Wage War Premieres New Song & Video “Don’t Let Me Fade Away” From Upcoming New Album “Deadweight”

Ocala, FL’s metalcore outfit Wage War premieres a new song and video titled “Don’t Let Me Fade Away”, taken from the upcoming new album “Deadweight”, which will be out in stores August 04th via Fearless Records. Recording sessions for the release took place with Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, The Word Alive) and A Day To Remember vocalist Jeremy McKinnon handling the production duties.

Check out now “Don’t Let Me Fade Away” below.

States guitarist/vocalist Cody Quistad:

“We are so thrilled to finally announce our new album, Deadweight. We’ve put so much time, effort, and emotion into making what we think is the best and truest Wage War album. Lyrically, it’s the most vulnerable and honest we’ve ever done. Musically, we really pushed ourselves on the heavy and melodic sides of our band. “Stitch” was an insight to the heavy and now we give you a melodic answer, ‘Don’t Let Me Fade Away.’ This record was exceptionally hard to pick singles for because of how much time and work we put into making every song a great one. ‘Don’t Let Me Fade Away‘ was always a stand out from the beginning. It’s all the elements that make up our band in one song, and in a perfected state. We’re very excited for all that’s ahead!”

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Aevum Streaming Full New “Dischronia” Album

Hailing from Turin, Italy the 8-member symphonic metal band Aevum is now streaming brand new album “Dischronia” online in full. The album was release March 17th, 2017 via Maple Metal Records and can be heard below.

Comments the band: “We are glad and completely committed to share our music through the free streaming Thanks to Maple Metal Records that supports our project. Thanks to Alpha Omega Management that help us to spread our music and show around the world.”

New album “Dischronia” was recorded and produced at Aurora Recording Studio by Hannodamalj Production. The album was mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni (Vision Divine, Ancient Bards, ElvenKing) at Domination Studio, in the Republic of San Marino. Cover art was handled by Erick Vaghi (OneBlindEye Design).

1. Sturm Und Drang
2. Death Of The Virgin
3. The Vitruvian Condition
4. Winterreise
5. Beltade
6. Inner Fire
7. The Elements
8. Memento Mori
9. Lord Of Dreams
10. Inferno Blu
11. Sleeping Venus Tarantella
12. Aremu Rindineddha (Bonus Track)
13. The Elements (Eng Version – Bonus Track)

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Au-Dessus Unveils “End Of Chapter” Album Cover Art

After signing with LADLO Productions, the time has come to unveil the artwork for new album “End Of Chapter” by Au-Dessus. The impending opus is due to drop May 19th, 2017 and features cover art by Metastazis. LADLO Productions comments:

“On the shores of the Baltic sea at the crossroad between worlds, darker than the night, more hostile than the harshest winter, this album from those Lithuanians pushes the post-black metal borders out.

“‘End of Chapter’ blows a freezing wind with atmospheres full of negative waves in order to take the listener to lands unknown, where the elements are either taken from Sludge music or from mental torture, re-opens each and every wounds of the soul.

“With an enormous maturity for a first album, you will found nothing more ethereal, nothing more terrifying, because this one is Au-Dessus (above) everything else.

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Au-Dessus Signs With LADLO Productions For New Album

LADLO Productions is proud to announce the signing of Lithuanian post-black metal band Au-Dessus, with a new album due to drop May 19th, 2017. Check out a teaser trailer below. LADLO also comments:

“On the shores of the Baltic sea at the crossroad between worlds, darker than the night, more hostile than the harshest winter, Au-Dessus pushes the post-black metal borders out.

“This new album will blow a freezing wind with atmospheres full of negative waves in order to take the listener to lands unknown, where the elements are either taken from sludge music or from mental torture, re-opens each and every wounds of the soul.

“With an enormous maturity for a second album, you will found nothing more ethereal, nothing more terrifying, because this one is Au-Dessus (above) everything else. And the story has just began. The album’s name and artwork, realized by Metastazis, will soon be revealed.”

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Mentor Releasing “Guts, Graves, And Blasphemy” Album

Mentor – featuring members of Thaw and J.D. Overdrive – will release “Guts, Graves and Blasphemy” on September 15th, 2016. Arachnophobia Records comments:

“The name might be new, but the individuals behind it are no strangers. Three out of four members have recently been beating the hell out of Europe’s stages with the dissonant black metal sensation Thaw. Now joined by singer Wojtek Kaluza (J.D. Overdrive), the pack provide another unholy challenge for the audience who miss the fuckin’ animal in metal and grew fed up with its artsy incarnations.

“In times when the majority tend to categorize music by coming up with the most bizarre tags and shoving it all the way through pigeon holes, Mentor’s blasphemous and straightforward emanation of heavy music’s essential traits appears like a spit in the face. Enforcing the idea of a sonic porn for those who like it fast and heavy, ‘Guts, Graves and Blasphemy,’ Mentor’s debut full-length offering is a highly explosive cauldron merging the elements of black/thrash metal, hardcore punk and plain rock’n’roll.”

01. Guts, Graves and Blasphemy
02. Gimme Yer Blood
03. Drag You to Hell
04. Satan’s Whore
05. Gravemaker
06. Murder Beach
07. In The Devil’s Name
08. Night of The Satanic Werewolves

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Hallowed Butchery Working On New Album

It’s been years since we heard anything solid from the criminally unknown Hallowed Butchery, but it would appear all that’s about to change soon. Band mastermind Ryan Fairfield just issued this update via the band’s Facebook profile:

“I think I am finally ready to make the follow-up to the first record. I wrote and recorded a 2nd full-length years ago but I never finished it and I never released it. It just didn’t feel right. It wasn’t Hallowed Butchery. It didn’t have the elements that made people love that first record so much.

“It’s taken me time to realize that. But, I do now. And I’m hungry, man. I’m really hungry to make another record. It’s festering inside me, and it’s only a matter of time before it bursts out like a fucking explosion.

“Time to dust off the guitar and get to work. It’s been far too long…”

Split 12″ w/ Batillus by Hallowed Butchery

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The Foreshadowing Releases “Nimrod” Music Video

Italian gothic doom metal band The Foreshadowing released fourth full-length album “Seven Heads Ten Horns” via Metal Blade Records in North America today. A new video for the album track “Nimrod (I – The Eerie Tower)” can also be seen below.

The Foreshadowing comments: “We are glad to introduce you the music video for the song ‘Nimrod (I – The Eerie Tower)’, the first part of our suite from the new album ‘Seven Heads Ten Horns.’ This music video pictures The Foreshadowing’s imagery and features all the elements that create the concept of our music and lyrics (apocalypse, misery and corruption of humanity, death and rebirth). Enjoy this voyage where the modern era is redeemed by the dawn of mankind.”

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Départe Premieres New Song “Vessel” From Upcoming New Album “Failure, Subside”

Australian progressive blackened metal outfit Départe premieres a new song entitled “Vessel”, taken from the band’s upcoming new album “Failure, Subside”, which will be out in stores October 14 via Season of Mist.

Check out now “Vessel” below.

Comments frontman Sam Dishington:

“Our new track ‘Vessel’ is a reaction to deeply entrenched feelings of isolation and futility. It deals with the despair of being stranded in that place, that void, and even still finding peace, stillness, and victory, drawing you out into the light. From a musical standpoint, ‘Vessel’ is quite broad, touching on many of the elements you can expect to hear throughout the rest of the album. Dark, crushing and dissonant, yet in the same breath powerful and emotive.”

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Truth Corroded Recording New Album

Australian thrash/death metal act Truth Corroded has started recording the band’s new, as-yet-untitled, album with session drummer Kevin Talley in San Antonio,Texas.

Talley was also featured on the band’s previous two albums, “Worship The Bled” and “The Saviours Slain” and has recently shared the stage with Truth Corroded in Europe and Asia last year.

“We have worked with Kevin for several years now,” comments bassist Greg Shaw. “Last year was the first time we had actually met in person while on tour in Asia and Europe as we have recorded our previous albums together in different countries. He has become a good friend and brings a definitive intensity to the Truth Corroded sound. The new album brings together elements of our past three albums and refines the best of what we have achieved and sharpens its delivery further, and Kevin’s continued contribution is a huge part of that.”

Truth Corroded will be finalizing the recording in Melbourne and Adelaide in Australia before mixing and mastering later in the year in the U.S. Further details on the recording will be released shortly.

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Embalmer Streaming New Track “The Coroners Report”

Today the American death metal cult Embalmer premieres new track “The Coroners Report” online. Listen in below. The track hails from the band’s second album, “Emanations From the Crypt,” which is set for international release on April 1st via Hells Headbangers.

Says vocalist Paul Gorefiend, “This record is long-overdue, and we acknowledge that. The band never was truly happy with the ’13 Faces of Death’ album, so we worked hard to really make sure this release was a return-to-form of sorts, and true representation of what we feel Embalmer is, and always has been. We went back to the basics and drew influence from the original ‘Into the Oven’ and ‘There was Blood Everywhere’ eras musically, peppered in some extra Terrorizer / Autopsy influences, added some crazed Deranged Rated-X-style riffing over the top, and backed it all against the blasting, non-triggered drum assault Roy has become known for.

“Matter of fact, Roy still plays the same drum-set he bought in 1988, and used for all previous recordings. Vocally, all the elements older fans expect from an Embalmer release are present, from forceful lows, the trademark eeeeeees, and tortured shrieks and highs. I am speaking as a 20-plus-year fan myself, and not a member when I tell you this is the most aggressive, blistering and punishing Embalmer release to date. Yes, the wait was long but definitely worth it, and we honestly can’t wait to get this music out to the fans and hear their feedback!”

1. Dead Female Stalker
2. I Am The Embalmer
3. Emanations From The Crypt
4. The Coroners Report
5. Undead Exaltation
6. The Casket Calls
7. Procession Of Bones
8. Botched
9. Reduced To Human Scum
10. The Apocalyptic Rains
11. They Can Smell Our Blood
12. The Graveyard Fog (Outro)

Emanations From The Crypt by EMBALMER

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