As I Lay Dying And Pentagram Shows In Memphis Cancelled After Uproar

Memphis, Tennessee based venue Growlers has announced that they have decided to cancel an upcoming concert by the reactivated As I Lay Dying, after a number of patrons, friends and local acts spoke out against the band’s vocalist Tim Lambesis, who previously was incarcerated for attempting to arrange the murder of his wife. A statement from the venue reads:

“After hearing the combined voice of disheartened friends, local bands, and patrons, locally owned concert venue and bar, Growlers, has cancelled their scheduled show with As I Lay Dying, previously set for April 5th, and will replace it with a local show to benefit victims of domestic violence. Growlers has also canceled a show with the band Pentagram, previously set for March 24th.

“In 2014, Tim Lambesis, singer of metal band As I Lay Dying, was sentenced to up to six years in prison after being convicted of hiring someone to kill his wife. While the plot never unfolded, Lambesis spent the next two years of his life incarcerated. Just a couple of years later, and he’s back on stage, but with a remorseful attitude.

“From Lambesis, “I stand against who I became in my past… People who support AILD are not supporting the person I once was, because part of my life’s work is to undo the hurt I’ve caused. I will never be able to undo my greatest mistake, but I believe it’s better to do something rather than give up. AILD collectively condemns all forms of domestic abuse and violence. Our mission is to continually seek and implement ways to facilitate positive, meaningful change in the world around us.”

“However, not everyone was ready to give Lambesis a second chance, and Growlers has created controversy in Memphis for booking his band in Memphis.

“While we believe in the justice system and the ability for rehabilitation, we are against domestic violence and will always listen to those that have gone through the pain that it has caused. Since As I Lay Dying returned to performing we’d had several requests to bring them to Memphis, despite the singer’s past. When the show was first announced, hundreds of people bought tickets right away. However, we’ve since heard the input of several people in the local community that we have the utmost respect for, and we want them to know that their voices are heard. Growler’s vehemently denounces all forms of physical and mental domestic abuse, and we’ll be replacing the As I Lay Dying show with a benefit show featuring all local bands. 100% of the proceeds will go to helping local victims of domestic abuse.”

“As a locally owned small business, supporting our community is the single most
important thing to us. In this instance, we’ve heard the community loud and clear, and we are going to do everything we can to ensure that we continue forward in providing an enjoyable entertaining environment that all of our patrons feel comfortable in. And to the people who’s comments were erased we sincerely apologize, just know we stand with you.”

Pentagram’s touring plans have also been met with controversy following the release of frontman Bobby Liebling from Montgomery County Detention Center, where he was serving an eighteen month sentence after pleading guilty to “abuse and neglect of a vulnerable adult custodian,” who is believed to have been his elderly mother.

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New Video Clip “The Collective Unconscious” Issued By Hemina

Australia’s Hemina released a new music video for the song “The Collective Underground.” The song appears on the new studio album, “Venus,” which was issued this past Friday (November 11th).

“Venus” is an 80 minute concept album detailing and examining domestic violence, relationships, and individuality in the 21st century with a narrative arc to accompany and elaborate on their previous conceptual output.

Check out “The Collective Unconscious” here:

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Culture Killer Streaming Full “Throes Of Mankind” Album

In anticipation of the release of debut full-length “Throes of Mankind” this Friday (November 27th), Florida’s Culture Killer is now streaming the album in full online! Listen in below, thanks to

Having just completed a North American tour with Whitechapel and Psycroptic, Culture Killer is now on the warpath to educate the masses about the world’s injustices with upcoming debut, “Throes of Mankind.” Through 10 tracks of pummeling metallic hardcore, the disgruntled quintet successfully delivers a message with violent, malevolent fervor.

Culture Killer comments: “The band’s purpose is to bring attention to the harsh realities that some people choose to disregard, whether it be misinformation or ignorance . The presence of these injustices and inequalities have always existed, but we believe they need to be brought to the forefront of discussion and ultimately changed.

“These topics include, but are not limited to, cultural decline, racism, child predators, domestic violence, drug & alcohol abuse, and the impact of war on the human mind. The evils of the world and the lack of compassion between human beings and their own kind. We hope that listeners leave with a firm understanding on how we feel about these subjects and join us in keeping them unveiled and visible.”

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Chemical Burn Premieres New Track “I Rise I Fly”

Bay Area thrashers Chemical Burn premieres the track “I Rise I Fly” below taken from the upcoming new album “Raining Anvils”, which will be out on August 7 via MegaSonic Records.

Explains Vocalist/bassist Mike Garnica:

“The new album presents some pretty ugly real life situations that people can relate to–domestic violence, police brutality, losing a loved one. ‘I Rise I Fly’ is about not just enduring those situations, but coming out on top. It’s an anthem to the self! To stand up, have a voice, be heard, and be alive. And sonically, the song just sounds like you’re kicking the shit out of anything that dares to fuck with you.”

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