Death Metal Group ABHORRENT DECIMATION Drops New Album July 28, 2017

UK-based extreme death metal group ABHORRENT DECIMATION will release their upcoming dynamic, cutting edge modern death metal album, The Pardoner, this Friday, July 28, 2017 via Prosthetic Records. Pre-orders are available now via Conceptually, the album is an in-depth exploration into “The Pardoner“, English poet Geoffrey Chaucer’s most depraved and deceitful character from The […]

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Death Metal Group ABHORRENT DECIMATION Drops New Album July 28, 2017

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Album Drop: The Pardoner, on July 28, by Abhorrent Decimation

UK-based extreme death metal group ABHORRENT DECIMATION will release their upcoming dynamic, cutting edge modern death metal album, The Pardoner, on July 28, 2017via Prosthetic Records. Pre-orders are available now via Following up to the release of the music video for “Conspire“, ABHORRENT DECIMATION just dropped their new track, “Granted Indulgence” via lyric video. Watch here: Conceptually, the new album is […]

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Album Drop: The Pardoner, on July 28, by Abhorrent Decimation

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New Album Preview Issued By Abhorrent Decimation

London-based extreme death metal act Abhorrent Decimation issued a preview clip for the upcoming new album “The Pardoner,” which is out worldwide on July 28th, 2017 via Prosthetic Records.

The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Soothsayer
2. Heretic Sacrifice
3. Votive Offerings
4. Granted Indulgence
5. Black Candle Gathering
6. Conspire
7. A Glass Coffin Burial
8. The Scythe in the Dark
9. Host
10. The Pardoner

Check out the preview here:

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Video Clip For New Song “Blood For The Sun God” Issued By Enragement

Finnish extreme death metal band Enragement signed with Inverse Records for the release of the second album named “Burned, Barren, Bloodstained” on June 9th.

Check out the music video for the first single “Blood for the Sun God” in the player below. It is an excellent foretaste of what is to come.

Since the debut full-length “Omnimalevolence of Man” was released in 2014, Enragement has taken ever further leaps into the darkness. Honing skills, technique and atmosphere, and above all, their myriad visions of evil, the band’s new opus “Burned, Barren, Bloodstained” paints the bands most abysmal portrait of man to date.

Enragement presents a unique blend of three equal-footed growlers adding twisted nuances into the sea of brutality, to seamlessly highlight each step of the disgusting stories presented. No sound, no idea is beyond Enragement’s quest to create the ultimate song to capture the human condition at its darkest. This is extreme death metal, this is Enragement!

The track list for the album is:

1. River of Corpses
2. Dead Flesh Treasury
3. Raining Bodyparts
4. Mass of a Thousand Suns
5. Divine Catatonia
6. Ashen Unity
7. As the Acid Burns
8. To Become Earth
9. Blood for the Sun God
10. Armed Redeemer
11. Smite the Impure

Check out “Blood for the Sun God” here:

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New Lyric Video For “In The Wake Of The Butcher” Issued By Dead Conspiracy

Northwest extreme death metal horde Dead Conspiracy has released a lyric video for the song “In the Wake of the Butcher,” a track from the band’s 2016 self-titled album. Check it out in the player below. “Dead Conspiracy” can be purchased at this location.

The band credited with being Portland’s first-ever death metal act released its long-anticipated first full-length LP of new material in November. “Dead Conspiracy” is available on CD, vinyl and digital formats through Necromantic Press Records. Exile Music will release the album on cassette. CDs featuring the 1987 demo and a cover track recorded for Tribute To Headhunter Death Cult are offered in Brazil by Funeral Rites Records.

The follow-up to the band’s critically-acclaimed 2014 “Abomination Underground,” the self-titled album is an utterly destructive, dark, depraved, and disgustingly satisfying piece of death metal that fans of Death, Gruesome, Sodom, Massacre and all the old gods will surely appreciate. This is beyond old school – this is fucking original!

Check out the clip here:

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New Video Clip “Paralyzed With Terror” Issued By Dead Conspiracy

Northwest extreme death metal act Dead Conspiracy has premiered a new music video for the song “Paralyzed with Terror.” You can check it out at Decibel Magazine’s site at this location or simply check it out in the player below.

Taken from the band’s self-titled album, the video is a cinematic mindfuck of epic proportions. Videography for “Paralyzed with Terror” was by from Colin Longknife and Adrian Mejia, with editing by Mike Lastra and Eric A. at Smegma Studios. Production duties were handled by Dead Conspiracy.

Check out the clip here:

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Coma Cluster Void Streams Full “Mind Cemeteries” Album

Dissonant extreme death metal unit Coma Cluster Void just released new full-length album “Mind Cemeteries” on August 26th and now the full release has come online for streaming. Listen in below.

1. Prologue: I Am
2. Iron Empress (streaming here)
3. Drowning Into Sorrow
4. Path Of Lies
5. Mind Cemeteries
6. Interlude: I See Through Your Pain
7. The Hollow Gaze
8. Everything Is Meant To Kill Us
9. Petrified Tears
10. All Bitter Endings
11. Epilogue: As I Walk Amongst The Sick

Mind Cemeteries by Coma Cluster Void

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Banisher Recruits New Bassist Michal Bartosik

Polish extreme death metal band Banisher, which just wrapped up the recording of a new album, today announces the official recruitment of Michal Bartosik as the band’s permanent bass player. That makes the current lineup as follows:

Szczepan Inglot – vocals
Jacek Gut – drums
Hubert Wiecek – guitars
Michal Bartosik – bass

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Morbid Angel Streaming Tim Yeung’s Katowice Drum-Cam Clip

Drum-cam footage of Morbid Angel’s Tim Yeung performing the song “Blood On My Hands” with his bandmates on November 23 at MegaClub in Katowice, Poland can be seen below.

Now based in Los Angeles, Yeung has performed and worked with such national acts as All That Remains, Nile, Vital Remeians and Decrepit Birth. His straddling of the extreme and mainstream is perhaps best reflected in his work with his band Divine Heresy, whose music features elements of extreme death metal as well as more mainstream genres.

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Annihilated Releases New Album “XIII Steps To Ruination”

The extreme death metal architects from Annihilated drop the audio devastation that is the “XIII Steps To Ruination” debut upon North American shores today via Unique Leader Records.

Produced by Annihilated drummer Scott Fuller, also of Abysmal Dawn, the record hurls forth eleven mutinous, methodically-composed psalms of hate and hostility fueled by political/corporate disgust and societal revulsion.

As an added bonus of brutality, “XIII Steps To Ruination” features guest appearances by Sven De Caluwe (Aborted), Monte Pittman (Prong), Peter Truax (Vesterian, Eyes Of Fire) and Eric Stobel (Plaguereaper, P.O.R.).

Check out the new track “Global Enslavement” in the player provided below courtesy of Ghost Cult Mag.

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