Metal Church Posts New Video, “Damned If You Do” Online

West coast metal veterans Metal Church will release their 12th full length studio album “Damned If You Do” via Nuclear Blast Records on December 7th 2018 (Rat Pak Records/America & King Records/Japan). The latest release is the follow-up to their highly successful 2016 album XI, which saw the return of legendary front man Mike Howe. “Damned If You Do” is a cross between the band’s iconic “Blessing In Disguise” and “The Human Factor.” This new offering features ten fully-charged, classic-metal influenced songs showcasing the sound that has garnered the band a solid fan base for over 3 decades.

Hot on the heels of the aforementioned announcement, Metal Church have released the first music video for the title track “Damned If You Do.” The song is quintessential Metal Church and showcases the sound that has garnered the band fans all around the globe, with its driving guitar riffs, punishing drum beat and instantly recognizable vocals. The live performance video can be seen below.

Mike Howe comments: “I hope the fans enjoy this first video, it really sets the tone for the entire album. We are doing our best to keep metal alive Metal Church style. Damned if we didn’t!”

Stet Howland adds, “From my first listen of the ‘Damned If You Do’ demo I was blown away. From Mike’s ‘hummm’ intro to Kurdt’s bad ass guitar riff to the infectious chorus, I was hooked! If I was any more excited people would have to call me ‘shit legs’. Hahaha.”

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A Devil’s Din Releasing New Album “Skylight”

A Devil’s Din is made up of three musicians born in the Old World who traveled across the ocean to find each other in Montreal, QC where they were drawn together by a mutual love of melodic and daring rock / metal tinged music.

Debuting the “One Day All This Will Be Yours” album in 2011, its been a trippy five years since fans have heard new material from the psychedelic rockers. A Devil’s Din now returns with follow-up “Skylight,” set for official release on June 17th.

The band’s new single “Phayze Ulysses” is now streaming online and can be heard below. Vocalist / guitarist David Lines comments on the track:

“‘Phaze Ulysses’ is the second track on the album and a continuation of the album’s theme, which is about growth and discovery on the psychedelic journey.

“It’s probably our most upbeat tune on the record, with a really fun, driving guitar riff that opens up the track. The beat is almost like those classic ‘bug beats’ from the 60’s, but the chords move in unusual ways, creating the space for unexpected, but really hooky melody.

“And over-all, it’s pretty heavy! It’s about opening your mind, but not being too stressed about it. ‘You don’t have too see the light, just scrutinize the glow.’ No one expects you to become a Buddha, at least make the effort to not be an asshole.”

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