. We had the title track, which is a ballad, ‘Kernel Panic‘ which didn’t have a heavy section yet and another song I wrote, which was a mellotron driven prog-ballad at that point and turned into ‘In Turmoil’s Swirling Reaches‘ later.

As a result Florian wrote ‘Azagthoth‘ and I wrote ‘As Decreed By Laws Unwritten‘. Most of the song was written in one sitting in a hotel room, but after it was conceived it went through various incarnations with a full-on flamenco part and even a string section. When I completed the lyrics I chose to drop those sections in favour of the desolate atmospheric section that’s there now.

This song also marks my singing debut with Alkaloid. I’d never done any screaming or harsh vocals but since I had a clear idea of how I wanted the vocals to be I just did demoed them at home. We found out that my voice blends quite nice with Florian‘s, so for this album I’m providing backing vocals on most songs. I’m extremely happy with how this song came out. Recording the rhythm parts over Hannes‘ ultra heavy groove was one of my favourite moments in the making of this album.”

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Tetrarch Unveils “Freak” Album Details

Tetrarch is currently trekking across the states on the “Scream Out Loud” tour, hyping fans up for new full-length album “Freak.” Today, the band is thrilled to reveal confirmed details on that album, which is due hit stores on September 29th, 2017 and in the spirit of independence, pre-orders will go live on July 4th.

Check out the title track “Freak” below. Although “Freak” is not a concept album, the album title depicts themes close to lead guitarist Diamond Rowe’s heart.

“‘Freak’ is basically about embracing the weird things about yourself that other people may find bizarre,” says Rowe. “I guess you could say I’m a bit of a freak. I’m not what you would consider your typical guitar player in a metal band! Honestly, it’s great though. I like seeing the look on people’s faces when they find out how huge of a metalhead I am, and even more so when they see me on stage ripping it up with the guys. Essentially, I’m what some might consider an outcast, or a freak, and I love it and embrace it. This song and album are for the people who, like us, are willing to flaunt their individuality.”

“Recording Freak in Denver, CO with Dave Otero was honestly such a privilege,” adds Rowe. “We want to grow creatively with every release. We really tapped into a lot of different influences on this record and tried new things that we never did with some of our previous EP’s. We challenged ourselves to think outside of the box, and are extremely happy with how it came out. In some ways, this record is a lot heavier than anything we have ever done, and in other ways it’s a lot creepier and mysterious. I think there’s a little something for everyone on this record.”

1. Freak
2. Spit
3. Pull the Trigger
4. Mary
5. Oddity
6. Break the Trend
7. Please Let Me Be
8. Torn Apart

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Social Arsonist To Play Loud As Hell Festival 2017

Chilean/Canadian thrash hybrid Social Arsonist will perform at this year’s Loud As Hell festival being held from August 4th – 6th in Drumheller, AB.

Now in its sixth year, the 2017 edition of Loud As Hell features 40 bands from across Western Canada and beyond with headliners Battlecross, Black Wizard, Bison, and Canadian 80’s thrash legends Aggression. The festival also includes various vendors, tattoo artists, suspension demos, and guitar / drum clinics.

Social Arsonist comments: “Hello Western Canada and fellow socialites, Social Arsonist is pleased and extremely happy to perform for you at the one and only Loud as Hell open-air music festival in Drumheller Alberta! We are very excited to be on this bill and to share the stage with many tremendous acts and welcome you all into our family. Come join us as we break bread and show Canada how we thrash in Chile! We hit the stage on Saturday, August 5th at 3pm. Be Social, Be Loud, and Welcome To Hell!”

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George Kollias Signs With Season Of Mist To Release “Invictus”

Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of George Kollias: the exceptional Greek drum progeny and Nile sticksman will release his debut solo album “Invictus” through this label deal on May 18th (one day later in North America), 2015. Pre-sales will start next month.

George Kollias comments: “I am extremely happy to be a part of the Season of Mist family and so excited for the release of my first album! I strongly feel this is going to be a very successful and productive cooperation between me and this label with a common goal: to deliver the best music we can to all of you out there! I would like to thank everyone at Season of Mist for all their support and for helping me with the release of my first album. It means a lot to me and I will make sure to work even harder for more great music for all of you!!”

Regarding “Invictus,” the drummer also had this to say: “This solo project contains exactly what the word ‘solo’ describes: one musician writing all music and lyrics as well as performing all the instruments, while inviting some guests to join. At first I composed some songs in order to support my 2 drum DVDs, but thanks to the support and demand from all the fans out there it turned into a full album over time.

“I can honestly say, the only reason I have recorded this album is the fans asked for this to happen. I am happy that I did it and more excited than ever for the future of this project! I enjoyed recording it more than anything. I have got some great plans for my project. I want to get out there and play this album live as soon as possible too! I also had to pleasure to have some really important guests, which made this album even more special to me. I guarantee that this is only the beginning!!”

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Hate Storm Annihilation Joining Master Tour Dates

Hate Storm Annihilation has issued the following announcement about joining Master on tour:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are Happy/Sad to announce that due to some unfortunate last minute cancellation of one of the bands from the April tour WE are now the new DIRECT SUPORT for the Master North American Witchhunt tour!

“We are also extremely happy to announce that due to this lineup change our friends from Age of Ares will now be the newest addition to this tour lineup!!! VERY EXCITED TO GET ON THE ROAD WITH THESE GUYS! Happy Saturday EVERYONE!”

Age of Ares also comments: “Here it is everybody! We are proud to announce that Age of Ares will be returning from Europe on the 15th and will be flying out to New York on the 18th to join the “North American Witch Hunt Tour!!” We will be opening for the legendary Master! We want to say thank you to all those who have helped us out and given us these opportunities! Big thanks to our friends in Hate Storm Annihilation!! We wouldn’t be here without you guys! Can’t wait to tour with you guys!!”

 photo paul_zpsa6b9e9f1.jpg

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Beauty in the Suffering Working On New Singles And Full-Length Album

Beauty in the Suffering – the newly launched electro-metal sutdio project for producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist Dietrich Thrall – is officially in mixing mode for music the band plans to introduce to fans starting this fall with the release of “The Crazies.”

“The pace is quickening as we begin the jog towards fall – these are exciting times and I am extremely happy to be with you all in the here and now,” commented DieTrich.

The band is currently locked away with Skinlab guitarist Provo Provenzano at Pirated Sounds Studio located in Oklahoma City, OK mixing the first three songs which will drop this fall. The band will immediately follow up the digitally released singles by beginning production on a full-length debut album with a release date targeted for sometime in 2014.

After spending the majority of 2012 locked away in a personal studio writing, arranging, and programming 40+ songs, Dietrich began laying the foundation for a new musical manifesto. Chris Emery of American Head Charge was immediately recruited and quickly tracked 7 songs in a marathon 15 hour drum session while Angel Bartolotta contributed drums for “The Crazies.”

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FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY is pleased to announced their signing to eOne Music/Good Fight Music. Guitarist Will Putney offers his own words on the news: “We’re extremely happy to be working with eOne/GoodFight. I can remember buying Martyr A.D. and Fortheloveof CDs from Carl when I was a teenager so to have a record released […]

more metal news here:

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Axemaster Splits With Vocalist Tony Webster, Announces Replacement

Ohio’s Axemaster has posted the following announcement online about parting ways with the band’s vocalist:

“Axemaster would like to announce a change in the band’s lineup; Geoff McGraw has replaced Tony Webster as their lead vocalist. Due to personal issues Tony was unable to do any work with the project for a significant length of time and had informed the band that he was unsure as to whether he would ever be able to continue.

“After allowing some time to see if the problems could be resolved, it became clear that a change was needed in order to be able to move forward with the band in general and the new album in particular. We all wish Tony the very best for the future and hope that he finds success in whatever path he chooses.

“Enter new vocalist Geoff McGraw! Geoff has been performing and singing since he was practically old enough to walk and at a young age developed a huge appetite for all things heavy metal. He has been a member of various local original bands across the state of Ohio for many years and is very much looking forward to working with Axemaster. The band is extremely happy to have found a singer of Geoff’s quality and plan to immediately begin working with him on writing and recording the vocals for the new album.

“Also a longtime and avid guitar player, Geoff intends to attempt to double his duties within Axemaster and take on the 2nd guitar position as well. Once he finishes recording all the vocal tracks for the new album the band will seriously look into this possibility. With all the right pieces in place and having overcome many obstacles, Axemaster now looks toward a bright future of finishing the release and putting the show on the road live!”

Guitarist Joe Sims said: “From the very beginning I have been impressed with everything about Geoff. He’s a talented singer who’s voice fits PERFECTLY with what we do musically. Plus he’s an excellent songwriter, has a great attitude, and is really easy to work with. It’s the kind of unique combination you always hope to find in a singer, or any band member for that matter.”

Geoff comments: “I am honored and excited to be offered the opportunity to join Axemaster, and can’t wait to help bring the new music to the world.”

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Travis Neal Comments On Joining Dirge Within As New Vocalist

Chicago act Dirge Within announced the recruitment of new vocalist Travis Neal late last month, and now Travis has posted the following statement online about joining the band:

“Hello to all the Dirge Within fans out there and thank you for the amazingly warm welcome!! It is always a difficult situation when an established band loses they’re front man and brings in a new voice in the attempts to fill the original vocalists shoes. It can either work or not. I have a great feeling that you all will be extremely happy with the new changes in the band!! My respect to Jerms and all of his future endeavors! He is a great front man with a strong voice, I have no doubt that he will continue to move forward in his musical career.

“I am extremely happy to be a part of the DW family, I have known Shaun Glass for a long time and it is very cool to finally be able to collaborate with him in a band together! A couple weeks ago I joined Shaun along with Frankie, Jimmy and Chuck in Chicago for some amazing rehearsal sessions as well as some great times! We all have clicked extremely well and the chemistry shows! Like it was meant to be! Again, I have a great feeling that you all are gonna really dig the material that we are working on… A lot of you know of me from my work in Divine Heresy as well as other projects that I have been involved with. I know a lot of you that know of me know that I tend to keep busy and tend to keep a full plate. I have multiple ‘projects’ that are out and floating around. I am a musician and truly love to create and play music. I do a lot of studio projects with friends and other musicians out there and that is why you all will see my involvement in several projects and that is exactly what they are… ‘projects,’ nothing that will be toured to support. Just studio projects. Truth be told, I only have one band that is active (Cyanide Serenity) and now Dirge Within will be the second band that is active.

“I have always wanted to have 2 full time bands that bounced off of each other, kind of like Corey Taylor and doing his Stone sour and Slipknot. Both bands are great and both bands are on opposite ends of the spectrum as like my 2 bands. Cyanide Serenity is very technical and brutal with elements of death metal and extreme metal while Dirge Within is more commercially heavy, which is awesome! My involvement in Divine Heresy is still happening however, due to Fear Factory’s extremely busy schedule DH has become a back burner band for now. I do not know that we will do anything else anytime soon nor do I expect that we will. If anything is to come from DH, it will most likely be late 2014 mid 2015 and I do not know how much touring will be involved. I can only hope the best but it is not in my control.

“As for my future, I am focusing on Dirge Within and Cyanide Serenity. I am already working on new Dirge Within material with the band and it is coming out nicely!! I am looking forward to unleashing it on the world!! As well as a remake track off of ‘There will be blood,’ stay posted to the Dirge Within page for the info on that track and when it is going to drop as you all will get a real taste of what is to come!! With all that being said, I do hope that this clears your heads on what is going on with my projects and what you can expect from the future… I cannot wait to start playing out with DW and slaying stages across the planet!! Rest assure we will all be seeing you very soon, that’s a promise! Much love and respect to all of you.”

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Coldworker Reveals New Album "The Doomsayer’s Call" Artwork

Coldworker has checked in with the following announcement about revealing the artwork for the band’s new album:

“Today we are happy to unveil the artwork for ‘The Doomsayer’s Call.’ It’s made by the very talented Swedish artist Pär Olofsson who previously has worked with bands like Malevolent Creation, Immolation, Immortal, Exodus, Dying Fetus and many more.

“The work Pär did for us followed our strict instructions and perhaps not his usual style, but we are all extremely happy with the result.

“And here you have it – the cover for ‘The Doomsayer’s Call.’ Exact release date and the first taste of the album is coming soon…

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