The Agonist To Start Recording New Album This Friday

The Agonist are back in the studio for their sixth full-length effort. Tracking sessions for the drums are to kickoff this Friday, June 01st, with further details yet to be announced.

Drum tracking for album 6 begins this Friday! Last few practice sessions for Simon. #newalbum #metal #blast #heavyAF #GetReady

— The Agonist (@theagonist) May 30, 2018

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Metallica Obviously “Have No Desire” To Re-Mix “…And Justice For All” For Its Deluxe Edition

Metallica‘s 1988 effort “…And Justice For All” is the next effort in line for Metallica to re-release a deluxe edition for and it doesn’t look like the – according to many fans’ opinion – album’s biggest defects will be righted with the release. Since its publication, fans have decried the drum sound being weird and bassist Jason Newsted‘s bass parts being buried in the mix.

Steve Thompson, who originally mixed the album alongside Michael Barbiero, has stated that he recently contributed some material to the forthcoming deluxe edition and got the impression that Metallica won’t be re-mixing “…And Justice For All”.

Appearing on the Talk Toomey Podcast, Thompson spoke about the original mixing sessions and how the bass came to be buried.

States Steve Thompson:

“The first day Lars would come in with pictures of an EQ setup of how he wanted his drums to sound, every drum. So I said to Barbiero, ‘Michael, why don’t you work with Lars and get the drums sounding the way he wants them and once you got that let me know.’

So he gets the sound that Lars wanted and I listened to ’em myself and said ‘Man, this sounds like shit.’ …And so I chased everybody out of the room, I started putting everything up, re-EQing drums, bringing the guitars up, bringing the bass up, because the bass was a great part because it was a perfect marriage with Hetfield‘s rhythm guitars, it just was great. And I’m blowing up the band and everything like that and Hetfield comes in and he thumbs up, everybody, he’s happy.

So when I was ready for playback, Lars comes walking in, listens to about 15 seconds and he says ‘turn it off.’ And he goes to me ‘Uhh, what happens to my drum sound?’ So I think I just probably said ‘You were serious?”

So I had to get the drum sound back to where Lars was happy and I wasn’t… And then he said ‘See the bass?’ I said ‘Yeah,’ he said, ‘I want you to bring it down about 5 or 6db. I said ‘Why,’ [he said] ‘Just bring it down.’ So I brought it down where you barely audibly could hear it. And he goes now ‘drop it down a little more’.

And I remember I think I turned around to James and James just put his hands up and I said ‘Really, why would you do that?’”

Speaking of the forthcoming deluxe edition of the album, he adds:

“I just contributed to the anniversary album of ‘…And Justice [For All‘]. I just sent them a bunch of pictures and some outtakes, but they have no desire to re-mix the record. They want to keep it the way it is.

They might remaster it or something like that, but there is only so much mastering you can do. And I’ll tell you the truth, I don’t even know if those original multitracks could be saved. Because there are like 5 million edits in them from Lars‘ drums alone. So if you have the box and open it up there probably be about 50 million pieces of tape all over the place.”

“They’ve lived with it this long. I’ve lived with most of the criticism, ’cause everybody assumes it’s my fault. And I guess I have to take blame cause it says my name says mixed by me and Barbiero.

But I remember when Metallica got elected to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, they flew us in there to be a part of it—which I thought was great—and I remember hanging out with Lars and Lars basically came up to me and said ‘Steve, what happened to the bass on the record?’ He actually asked me that and I just said ‘Ok, I give up, I give up’ [laughs].”

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A War Within Releases “Where The Lines Are Drawn” Music Video

Detroit metalcore breakout A War Within just launched a new music video for “Where the Lines are Drawn.” This new video single arrives 18 months after breakout sophomore album “Believe.” A War Within 2017 is:

Spencer Mabey – Vocals/Bass
Armando Castaño – Bass/Vocals
Nikhil Rao – Guitars
TBA – Drums

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A War Within Releases “Where The Lines Are Drawn” Music Video

Detroit metalcore breakout A War Within just launched a new music video for “Where the Lines are Drawn.” This new video single arrives 18 months after breakout sophomore album “Believe.” A War Within 2017 is:

Spencer Mabey – Vocals/Bass
Armando Castaño – Bass/Vocals
Nikhil Rao – Guitars
TBA – Drums

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Vinny And Carmine Appice Unveil “Sinister” Album

For more than forty years, the two brothers Carmine and Vinny Appice have been among the most sought-after rock drummers worldwide. Carmine and Vinny can be heard on numerous legendary albums and have toured countless times with some of the world’s greatest acts.

Carmine embarked on his musical path in the 1960s with the unforgotten Vanilla Fudge, manning in the course of his illustrious career the drums for superstars such as Rod Stewart and Ozzy Osbourne, among others. His brother Vinny, who is eleven years his junior, has worked with acts such as Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell and Dio, among others.

With the exception of the live album “Drum Wars – Live!” (2014), there has been no direct collaboration between the two so far. That’s about to change! “Sinister” is the first joint studio album by Carmine and Vinny and was recorded with the support of a number of prestigious guests.

Vinny comments: “As Ringo said: with a little help from our friends” while Carmine adds, “We cannot wait to take the album on the road! Heavy drums and heavy songs. It will kill!”

“Sinister” will be released on October 27th, 2017 through SPV/Steamhammer as CD digipack, double gatefold vinyl, download and stream.

1. Sinister
2. Monsters And Heroes
3. Killing Floor
4. Danger
5. Drum Wars
6. Riot
7. Suddenly
8. In The Night
9. Future Past
10. You Got Me Running
11. Bros In Drums
12. War Cry
13. Sabbath Mash

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Rings Of Saturn Posts “Inadequate” Drum Playthrough Video

Bay Area technical deathcore metal crew Rings Of Saturn arrives back on the scene to release fourth full-length studio album “Ultu Ulla” on July 28th via Nuclear Blast Records. Today, the band releases a play-through video for the first single, “Inadequate.”

The hallucination inducing cover artwork was completed once again by Mark Cooper of Mind Rape Art. Guitars, bass, and synth tracks for “Ultu Ulla” were completed at Mann Studios, while the drums and vocals were recorded in Florida at Krikbride Studios.

1. Servant of this Sentience
2. Parallel Shift
3. Unhallowed
4. Immemorial Essence
5. The Relic
6. Margidda
7. Harvest
8. The Macrocosm
9. Prognosis Confirmed
10. Inadequate

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Darkenhold Issues “Memoria Sylvarum” Album Update

French group Darkenhold is nearing in on the release of new album “Memoria Sylvarum,” with the band commenting:

“After almost three years of songwriting, practicing, working on the soundscape of Memoria Sylvarum, I’m about to say the final result is close to be done regarding the music of the coming opus. It was really a time of intense dedication, improvement and inspiration. Hope the new Darkenhöld will satisfy those who enjoy our style!

“Everything was almost recorded in my own studio here (the ‘Cryptic Studio’) all by myself, so you will have a very personal and DIY album where every step was controlled here: distorted guitars, acoustic guitars, 12 strings, guitar solos, synths, timpani, recorder, bass, choirs, clean vocals… as well as mixing and mastering. Thanks to the Darkenhöld’s guys who helped in their way (Aleevok, Anthony)! Cervantes who also did a really accurate work regarding the vocals and Aboth increased his drums’s skills in many aspects on this opus.

“Every detail has been thought more than twice, all ideas that we do not like very much were banished. It will be an almost 100% organic album, we have still used our vintage gears (like old tube Marshall amps, Boss HM-2, Metal Master stompboxes), real instruments with mic recording in front of the speakers, no triggers on the drums, no beat detective, acoustic instruments etc…

“You will really feel the leaves whispering in the bewitching forests hopefully, epic music in the noble term of the word (because the process really was!). Soon we will give infos to preorder ‘Memoria Sylvarum’ album, we count on your support!”

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In Somnia Recruits New Drummer Dominic Granegger

In Somnia just checked in with this announcement about recruiting a new member to take up residence behind the drum kit:

“Please welcome Dominic Granegger, aka ‘George,’ as a new part of In Somnia! Dominic is known for his work with ParanomaL and will replace Matt on the drums from now on. We wish us a good time working together and an eventful 2017.”

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Spore Lord Streams New Song “I”

Heavy psych/doom instrumental band Spore Lord today reveals the first track from new album “In the Beginning,” which will be released on December 2nd, 2016.

The track – which is simply titled “I” – is a perfect example of the band’s heavy yet trippy sound. Spore Lord consists of:

Cam Barnes – Drums
Dan Giampietro – Bass
Matt Irvin – Guitar

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Jason Richardson (Ex-Chelsea Grin/Born Of Osiris) Premieres New Track Playthrough For “Omni” From Upcoming New Solo Album

Jason Richardson (Ex-Chelsea Grin/Born Of Osiris) premieres a new track playthrough for “Omni”, taken from the upcoming solo album, which will be out in stores July 29, 2016.

The Word Alive drummer Luke Holland also performs in the clip, having played the drums on the entire album.

Check out now “Omni” below.

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