Video Clip For New Song “Queen Of Snow” Available From Custard

German power metal act Custard released the first video clip (and third song) from the upcoming new album “A Realm of Tales,” which is set to drop on May 19th via Pure Steel Records.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Icy Stare
2. Queen of Snow
3. The Pied Piper (song streaming here)
4. Arabian Nights
5. Snow White (song streaming here)
6. Snow Away (Intro)
7. The Little Match Girl
8. Daughter of the Sea
9. Witch Hunter
10. Sign of Evil
11. Bluebeard
12. Forged in Fantasy

Check out the video here:

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A Total Wall Releasing New Album “Delivery”

The return of the djent quartet A Total Wall from Milan is a mix of dark and atonal groove with more refined melodies and wide-ranging harmonic layers. “Delivery” will officially drop on May 25th, with the eight tracks now available for streaming below.

“Delivery” arrives three years after previous EP “Soundtrack For Your Honeymoon,” with pre-orders now online right here. The mixing and mastering were handled by Tancredi Barbuscia at Greenriver Studio in the dark province of Varese, while artwork comes courtesy of Chiara Mariani.

1. Reproaching Methodologies
2. Evolve
3. Sudden
4. Maintenance
5. Lossy
6. The Right Question
7. Delivery
8. Pure Brand

Delivery by A Total Wall

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Music Video For New Song “Finding X” Issued By Lost Dreams

Austrian melodic death metal act Lost Dreams issued a video for the new song “Finding X.” The song will appear on the upcoming new album “Exhale,” expected to drop on May 26th via Massacre Records. More information on the album is expected soon.

Check out the clip here:

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Tsar Stangra Releasing New Album “Celestial Forger”

By way of Quebec comes a unique blend of Eastern European-inspired black metal and Bulgarian folk music. Driven by complex song writing, exotic rhythms, and multiple orchestrations, the music offered by Tsar Stangra is as diverse and refined as the culture in which it represents.

Debut album “Celestial Forger” is set to drop on May 26th, and today a lyric video for “The Dream of the Hero” comes online and can be seen below. The album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Celestial Forger
2. The Hanging of Vasil Levski
3. The Dream of the Hero
4. At Farewell
5. Yes, the End is Near
6. he Volunteers of Shipka

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Drug Honkey Posts New Song “(It’s Not) The Way”

U.S. band Drug Honkey’s new album “Cloak Of Skies” will officially drop on May 5th, 2017 and today another advance track has come online in the form of “(It’s Not) The Way.” The album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Pool of Failure (5:44)
2. Sickening Wasteoid (6:12) [streaming here]
3. Outlet of Hatred (6:48)
4. (It’s Not) The Way (6:36)
5. The Oblivion of an Opiate Nod (10:00) (featuring Bruce Lamont)
6. Cloak of Skies (8:11)
7. Pool of Failure (Justin K. Broadrick remix) (6:29)

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Details Of New Album “The End Of The World” Issued By Black Hawk

German traditional metal act Black Hawk announced the first details of the upcoming sixth studio album entitled “The End of the World.” The album is set to drop on May 19th via Pure Underground Records, a division of Pure Steel Records.

The album’s track listing and album artwork can be viewed here:

1. Return of the Dragon (Intro)
2. Streets of Terror
3. Killing for Religion
4. What A World
5. Ruler of the Dark
6. The End of the World
7. Scream in the Night
8. Legacy of Rock
9. Just Like in Paradise
10. Dancing With My Demons
11. Dragonride ’17

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Flotsam & Jetsam Posts “Time To Go” Lyric Video

Flotsam & Jetsam has a new lyric video online, which can be found below, and the band comments on the track:

“Here’s the next sneak peak of the upcoming album for you to sink your metal minds into. Our 2nd lyric video is of ‘Time To Go,’ track 10 on the album. A deep cut, yet a strong cut. Enjoy!”

The song appears on the band’s new self-titled release, which is set to drop on May 20th via AFM Records. The full track listing consists of:

1. Seventh Seal
2. Life Is a Mess
3. Taser
4. Iron Maiden
5. Verge of Tragedy
6. Creeper
7. L.O.T.D.
8. The Incantation
9. Monkey Wrench
10. Time to Go
11. Smoking Gun
12. Forbidden Territories

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Riket Announces “Avarter” EP Release

Riket (Swedish for “The Kingdom”) was founded by Johan Nephente Fridell (vocals) and Tobias Jakobsson (lead guitar) of Netherbird, both sharing a passion for death metal and wanting to try some new ideas.

During the short writing process that followed, drummer Adrian Erlandsson decided to join in completing the trio after hearing the demo tracks. The result is a very spontaneous release deeply rooted in the old underground metal sound that the members have been a part of since the early 90’s, but with the all the freedom that comes from being a non-established act.

The “Avarter” mini-album will drop on May 31st, with pre-order info online here and the opening song up for streaming below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Dovt Är Dödens Dån
2. Avart Och Vanart
3. Svärta
4. Lågor Vid Portarna

Avarter by RIKET

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Katatonia Posts New Track “Serein”

Following the stream of “Old Heart Falls,” Katatonia has released another new track from forthcoming album “The Fall Of Hearts.”

Check out newly released song “Serein” in the player below, or over at the band’s Facebook profile here.

“The Fall Of Hearts” is set to drop on May 20th, with pre-orders now online at this location. The new album’s track listing will be as follows:

1. Takeover [07:09]
2. Serein [04:46]
3. Old Heart Falls [04:22]
4. Decima [04:46]
5. Sanction [05:07]
6. Residual [06:54]
7. Serac [07:25]
8. Last Song Before The Fade [05:01]
9. Shifts [04:54]
10. The Night Subscriber [06:10]
11. Pale Flag [04:23]
12. Passer [06:25]

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Elderblood Releasing New Album “Messiah”

Elderblood – a symphonic black / death metal outfit from the Ukraine – is due to release new album “Messiah” next month.

“Mesiah” will drop on May 27th, 2016 via Osmose Productions, with the cover artwork and track listing available below.

1. Thagirion’s Sun
2. Invocation of Baphomet
3. Devil in the Flesh
4. Leviathan
5. Satana
6. In Burning Hands of God
7. Adamas Ater

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