Terrorizer Posts “Caustic Attack” Title Track Online

American grindcore legends Terrorizer, featuring former Morbid Angel drummer Pete Sandoval, has posted the title track from their forthcoming fourth studio album, “Caustic Attack” online. You can check it out below. “Caustic Attack” is scheduled to be released through The End Records on October 12th and will be their first since 2012’s, “Hordes Of Zombies.” Sandoval is the only musician from “Hordes Of Zombies” to return for “Caustic Attack,” following the departure of vocalist Anthony Rezhawk, bassist David Vincent and guitarist Katina Culture. This time, the drummer is joined by vocalist/bassist Sam Molina and guitarist Lee Harrison (each of Monstrosity fame.)

“Caustic Attack” tracklisting:

1. Turbulence
2. Invasion
3. Conflict And Despair
4. Devastate
5. Crisis
6. Infiltration
7. The Downtrodden
8. Trench Of Corruption
9. Sharp Knives
10. Failed Assassin
11. Caustic Attack
12. Poison Gas Tsunami
13. Terror Cycles
14. Wasteland

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Former Revocation Drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne Accepts $30,000 Settlement After Violent “Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival” Arrest

Ex-Revocation Drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne – now drum-tech for Cannibal Corpse – has accepted a $30,000 settlement from the Oklahoma City Council. Dubois-Coyne, suffered a broken arm when police arrested him at a concert afterparty for a ‘Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival‘ stop, early Aug. 8, 2014, at the Downtown Airpark.

The drummer was charged with public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and resisting a police officer. According to a report on the settlement filed by NewsOK Dubois-Coyne was among those chanting ‘fuck the police’ and singing the lyrics of Body Count‘s “Cop Killer” after watching the police arrest another individual.

“I felt this was beginning to incite actions against us and we were easily outnumbered by the crowd,” one officer wrote in a crime report.

The arresting officer, Kenneth Lile, reported he first tried to calm Dubois-Coyne down and explained officers were just trying to help an assault victim. He reported Dubois-Coyne leaned in and yelled, “Fuck you, kill ’em all!”

The officer reported he had to take Dubois-Coyne to the ground because the drummer was resisting being handcuffed. “I got him up and he said his arm was broken. I could see his upper left arm did appear broken,” the officer wrote. “The crowd around us began to get unruly.”

The officer reported Dubois-Coyne “was yelling profanity, insults and threats towards me and my family.” He also stated that the crowd had turned ugly and that he was forced to use his taser on an individual to get back to his police car.

“I could see other officers also making it through the crowd and they covered my back,” he wrote.

Dubois-Coyne filed a lawsuit against the city and three police officers in 2016, alleging false arrest and excessive force. The settlement arrives ahead of a jury trial which had been set to begin in January in Oklahoma City federal court.

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Deathmarch Premiere Full-Album Stream Of Brand New EP “Dismember”

Dutch death metal troop Deathmarch released their debut EP “Dismember” via Black Lion Records past week. You can stream the full EP below.

Tells the label: “The EP, containing five tracks, in total clocking in at nearly 21 minutes, is a pure demonstration of absolute viciousness and matchless ruthlessness. Taste the exhilarating trip to the ferocious death metal where barbarous vocals, chainsaw buzzing riffs and avalanche of destructive blast beats are waiting to welcome you.”

The band consists of Quint Meerbeek on guitars (better known as the drummer in the death metal legion Bodyfarm), Dirk Willems on vocals, Olle Oele on drums (ex-Funeral Whore) and Walter Van Kalsbeek on bass (Cavitation, ex-Baatezu, ex-Pleurisy).

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Grave Part Ways With Drummer Ronnie Bergerståhl

Drummer Ronnie Bergerståhl according to Grave is no longer in the band. Grave addressed the situation via Facebook after fans had noticed Bergerståhl hadn’t been with the band live throughout 2017. Read what Grave have to say about it below:

“To set the record straight.

There has been circulating rumours about our drummer and why he has not been with us on all shows this year.

We are unhappy to inform you that we have parted ways with our drummer Ronnie Bergerstål.

After being a part of Grave for more than 10 years he will surely leave a big hole that needs to be filled.

“This is not the place to discuss or speculate about why we have decided to part ways”

We wish you all the best Ronnie.

//Ola, Tobias & Mika”

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Ex-Job For A Cowboy Drummer Jon Rice Sitting In For Behemoth’s Inferno For Upcoming Summer Tour With Slayer & Lamb Of God

Drummer Inferno will be sitting out the Behemoth’s upcoming summer tour with Slayer and Lamb Of God. Ex-Job For A Cowboy drummer Jon Rice will be taking over drum duties in his place. Explains the band:

“Behemoth Legions!
We must announce that our drummer, Inferno will not be taking part in the upcoming Slayer tour with Lamb of God:

‘I am going to be a father for the second time in my life and it’s going to happen in July of 2017. I therefore must apologize to all our fans for not being able to participate in the 2017 Summer, North American tour. I believe that Jon Rice, an amazing drummer, a truly experienced musician, and a good friend of ours, will flawlessly take over my drum throne for this short period and will set the stage on fire!’ – Inferno

As much of a disappointment it is not to have our brother with us, we completely support Inferno in this amazing chapter of his life. Rest assured, we’re still bringing one HELL of a show with us and look forward to seeing our North American, Legions in full force!”

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OmnisighT Posts “Seven Sisters” Lyric Video

Bringing progressive metal into new dimensions for those who enjoy explosive adventure, the Vancouver virtuosos from OmnisighT recently unleashed latest effort “Power of One.”

Today the band is excited to share with fans a new lyric video for the “Seven Sisters” track in support of that EP. Vocalist / guitarist Raj Krishna explains:

“I wrote the ‘Seven Sisters’ riff just goofing around at home. I really didn’t even like it that much! I still wanted to try it out live in the room though, and Chris our drummer put this super funky groove on it and I got a vocal off it right away.

“It’s loosely based on the seven sisters oil cartel BP, Shell, Exxon, Texaco Standard Oil and the like. Basically it’s about befriending people just to get at their resources. It’s also in a 7/8 time signature through a lot of the song, so that’s me just trying to be clever!”

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Agrypnie Gearing Up To Record New Album

It’s been nearly four years since Agrypnie released the “Aetas Cineris” album, but now a new album is on the horizon.

The band comments: “A new year is coming up and I am looking forward to enter the studio in two weeks and a bit together with our drummer Moe to finally record the next release!”

Stay tuned for more info to arrive early next year, and in the mean time you can hear the full previous album below.

Aetas Cineris by Agrypnie

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Dreamgrave Posts “Memento Mori” Drum Playthrough

Fully independent, progressive dark metal band Dreamgrave just released a drum playthrough video for “Memento Mori,” taken from the concept album “Presentiment.”

Tomi attended The Collective School of Music, New York in 2013, and later graduated classical music in Miskolc, Hungary. Known as the drummer for Wisdom, Mytra, and Miskolc Big Band, Tomi joined Dreamgrave for a rock and metal talent show in Budapest, which the band finished as the second best group of the year among 60 contenders.

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Oathbreaker Parting Ways With Drummer Ivo Debrabandere

Oathbreaker just issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band’s drummer:

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce that our drummer Ivo Debrabandere is leaving the band. His decision has not been an easy one, because for the past eight years, Ivo has not only been a great drummer and band member to us, but also someone who lifted Oathbreaker to a higher level and above all, a friend, who we dearly love and respect. We wish him all the best with his band Partisan and any other future endeavors.

“We welcome Wim Coppers to the band as our new drummer. Wim has been a close friend of ours since Oathbreaker toured with his old band Rise And Fall years ago, and he also plays with Gilles in Wiegedood. We’re currently on tour with this line-up and you can catch us somewhere in the US or Europe in the coming months.”

Ivo states himself: “Because of both personal and health related reasons, I have decided to leave Oathbreaker. There is no animosity whatsoever. I want the band to reach its full potential and I feel this is the right decision for all involved, as difficult as it may be. I have nothing but love for both the band and its members, who I hold very dear.”

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Soto Premieres New Music Video For “Unblame” From Latest Album “Divak

Soto, featuring iconic vocalist Jeff Scott Soto, released another single from the band’s new studio album, “Divak”. Check out “Unblame” in the player below.

“Divak” was issued on April 1st via earMUSIC and once again produced by Jeff Scott Soto and his drummer, Edu Cominato. The album was mixed by long time Jeff Scott Soto engineer/associate, John Ellis.

Check out now “Unblame” here:

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