Power Trip Releases “Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe)” Video

Texas’ Power Trip just released an official video for “Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe)” as the band continues to tour the planet in support of the “Nightmare Logic” LP, currently torching the West Coast of North America and heading to Europe next.

Power Trip’s new video for “Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe)” was captured at a spirited hometown show in Dallas and melts with clips of political propaganda encompassing vocalist Riley Gale’s lyrics that hone in on the devaluation of human life by those who’ve gained power through money and politics.

The video was directed by Andy Capper (Vice, Noisey) with director of photography Joel Pront, and editor Andrew Betsch. A full list of upcoming tour dates can be found after the video clip.

3/28/2017 Marquis Theater – Denver, CO w/ Destruction Unit, Call Of The Void, Primal Rite
3/29/2017 Beehive Social Club – Salt Lake City, UT w/ Destruction Unit, Primal Rite
3/30/2017 WavePOP House – Boise, ID w/ Destruction Unit, Primal Rite
3/31/2017 Real Art Tacoma-The Deal – Tacoma, WA w/ Destruction Unit, Primal Rite. Gag
4/01/2017 Astoria – Vancouver, BC w/ Destruction Unit, Primal Rite, Gag
4/02/2017 Analog Theater – Portland, OR w/ Destruction Unit, Gag
4/04/2017 Arlene Francis Center – Santa Rosa, CA w/ Destruction Unit, Mizery
4/05/2017 Thee Stylehouse – Stockton, CA w/ Mizery
4/06/2017 The New Parish – Oakland, CA w/ Destruction Unit, Primal Rite, Mizery
4/07/2017 The Ritz – San Jose, CA w/ Destruction Unit, Mizery,
4/08/2017 Teragram Ballroom – Los Angeles, CA w/ Destruction Unit, Mizery
4/09/2017 Constellation Room – Santa Ana, CA w/ Destruction Unit, Mizery
4/10/2017 The Casbah – San Diego, CA w/ Destruction Unit, Mizery
4/11/2017 Rebel Lounge – Phoenix, AS w/ Destruction Unit, Mizery, Gatecreeper
4/12/2017 Club Congress – Tucson, AZ w/ Destruction Unit, Mizery, Gatecreeper
4/25/2017 Amager Bio – Copenhagen, DK w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
4/26/2017 Pustervik – Gothenburg, SE w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
4/27/2017 Kraken STHLM – Stockholm, SE w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
4/28/2017 Roxy – Flensburg, DE w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
4/29/2017 Flensburg – Magdeburg, DE w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
4/30/2017 Patronaat – Haarlem, NL w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/01/2017 Underground – Koln, DE w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/02/2017 SO36 – Berlin, DE w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/04/2017 Kwadrat Club – Krakow, PL w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/05/2017 Klub Fléda – Brno, CZ w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/07/2017 Garage – Saarbrücken, DE w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/09/2017 O2 Institute – Birmingham, UK w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/10/2017 Classic Grand – Glasgow, UK w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/11/2017 Rebellion – Manchester, UK w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/12/2017 The Electric Ballroom – London, UK w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/13/2017 Le Glazart – Paris, FR w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/14/2017 Zappa – Antwerpen, BE w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/16/2017 Espace André Malraux – Six Fours Les Plages, FR w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/17/2017 L’Usine – Geneva, CH w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/18/207 Zona Roveri – Bologna, IT w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/19/2017 NCO Club – Karlsruhe, DE w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/20/2017 Backstage – München, DE w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria
5/21/2017 Effenaar – Eindhoven, NL w/ Napalm Death, Brujeria

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Nervochaos Posts “Ritualist” Music Video

Brazilian death metal outfit Nervochaos is set to release seventh studio album “Nyctophilia” on April 7th via Cogumelo (in Brazil), Greyhaze (in U.S.) and distributed by Plastic Head (in Europe). Today the band has unleashed a 360° video for the song “Ritualistic” – check it out below.

“Nyctophilia” is an eclectic mix of all that characterizes the band, 13 new tracks of 80s-fueled blackened extreme music, executed in Nerchoas’ trademark style: raw, aggressive, and organic metal.

1. Moloch Rise (check out the lyric video)
2. Ritualistic
3. Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam (streaming here)
4. Season of the Witch
5. Waters of Chaos
6. The Midnight Hunter
7. Rites of the 13 Cemeteries
8. Vampiric Cannibal Goddess
9. Stained With Blood
10. Lord Death
11. Dead End
12. World Aborted
13. Live Like Suicid

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Meshiaak To Support Metal Church In Europe

Heavy metal titans Metal Church recently announced a string of European tour dates for this summer in celebration of latest studio album “XI,” which was released last year via Nuclear Blast. Australian group Meshiaak has been announced as direct support act on this trek.

Guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof from Metal Church comments: “The Metal Church fans over there have always welcomed us with open arms and their passion and love for heavy metal music is second to none!”

Meshiaal added: “We are extremely excited to be making our debut tour through Europe with the mighty Metal Church. We couldn’t be happier about starting our journey in Europe and we can’t wait to finally play our new songs live.”

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A Hero For The World Announces New Album “West To East Part 1 – Frontier Vigilante”

International melodic crew A Hero For The World announced today that a new album called “West To East Part 1 – Frontier Vigilante” is to be released this summer. This is the second all-original, full-length album from the band, and the first in 4 years.

In the years since the previous debut album, A Hero For The World has released a full-length Christmas album (“Winter Is Coming – A Holiday Rock Opera”) in addition to several EPs and singles.

After surviving a 7.2 earthquake and the super typhoon Yolanda in October & November 2013 that struck the Philippine islands, Jacob and Louie departed to the USA, where several songs where written in Nashville, and then they eventually settled in Europe by the Mediterranean. Jacob would during those years come to write over 100 songs that have yet to be recorded.

“West To East” is an adventure concept; a trilogy album series, with the first album having both the story and the music influenced by the Wild West legends and movies. The second part (hopefully out in 2018) continues the journey to the East, and in the third part the hero goes beyond this Earth and eventually out into the galaxy. The “hero” remains unnamed.

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Video Clip For New Song “Sign Of Life” Issued By MindMaze

U.S. progressive power metal band MindMaze issued a video clip for the new song “Sign of Life,” the first single from the forthcoming new “Resolve.” The album drops on April 28th in Europe and North America via Inner Wound Recordings.

The track listing for “Resolve” is:

1. Reverie (Instrumental)
2. Fight the Future
3. In This Void (Instrumental)
4. Drown Me
5. Sign of Life
6. Abandon
7. Sanity’s Collapse (Instrumental)
8. One More Moment
9. Twisted Dream
10. True Reflection
11. Shattered Self
12. Release
13. The Path to Perseverance

Check out “Sign of Life” here:

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Lyric Video For New Song “20 Second Century” Issued By Pyramaze

Denmark based power/progressive metal act Pyramaze released the first full track from the upcoming, and highly anticipated new album “Contingent.” Check out the lyric video for new song “20 Second Century” in the player below. “Contingent” drops on April 28th in Europe and North America via Inner Wound Recordings.

The track list and album artwork can be found below:

1. Land Of Information
2. Kingdom Of Solace
3. Star Men
4. A World Divided
5. Nemesis
6. Contingent – Part I: The Campaign
7. 20 Second Century
8. Obsession
9. Heir Apparent
10. Contingent – Part II: The Hammer of Remnant
11. Under Restraint
12. The Tides That Won’t Change
13. Symphony of Tears

Check out “20 Second Century” here:

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Woe Streaming Full New “Hope Attrition” Album

In less than two weeks, U.S. black metal collective Woe will unveil the “Hope Attrition” full-length album via Vendetta Records (read our full review here).

Featuring Chris Grigg alongside longtime contributing bassist Grzesiek Czapla, guitarist Matt Mewton, and drummer Lev Weinstein, “Hope Attrition” is a dark, mournful work that draws from Woe’s black metal influences while pulling out dormant death metal undertones, bolstered by the crushing production of renowned engineer Stephen DeAcutis.

In advance of its release, Noisey is currently streaming the record in full – listen in at this location. “Hope Attrition” will see release this coming March 17th on CD, vinyl, cassette, and digital formats.

Woe will bring these warring odes to Europe with German black metal unit Ultha for a stretch of festival dates including an appearance at Roadburn on April 22nd, with future onstage assaults both Stateside and abroad in the plotting stages.

4/13/2017 Het Bos – Antwerpen, BE
4/14/2017 Hamburg Is Droneburg Festival @ Hafenklang – Hamburg, DE
4/15/2017 Vendetta Fest @ Tiefgrund – Berlin, DE
4/16/2017 Conspiracy Of The Damned Festival @ Baroeg – Rotterdam, NL
4/17/2017 Nexus – Braunschweig, DE
4/18/2017 Club Famu – Prag, CZ
4/19/2017 Escape – Vienna, AU
4/20/2017 Doom Over Leipzig Festival @ UT Connewitz – Leipzig, DE
4/21/2017 Dudefest Festival @ Jubez – Karlsruhe, DE
4/22/2017 Roadburn Festival @ O13 – Tilburg, NL

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Edenbridge Comments On “The Great Momentum” Chart Positions

New album “The Great Momentum” by Austrian symphonic metal act Edenbridge has entered the charts in Europe. In Germany the release entered official album charts at #82 and the MediaMarkt/Saturn Charts at #39.

For the first time the band has entered charts in Switzerland, the UK and the USA. “The Great Momentum” landed on the official Swiss album charts at #80, the English Indie Charts at #85 and the official US Billboard Hard Music Charts at #180.

Mastermind Lanvall says: “It is fantastic that we hit the charts in 4 of the most important markets of the world. The machine Edenbridge/SPV is running! A big thanks to our label Steamhammer/SPV, the promo companies, the distribution partners, the magazines, radios, TV stations and at first hand of course our loyal fans world wide to make that happen!”

Latst album “The Great Momentum” was released on February 17th, 2017 through SPV/Steamhammer as 2CD digi (bonus CD with instrumental versions), 2LP gatefold (golden vinyl), Boxset (only Europe – incl. 2CD digi, 2LP, poster, sticker, button, patch, mousepad, handsigned photocard), download and stream.

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Ides Of Gemini Unveils New Album “Women”

Where would heavy music be without singular visions and the lure of the willfully perverse? Formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2010, Ides Of Gemini has built a formidable and enigmatic reputation by stoutly refusing to conform to anyone else’s idea of what lurks in the shadows.

“We get lumped in with a lot of metal bands, I guess for obvious reasons,” says guitarist and songwriter Jason Bennett. “There are some metal songs on the new album, but it’s really not a metal record. And we’re not exactly a goth band, either. So I don’t know what to call what we do. Is it heavy? Yes. Is it metal? Not exactly. I guess you could say it’s a mystery…”

Produced by the inimitable Sanford Parker, new album “Women” also features guest appearances from Tara Connelly of Clay Rendering (on “Queen Of New Orleans”) and bewitching singer-songwriter Emma Ruth Rundle (on “She Has A Secret”). A

“Why ‘Women?’ The short answer is that all the songs are about women!” Bennett laughs. “The way we work is that I title all the songs and Sera writes all the lyrics, and I give her an idea of what inspired each title for me. She can either take my idea and use it or totally discard it and come up with her own concept for it. Some of these women are mythological figures, some are historical figures, some are obscure actresses, and some are people we just made up. But every song is about a woman, so the title seemed obvious.”

“We want to tour as much as possible,” Bennett avows. “There are a lot of places we haven’t been yet and a lot of places we haven’t been to in a while. We never finished the tour when Kelly got injured, so we haven’t done a full national tour since 2013 when we went out with Ghost. And we haven’t been to Europe since 2012, so it’s been a while. We can’t wait to get started.”

1. Mother Kiev
2. The Rose
3. The Dancer
4. Raft of Medusa
5. Heroine’s Descent
6. Swan Diver
7. The Last Siren
8. Zohra
9. She Has a Secret
10. Queen of New Orleans

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Six Feet Under welcomes Jack Owen (ex-Cannibal Corpse) as second guitarist

– February 28th, 2017 –

Issues band update

Last week, Six Feet Under released their 12th studio album, Torment, to critical acclaim. As a new leap in intensity, Torment gives fans plenty of classic Six Feet Under groove, with a much more aggressive approach and blast beats throughout. This is a cantankerous Six Feet Under with absolutely nothing to prove. This is Six Feet Under at their most deadly.

With the release of their new album, the band also welcomes Jack Owen (ex-Cannibal Corpse) to their ranks, as the second guitarist. Front-man Chris Barnes comments:
“Hello, hello! First of all, I would like to thank all the fans that pre-ordered and purchased our new album ‘Torment‘, and everyone that is enjoying our new work! Thank you very much! Much appreciated!!
And now, without further ado, it is with great pleasure that I announce and introduce to you our new second guitarist, Jack Owen.
As you all know, Jack and I started off together helping form one of the greatest Death Metal bands of all time. Jack and I began talking a few months ago, after his departure from his previous band about joining forces.
From my side of things, it’s going to be amazing to work with Jack again!! We had some intense adventures, to say the least hahaha…and it’s gonna be killer to step on stage with Jack for the first time in over 22 years!!
Jack will be joining SFU for the entire cycle of touring for the new album and beyond!
As you can imagine Six Feet Under is planning a very exciting live set list for you all to freak out over!!!
More info and tour dates coming soon!
Hang on to your skeleton!!

Jack Owen adds: “I’m super excited to work with my metal brother Chris Barnes and the mighty Six Feet Under! We’ve been talking about writing original material for years, and I hope it gets to that point. It would be amazing. For now, I’m looking forward to touring our asses off. I miss Europe, Canada, South America – hell, I just miss touring! It will be an honor jamming with Chris and his current SFU lineup of talented musicians…and performing with Chris will be like reliving our youth. I can’t wait to see all the SFU and old school Cannibal Corpse fans across the globe!”

For a preview of Torment, a band play-through for the new track, “Schizomaniac” – by Jeff Hughell and Marco Pitruzzella – can be viewed at: metalblade.com/sixfeetunder – where the first single, “Sacrificial Kill”, can be streamed, and Torment can also be purchased in the following formats:
–180g black vinyl
–cannabis-green vinyl (limited to 420 copies – EU exclusive)
–clear/black-marbled vinyl (limited to 300 copies – EU exclusive)
–red/orange vinyl (limited to 200 copies – EMP exclusive)
–white vinyl (limited to 200 copies – USA exclusive)
*exclusive USA bundles with a shirt, flag, bite kit, and sign, plus digital options are also available! European fans can purchase an exclusive hoodie and digipak.

For another preview of Torment, the previously released single, “The Separation of Flesh from Bone”, can be heard at: youtube.com/watch?v=546BI9k_s-8. A guitar and bass play-through video for “Exploratory Homicide” (by Jeff Hughell) can be viewed at: youtube.com/watch?v=y6mGjqDwIXI

Torment was brought to life by Chris Barnes with bassist/guitarist Jeff Hughell (Brain Drill) shouldering the load of writing the music, along with heralded drummer Marco Pitruzzella (Brain Drill, Anomalous, Sleep Terror). The combination of Barnes’ multi-decade death metal experience and the speed and precision of Hughell and Pitruzzella’s relative youth go a long way to cementing this as a solid foundation for high level death metal. Chris Barnes elaborates: “I’ve been lucky to have a lot of standout albums in my career. That’s only because I’ve had a great many talented writing partners and musicians to collaborate with. Our new album, ‘Torment‘, to me, is one of those albums. Jeff Hughell has provided the flammable material for me to write some explosive lyrics and vocal parts to. I know people always say, ‘this is my best album ever’, and I won’t say that, because everyone has their own favorites, but I do enjoy creating new music, and I feel as though with this one we expressed concisely and to the fullest the duality of our music.”

Six Feet Under online:

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