Inverted Serenity Posts “As Spectres Wither” Album Trailer

Winnipeg, Manitoba-based death metal outfit Inverted Serenity is proud to announce deatils on upcoming third full-length album “As Spectres Wither,” set for release on Friday, October 6th. Inverted Serenity had this to say:

“For us, this album represents a great leap forward both in terms of production quality and song writing. We were more familiar with the process of writing and recording this time around and that experience went a long way in making this album better sonically and musically.

“With that said, we don’t really have a consistent formula for writing songs nor do we really limit ourselves to a specific genre or style. This translates into a varied album that pulls a little something from our diverse influences. It’s eclectic but cohesive, at least we hope so!”

1. Dead Dialectics
2. Mitral Genesis
3. We Who Wander
4. Cornerstones
5. Paragon
6. Mechanical Gods
7. Grave
8. Lunar Cradle
9. Mountains of Stoke (Hidden Track)

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