The Great Old Ones Streaming New Track “Mare Infinitum”

The Great Old Ones is now streaming a new track taken from upcoming album “EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy.” Grim, surreal, and haunting, the track titled “Mare Infinitum” can be heard below.

A truly grim journey of cold, gruesome pitch-black metal steeped in nightmarish Lovecraftian lore, “EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy” will be released via Season of Mist worldwide on January 27th, 2017.

Regarding “Mare Infinitum,” the band comments: “We are proud to present the new track taken from our new album. It is full of melancholy, but also of transcendence. The song pays tribute to the infinite depth of the sea – an essential plot device within Lovecraft’s mythology. For those, who want to keep the surprise element about this tragic trip to Innsmouth, we will give no further explanation or spoiler about our story. Like with any book, you will have to experience it for yourself.”

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Bl’ast! To Re-Issue “The Power Of Expression” Album

Following announcements over recent months proclaiming the release of “Blood!” – the newly released but vintage recordings from iconic ’80s Santa Cruz surf/skate/hardcore act, Bl’ast! – the band has now announced Southern Lord will continue the new saga of Bl’ast! with the mid-March release of “The Expression Of Power.”

Flashing back to the mid-’80s, the band recorded its debut several times before finally emerging from the studio with “The Power of Expression.” The new issue of the LP will feature, for the first time ever, an alternate version (the Track Sessions) of the album, all fully remastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

On March 18th Southern Lord will make “The Expression Of Power” available on CD and 3xLP including a twenty-eight page booklet with tons of Bl’ast! photos from the mid-’80s. The band has also confirmed several new stateside live actions. Details are as follows:

2/18/2014 The Chapel – San Francisco, CA
4/18/2014 The Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA
6/21/2014 Hellfest – Clisson, France

“The Expression Of Power” track listing is as follows:

01. Time To Think
02. Surf And Destroy
03. Fuckin’ With My Head
04. E.I.B.
05. Our Explanation
06. The Future
07. Something Beyond
08. Break It Down
09. Time Waits (For No One)
10. I Don’t Need II
11. It’s Alive
12. Look Into Myself
13. Nightmare

-Track Sessions-
14. Time To Think
15. Surf & Destroy
16. Fuckin’ With My Head
17. E.I.B.
18. Our Explanation
19. The Future
20. Break It Down
21. Time Waits (For No One)
22. I Dont Need II
23. It’s Alive
24. Scream For Tomorrow
25. Nightmare

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Sunn O))) Cancels Australian/New Zealand Tour Dates

Sunn O))) has issued the following announcement about canceling the band’s upcoming shows in Australia and New Zealand:

“Sunn O))) regretfully must pull out of the proposed Australian dates this October, and cancel the New Zealand concerts. Japan dates this autumn are confirmed and will happen regardless of the above.

“We apologize to our great and loyal fans in Australia and New Zealand. We have had 2 amazing tours of Australia in the past and were looking forward to going back for a third. We have never had the chance to travel to New Zealand to date, and it pains us to cancel those concerts, but alas the travel is tied together and we can not afford to do NZ alone at this time.

“This is the first time in the history of the band where we have had to cancel a tour. Here is the explanation behind our decision. Our friends in the band Pelican are facing the same situation as outlined below.

“We want to say that the New Zealand promoter Gareth Craze / RW was a stand up guy and did his best to accommodate us on all levels.

“The Australian promoter Robert Macmanus/Heathenskulls has shown complete inconsideration towards the basic requirements of our agreement together; in regards to preproduction, planning and structure of business at a professionally unreliable level. SUNN O))) and our agent have done all we can to make this agreement work, including giving three extensions on the proposed deadlines over the last 4 months. We arrive at the point of a third (final) missed deadline where the choice becomes related to dignity and self-respect toward ourselves as artists.

“Simply: we cannot proceed in that manner. SUNN O))) is a difficult band to tour, and the way it does work is through accuracy in planning and the structure of the tour. The way things have proceeded with Robert Macmanus/Heathenskulls has eroded trust we need to have in order to fly across the planet.

“We have done several hundred concerts of all types, door deal tours in Australia, huge festivals with amazing conditions, museums, medieval cathedrals with impossible production, and a lot in between. With all kinds of conditions and promoters. Through this we have learned to identify signs and to proceed carefully and progressively more than ever. We have been fortunate. However, the fragility of the group demands a level of trust and expectation to what we plan. It can’t work any other way.

“These concerts were not officially acknowledged or announced by the band at any point, and Robert Macmanus/Heathenskulls prematurely put tickets on sale without our agreement. However, fans are entitled a full refund for tickets at the point of purchase.

“We will try to reschedule our Australian and NZ (with Gareth Craze / RW ) actions as soon as possible. Thank you for the support and understanding. And once again we apologize to any fans who may be let down by this. Believe us, we are as well.”

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Stabbingback Issues Update On Live Activity And New Releases

Seattle’s Stabbingback has checked in with the following update about the band’s activity and working on new material:

“What’s up everyone….Welcome back to the War. Well then, have we had a monumental year of decisions and change. First things first, we truly apologize for the lack of updates to the site. After the explanation, we hope you’ll understand why. To ensure all questions are answered clearly, we will lay it out in Bullet points.

“Has the band broken up? No, but we are currently not performing either. The band spent some serious time playing gigs and learned one thing. Without new product or a new audience, you will lose money. This may seem like an obvious statement, but when your always being offered gigs, its very hard to say no when you enjoy playing live so much. So we have shut down to embark on a different kind of journey, in recording.

“Is there anything major to know about new material? We intend on having guests on alot of the new material. Musicians and poets whom will be revealed as the songs get released.

“When will the new album be out? The new album has taken a whole new role in its own existence. Instead of ‘Redeemer’ the first album, it will be the first of a project known as ‘Project Redeemer.’ Its a 4 album endeavor which includes rerecording the first currently available for download on itunes, cdbaby, etc. and keeping absolution as it stands now. The 4 albums in sequential order will be…

Project Redeemer: The Voice
Project Redeemer: Visions of Clarity
Project Redeemer: Westward Resolve
Project Redeemer: Absolution

“The band has taken on a very unique recording pattern to ensure you, the fan, will always have something to look forward to. Here is how the recording schedule will roll… Recording schedule:

-Rerecord Song from ‘The Voice’
-Record Song from ‘Visions of Clarity’
-Record Song from ‘Westward Resolve’
-Post a song from ‘Absolution’
-Record stand alone tune for sale from a whole different album entirely called ‘Turn of Events’ (Caught you off guard with that one didn’t we)

“The part that is really cool for you, the fan, is we will be posting the songs as we complete them, mastered and all. The only one we intend on actually selling at this point is “Turn of events”, which will be posted as well, just for sale. This means you buy 1 song, you get 4. We could be wrong, but it sounds like a good deal to us. We just ask you tell everyone you know to be our friend on facebook and/or sign up for the newsletter on our website, so we can let you know when new songs become available.

“That’s it guys, that’s how we intend on meeting our high goals and keep you, ours fans, our friends, our family, a part of this project. Thanks for sticking with us through thick and thin. To those of you who have been fans for years and to those of you who finally found us. Thank you for your loyalty and honor. There are good things coming. Talk to you soon.”

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