Video Clip For New Song “Avalanche” Available From Cellar Darling

Cellar Darling, the new band formed by ex-Eluveitie members Anna Murphy, Merlin Sutter and Ivo Henzi, issued a music video for the new single “Avalanche.” The song appears on the debut album “This Is The Sound,” due to drop on June 30th,2017 via Nuclear Blast Records.

“Avalanche” tells yet another grim abstract story, painting a picture of the end of things. In band’s own words: “We’d like to take you on another journey into a picturesque, abstract world. Listen to the summoners of the ‘Avalanche’. A story about a cult and a freezing end to an intimate deathwish. Shot in the heat of beautiful Tenerife, an intentionally contradictory setting, this video tells you our story with symbolism and movement, contrasts & metaphors. So sit back and let your imagination run wild, enjoy!”

The track listing for “This is the Sound” is:

1. Avalanche
2. Black Moon (see video clip here)
3. Challenge
4. Hullaballoo
5. Six Days
6. The Hermit
7. Water
8. Fire, Wind & Earth
9. Rebels
10. Under The Oak Tree…
11. …High Above These Crowns
12. Starcrusher
13. Hedonia
14. Redemption

Bonus tracks, available exclusively on the digibook:

15. The Cold Song
16. Mad World
17. The Prophet’s Song

Check out “Avalanche” here:

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Video Clip For New Song “Love Is The Remedy” Issued By Jorn

Jorn – the solo band of ex-MasterPlan vocalist Jorn Lande – issued a music video for the new single “Love Is The Remedy.” The song is lifted from the new album “Life On Death Road,” which is scheduled to drop on June 2nd via Frontiers Music srl.

“Life On Death Road” marks the debut of a new lineup: On bass is Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner, Kiske/Somerville), keyboards and production is Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Revolution Saints) (who already joined Jorn for the recording of his last covers album), on drums Francesco Iovino (Primal Fear) and on guitar Alex Beyrodt (Primal Fear, Voodoo Circle).

The track listing is as follows:

1. Life On Death Road
2. Hammered To The Cross (The Business)
3. Love Is The Remedy
4. Dreamwalker
5. Fire To The Sun
6. Insoluble Maze (Dreams In The Blindness)
7. I Walked Away
8. The Slippery Slope (Hangman’s Rope)
9. Devil You Can Drive
10. The Optimist
11. Man Of The 80’s (song streaming here)
12. Blackbirds

Check out “Love Is The Remedy” here:

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Tankard Posts “One Foot In The Grave” Listening Session Impressions

35 years of Tankard are being celebrated with a suitable soundtrack – the band’s 17th studio album will be entitled “One Foot In The Grave” and is due to drop on June 2nd, 2017 via Nuclear Blast.

Today, the band has just released the first trailer. This video available below was a result of the listening session for the new album, which took place at the pub Alte Liebe in Frankfurt on February 17th and it shows the first impressions of the German press.

1. Pay To Pray
2. Arena Of The True Lies
3. Don`t Bullshit Us!
4. One Foot In The Grave
5. Syrian Nightmare
6. Northern Crown (Lament Of The Undead King)
7. Lock`Em Up!
8. The Evil That Men Display
9. Secret Order 1516
10. Sole Grinder

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Sliptrick Records Inks Deal With Ascent, New Album Details Revealed

Russian death metal act Ascent signed on with Sliptrick Records. The band’s debut album “Don’t Stop When You Walk Through Hell” is expected to drop on June 30th.

The album is said to have a “fresh death metal sound with a hint of classic death, a must for young metalheads and old headbangers alike.”

The track list for the album is:

1. Lucifer
2. Chaos Bless
3. Dead Silence
4. Matter
5. False Gestures
6. The Punisher
7. Useless

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Gloomy Grim Posts New Song “The Shameful Kiss”

Finnish black metal quintet Gloomy Grim has shared a new song from forthcoming full-length “The Age of Aquarius,” which is the band’s first full release in over eight years.

The new track is titled “The Shameful Kiss” and can be heard below. “The Age of Aquarius” is set to drop on June 6th via Satanath Records/MurdHer Records and pre-orders are now available at this location.

01. The Rise Of The Great Beast
02. Germination
03. A Lady In White
04. Beyond The Hate
05. One Night I Heard A Scream
06. The Shameful Kiss
07. The Mist
08. Time
09. Light Of Lucifer Shine On Me
10. Trapped In Eternal Darkness

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The Next Chapter In The Vision Bleak Discography – The Unknown – Unveiled

Germany’s The Vision Bleak announced the next chapter in the discography of horror metal. The new album “The Unknown” will drop on June 3rd via Prophecy Productions. The album will be available as a CD, gatefold LP and special 2CD edition with a poster flag and two bonus tracks.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Spirits of the Dead
2. From Wolf to Peacock
3. The Kindred of the Sunset
4. Into the Unknown
5. Ancient Heart
6. The Whine of the Cemetery Hound
7. How Deep Lies Tartaros?
8. Who May Oppose Me?
9. The Fragrancy of Soil Unearthed

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New Track “The Human Factor” Released By Heaven’s Cry, New Album Details Announces Album

Canadian progressive act Heaven’s Cry released a lyric video for the new track “The Human Factor” (check it out in the player below). The song will appear on the band’s upcoming new release “Outcast,” which is due to drop on June 3rd via Prosthetic Records.

The track list for “Outcast” is as follows:

1. The Human Factor
2. Outcast
3. The Day the System Failed
4. If I Only Knew
5. A Shift in Scenery
6. Symmetry
7. Alive

Check out “The Human Factor” here:

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Gojira Announces New Album “Magma”

The French metal masters from Gojira just released a teaser video previewing new music as well as revealing the album title and release date of their brand new album. Watch below to catch a glimpse of “Magma,” which will drop on June 17th, 2016.

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Be’lakor Reveals “Vessels” Album Details

If your eyes considerably lighten up when somebody casually mentions the name Be’lakor, you’re either a part of the Warhammer fantasy cult or an absolute connoisseur of Australian melodic death metal!

Something for the nerds in both cases, one might be quick to assume, but the sophisticated tunes of this Melbourne five-piece definitely have the potential to enthrall masses with upcoming masterpiece “Vessels.” The album will drop on June 24th, 2016.

Be’lakor also had this to say: “‘Vessels’ is the product of well over a year’s hard work – without doubt, it’s the album that has challenged us the most. It’s much richer and more textured than any of our other albums. There are parts, which sound like the Be’lakor that fans know, while other sections might surprise some people. Our goal was to keep the music exciting and varied, for us as much as for anyone else. Vessels is also our first concept album, which has meant that lyrically we’ve really pushed ourselves this time around. We hope our fans will enjoy it as much as we do!”

1. Luma
2. An Ember´s Arc
3. Withering Strands
4. Roots to Sever
5. Whelm
6. A Thread Dissolves
7. Grasping Light
8. The Smoke Of Many Fires

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Airlines Of Terror Premieres New Lyric Video “Pedophiliac Skyjacking”

Italian death metallers Airlines Of Terror premiere a new lyric video for the track “Pedophiliac Skyjacking”, taken from the band’s upcoming second album titled “Terror From the Air” which is set to drop on June 25 via Goressimo Records.

Check out now “Pedophiliac Skyjacking” below.

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