Details Of Long Awaited Debut LP “Goddamn The Sun” Posted By Disharmony

Today, Iron Bonehead Productions sets March 3rd as the international release date for the LONG-awaited debut album of Greece’s Disharmony, “Goddamn the Sun.”

Disharmony are an often-overlooked entry in the history of Greek black metal. Formed in 1991, but broken up by ’95, the band would record three demos and a cult EP on the legendary Molon Lave label. Although Disharmony’s sound early on slotted well into the classic Hellenic BM paradigm – militant pulse, mystical atmosphere, deep roots in traditional metal – the band largely took a more unorthodox approach, touching upon Beheritian weirdness and ritualistic soundscaping, but always with a thoroughly occult aura. Longtime fans of the band, Iron Bonehead collected Disharmony’s old discography together under the title Vade Retro Satana and released it on CD and double-LP formats in 2016, reintroducing the band to old fans as well as younger generations.

But, now 2017 dawns and Disharmony has been resurrected, and the long-promised debut album will finally arrive. Immediately, it is clear that this is a work of ancient Hellenic darkness; those immediately recognizable fundamentals are firmly in place, and it is literally like a blast from the past – specifically for pioneering Greek black metal, the watershed year of 1993. And yet, so many years and a couple decades later, there is a new and strikingly refreshing sense of refinement to Disharmony on “Goddamn the Sun.” Long gone the unorthodox accoutrements may be, but what takes their stead is a stout ‘n’ surging iteration of Hellenic classicism, triumphant and otherworldly in equal measure, and still emitting a sulfurous sensation of aeons-old occultism.

Even the cover art to “Goddamn the Sun” itself (shown below) suggests an eldritch era, sometimes forgotten but never fully dead. And finally, seemingly a lifetime in the making, Disharmony have stepped forward to ascend the throne of this rich, timeless pantheon. The first step can be taken at Iron Bonehead’s Soundcloud with the track “Elochim,” which you can enjoy in the player below.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Invocation – Troops Of Angels
2. The Gates Of Elthon
3. Elochim
4. Summon The Legions
5. War In Heaven
6. Rape The Sun
7. Praise The Fallen
8. Whore Of Babylon
9. The Voice Divine
10. Third Resurrection

Check out “Elochim” here:

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