GraveCoven Posts New Song “Furious Fires”

The California-based duo GraveCoven (featuring Jimmy of Swamp Witch’s and Philip from Bog Oak) has concluded work on a debut album entitled “Coughing Blood.”

The release, containing six original compositions following the vein of obscure and depressive black and doom metal, will be released in CD format via Godz Ov War Productions

The album was recorded by Patrick Hills at Earth Tone Studios in Sacramento, CA and bears cover artwork by Glitch Witch (Void King, Skeleton Wolf, King of None). Check out advance track “Furious Fires” below.

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Peace Killers Releasing Debut Self-Titled Album

Svart Records sets January 22nd, 2016 as the international release date for Peace Killers’ self-titled album, to be released on vinyl, CD, and digital formats. Svart signed Peace Killers to a deal in 2014, and the Sacramento-based band recorded this album in the summer of 2014 at Earth Tone Studios with the help of local record producer Pat Hills, a force in Sacramento’s strong and proud local music scene.

The members of Peace Killers make up a combined 40 years of experience in the Northern California punk and hardcore scenes. The style of writing is swift, intuitive, and improvisational. The result is an early metal sound with a DIY punk ethic and a very strong rock influence. The “Peace Killers” track listing is as follows:

1. Devil’s Daughters
2. Feast on Fisticuffs
3. From Sleep
4. Heavy Days Moon Blood
5. Sugar’s Peepers
6. Young Man’s Shoes
7. Recovery
8. Green Metal
9. Spoonful

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Bog Oak Inks Deal With Svart Records

Svart Records has announced the signing of California’s Bog Oak. The band’s debut Svart release will be a limited 10″/mini-CD in the autumn, with a full-length album later in the winter of 2015. Svart Records comments:

“Bog Oak formed in October 2013 around the core of Phillip Gallagher and Matthew Woods Wilhoit, who both lived in the Sacramento area. They met when Gallagher answered an ad placed by Wilhoit looking for someone to jam with. The pair bonded over their mutual love of heavy metal, tube amplifiers, and occult philosophy, writing the songs ‘A Shepard’s Teeth for a Winter’s Coat’ and ‘Dragger’ during their first jam session with Gallagher on drums and Wilhoit on guitar.

“After recording these songs at Earth Tone Studios in Rocklin, California, with session bassist Robert Lander, the pair decided to shop their demo around and place an ad for a vocalist. Julie Seymour responded, and got the job after one audition: Gallagher and Wilhoit were impressed with her ability to switch back and forth between black metal screams and ethereal clean singing.

“After a few rehearsals, Gallagher, Wilhoit, and Seymour entered Earth Tone Studios to add vocals to the first two songs and record two new songs, ‘Behold, The Valley Of Slaughter’ and ‘Experiments In Extinction’ with Gallagher and Wilhoit sharing bass duties. To achieve a fuller live sound and to expand the harmonic possibility within Bog Oak, Gallagher switched from drums to baritone guitar after recruiting drummer and longtime friend Steven Campbell. Wilhoit recruited longtime friend DBC to act as bassist for live performances.

“Conceptually, Bog Oak embrace all things occult, pulling inspiration from a wide range of esoteric ideas like those of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Aleister Crowley, and Laveyan Satanism, to the ideas of more extremist occult groups like the O9A and the Temple Of Black Light, into the more mystical concepts of Pythagoras, the metaphysics of Mulla Sadra, Suhrawardi’s philosophy of illumination, and the alchemy of Al-Ghazali.”

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