Visions Of Atlantis Streaming Album Preview For “The Deep & The Dark”

Symphonic metal outfit Visions Of Atlantis once more set sail to oceanic myths and the eternal dream of the sunken continent: Titled ‘The Deep & The Dark’ and set for a release on February 16th 2018 on Napalm Records, with their upcoming seventh studio album Visions Of Atlantis showcase all musical facettes of the genre with a classic symphonic metal album! Even label mate Thomas Youngblood of Kamelot describes this new record as “a game changer for the band. Very impressive!”

As an exciting Christmas gift and to shorten your wait for the band’s new album, Visions Of Atlantis now offer a first appetizer and just unveiled a sneak preview of ‘The Deep & The Dark’ streaming below:

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Date For Debut EP “The Beast Unburdened By Flesh” Issued By Grave Spirit

Today, Iron Bonehead Productions sets January 12, 2018 as the international release date for Grave Spirit’s striking debut EP, “The Beast Unburdened by Flesh,” on 7″ EP format.

Grave Spirit was spawned in the earliest days of 2017, born from the mind of BW and slowly put together during the early months of the year. After the writing was underway and early recording of the guitar work began in earnest, ES was recruited on drums, and TG joined the project on bass. “The Beast Unburdened By Flesh” was summoned in the summer of the same year as Grave Spirit’s creation, and now comes to horrify the world with tales of the mythical, both living and undead. Its primary foundation is the eternal fire of black witching metal, but here suffused with the ghastliness and dread of eldritch death metal. Its powers are simple yet profound, and between these two tracks, Grave Spirit mark a more-than-promising start to terrorizing souls worldwide.

The artwork and track listing are as follows:

Side A: Absorbing Essence from Underneath
Side B: The Beast Unburdened by Flesh

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Sliptrick Records Inks Deal With Eternal Silence For New Album

Italian symphonic metal act Eternal Silence signed on with Sliptrick Records for the release of the upcoming new album “Mastermind Tyranny.”

Eternal Silence combines elements of heavy and power metal, such as strong guitar riffs and a thunderous rhythmic section mixed with elements taken from symphonic music, such as massive orchestrations and choirs, plus the addition of some electronic instruments. To complete the sound, Eternal Silence have two lead vocalists, Marika Vanni and the guitarist Alberto Cassina, who alternate and entwine their vocal parts.

“Mastermind Tyranny” is the band’s third studio album following “Raw Poetry” in 2013 and “Chasing Chimera” in 2015. The new album expands upon the group already original style with more evolved and refined musical compositions.

More information is expected soon.

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ARCH ENEMY announce press conference at WACKEN OPEN AIR

ARCH ENEMY announce press conference at WACKEN OPEN AIR ARCH ENEMY will unveil their largest stage production to date at their performance at WACKEN OPEN AIR on Saturday, August 6th at around midnight, making this performance the pinnacle of a highly successful album campaign in support of War Eternal. It all began in March of 2014 when the band announced new vocalist Alissa White-Gluz as well as the video for the album title track, “War Eternal”. This debut […]

more metal news here:
ARCH ENEMY announce press conference at WACKEN OPEN AIR

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Hideous Divinity Posts New Song “Sub Specie Aeternitatis”

With the release of “Adveniens,” the new long player from Italian death metal legion Hideous Divinity, drawing closer to release, today the “Sub Specie Aeternitatis” track is offered for public consumption.

Elaborates guitarist Enrico Schettino of the track: “Sometimes when you write music, or when you listen to music, you’re blessed with a feeling that may last just a couple of seconds. The feeling that Baruch Spinoza would have called a view from the perspective of the eternal, in Latin is ‘Sub Specie Aeternitatis.’

“It’s like our Angelus Novus, becoming one with God and experiencing the truth of what’s first for nature. The nature speaks to the poet, and the poet becomes historian. Here’s an ode to the poet, to the world, and its fumy remains. Here’s another violent reflection on art, using the only language Hideous Divinity knows.”

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Dødsritual To Release “Under Sort Sol” Album

Norway’s Dødsritual and new offering “Under Sort Sol” is radical, twisted, vicious, and progressive. Filled with all manner of haunted, unexpected melodies, harbored over ten tracks and 46+ minutes, the album will drop April 25th, with pre-orders now online here.

1. Under Sort Sol
2. Lost in the Remains
3. Dømt til å leve
4. Alt Lys er Slukket
5. Venomtongue
6. A Glorious Past
7. The Eternal Return
8. The Visitor
9. Oh Nemesis
10. Dark Hole

Under Sort Sol by Dødsritual

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Lyric Video For New Song “We Are Eternal” Available From Orodxe

Quebec black metal scourge Ordoxe is set to release the new album “Towards Eternity” on March 31 via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Today, the band released a lyric video for new song “We Are Eternal,” which you can check out in the player below. Pre-orders for “Towards Eternity” can be made at this location.

Formed in 1989, Ordoxe performs melodic black metal with elements of thrash, death and doom metal. “Towards Eternity” is the fourth album in the catalog and delivers a fierce, judicious mix of dark arts, bliss, grim moods and evil ambiences.

The track listing for the album is:

1. We Are Eternal
2. The Auspicious One
3. Trépas I
4. Your Sorrow, My Sorrow
5. Sword Of Damocles
6. Soyez Illuminés
7. A Passage In Time
8. Trépas II
9. The Essence Of Life
10. Trépas III

Check out “We Are Eternal” here:

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Eternal Rest Posts “Extinguished” Video Single

Truth Inc. Records and Eternal Rest are pleased to introduce the first song and video clip “Extinguished” from the band’s crushing new album “A Death In The Darkness.” Pre-orders for the album are available now at this location.

“A Death In The Darkness” was mixed and mastered by Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studio NY (Obituary, Suffocation) and features a guest appearance by Joe Haley of Psycroptic. Be sure to catch Eternal Rest across Australia and New Zealand from April to June as part of the album launch tour, with full details coming shortly.

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Date For Sophomore LP “The Murky Black Of Eternal Night” Set By Pyriphlegethon

Today, Iron Bonehead Productions set April 14th as the international release date for Pyriphlegethon’s highly anticipated second album, “The Murky Black of Eternal Night,” on vinyl LP format.

At the end of 2015, Iron Bonehead released this Dutch cult’s debut album, “Night of Consecration,” on vinyl and largely introduced the name Pyriphlegethon to the international underground. However, a new name it might’ve been, but Pyriphlegethon was actually yet another project of the insanely prolific Mories, who’s widely known for Gnaw Their Tongues but also such projects as De Magia Veterum and Cloak of Altering. With “Night of Consecration,” this was Mories at this most traditionally black metal, and it indeed bore his special, idiosyncratic touch.

But, with “The Murky Black of Eternal Night,” Mories takes Pyriphlegethon into deeper, darker waters of spellbinding, pitch-BLACK metal. Ever aptly titled, “The Murky Black of Eternal Night” is a a spiritual and even virtual quagmire of eldritch energies, spectral and distant but equally physical in its thrust. Whereas the comparatively more martial “Night of Consecration” emitted a strangely anthemic aspect, tethered as it was to first-wave black metal, “The Murky Black of Eternal Night” wanders down different corridors, opening up unknown spaces within the still-scabrously raw Pyriphlegethon aesthetic and layering mystical synths atop more often than not.

Likewise, at a slightly longer length than its full-length predecessor, this second album in its similarly 10-track structure portrays a more varied songcraft, ranging bestial blasts to strangely soothing soundscapes. The sum effect is not unlike a fever dream guided by the most subtle of magick – and a deeper penetration into the listener’s subconscious. Plunge into “The Murky Black of Eternal Night”!

Take the first plunge with the track “The Serpent’s Tongue” in the player below. The artwork and track listing are as follows:

1. Curse Of The Old Coffin
2. Monument Of Death
3. Funeral Bells
4. The Serpent’s Tongue
5. Summoning Ancient Evil
6. Return To The Tomb
7. The Murky Black Of Eternal Night
8. Cursed Blood
9. The Coldest Grave
10. Night On The Black Mountain

Check out “The Serpent’s Tongue” here:

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Lyric Video For New Song “A Dream Of Choices” Feat. Tom Englund Posted By The Silent Wedding

Greek metal act The Silent Wedding released a lyric video for the new song “A Dream of Choices.” The song features a guest appearance by Evergrey’s Tom Englund.

The song appears on the sophomore album “Enigma Eternal,” the release date of which is still to be announced. The track listing for the album is:

1. A Living Experiment
2. Shadows And Dust
3. What Lies Beyond
4. Insanity
5. The Endless Journey
6. A Dream Of Choices (Feat. Tom Englund)
7. Loneliness
8. Under The Veil Of Grey
9. Catharsis
10. Closer To The End
11. Silence
12. Hands Of Fate

Check out “A Dream of Choices” here:

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