New Album “Heavy Bombers” Streaming In Full From Bólido

Today, Chilean metal act Bólido is streaming the entire new album “Heavy Bombers” over at Deaf Forever magazine’s website at this location or just in the player below. The album was released earlier this year only on digital format, but will now see international CD release on October 10th via Fighter Records.

Formed back in 2010 in Santiago, Chile, Bólido self-released the debut album “We Are Rock” in 2014, gaining a solid reputation in Chile thanks to the band’s powerful live performances. In March 2016, the band released “Heavy Bombers” digitally, showing a heavier approach in the vein of bands like Judas Priest, Anvil, early Jag Panzer, Malice, and Liege Lord, which caught the attention of Fighter Records who signed them for this and the upcoming third album, which the band is currently working on. The band is also auditioning new members to complete the live lineup.

Check out “Heavy Bombers” right here:

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Bardspec Posts “Fire Tongue” Video Clip

This June, By Norse will release the debut album “Hydrogen” from Bardspec, the ambient project/ led by Enslaved guitarist Ivar Bjørnson. In advance of its release, today a first audiovisual glimpse into the album is presented via a David Hall-created new video for “Fire Tongue.”

“Hydrogen” will be released on June 23rd across all formats. The six-panel CD digipak is available as a limited first pressing of 1000 and includes bonus track “Teeth.” The double-gatefold LP is limited to 500 on black vinyl, while the digital format will also include the bonus track. Pre-orders are online now at this location.

Having launched at Roadburn in 2015, Bardspec has since evolved into a full-fledged band, with Today Is The Day’s Steve Austin on guitars/effects, David Hall presenting the live visual aspect of the project, and a stunning layout created by Josh Graham (Soundgarden, Neurosis, IIVII, etc.)

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Epoch Releasing “Sacrosanct” Via Lavadome

Lavadome Productions has announced the forthcoming release of the CD version of “Sacrosanct” from death metal band Epoch on January 31st, 2017. The album was originally released on digital format in 2015.

1. To Datechon, ho Katechon
2. Vision Absolute
3. Altered States
4. Nine
5. Ichneumon
6. Hangman Paradox
7. Fear Ritual
8. Sacrosanct

Sacrosanct by EPOCH

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Elephant Bell Signs With Argonauta Records

Finnish stoner outfit Elephant Bell just inked a deal with Argonuata Records. The label also issued this statement:

“We’re thrilled to start this collaboration, Elephant Bell are a stunning band highly influenced by the first ‘stoner’ era and by bands as Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, with a touch of grunge-like sonorities as Soundgarden – whereas, moreover, the band features in its ranks our old friend Tomi Mykkanen of Lowburn.

“As for the band, being part of the second wave of stoner rock movement had its highlights. Lots of cool bands like Dozer, Lowrider, Greenleaf, QotSA, Unida, Devillac and new friends, songs and gigs and beers and fun… After releasing a few EPs and playing a few dozen gigs, the band felt ready to record their first album. It was recorded by the band themselves and finally released in digital format in 2011. The album was received very well around the world but it never got a proper release.

“Being part of the third wave of Stoner Rock has its perks too; lots of new friends and bands and labels. And the still lingering interest towards Elephant Bell… So, the band decided to re-mix and master the album and add two previously unreleased songs from the album sessions to it and release it as a proper release. After some discussions the band got in touch with high soaring Italian record label Argonauta Records and finally the deal for the album was made.

This upcoming album was mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén (of Greenleaf and Dozer fame) and will be released in the first part of 2017.

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Swine Overlord Releasing New Single “Procreating The Offspring Of God And Men”

Swine Overlord just revealed full details on an upcoming single entitled “Procreating the Offspring of God and Men.” Guitarist Will Peplinksi comments:

“We chose ”Procreating the Offspring of God and Men’ for the single because we felt it is a good snapshot of the album. It’s different, but it’s still us.”

In regards to the cover, Will added: “Since the single is acting as a small peak at the new sound with Anthony’s new vocals, we also decided to release a little piece of the upcoming ‘Entheogenesis’ album cover by the talented Guang Yang. I’ve loved all of his work so working with him was a dream come true.”

“Procreating the Offspring of God and Men” is set for release January 15th, 2016 on digital format via Gore House Productions.

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Chugger Posts “The Grid” Music Video

Chugger just released a new official music video for the track “The Grid,” taken from upcoming full-length album “Human Plague.”

Production and editing for the video was completed by the band using footage shot during the recording process of the “Human Plague” album. Check it out below.

“Human Plague” is the band’s debut full length album and second release overall. The album will be released on CD and in digital format by Rambo Music, a division of GAIN Music Entertainment / Sony Music on April 1st. The track listing is as follows:

1. The Grid
2. Virus (watch the music video here)
3. Rust
4. Never Alone (feat. Maria Strandén)
5. Feed The Fire
6. Ignorance Divine
7. Five Feet Down
8. Cut Out From Hell
9. The Pendulum Swing
10. Endgame
11. Human Plague

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The Neologist Streaming “Coming Full Circle” Album

The Neologist’s new album “Coming Full Circle” was just released, which you can get in digital format the group’s Bandcamp page here.

All nine songs are also available for streaming in the player below, and the album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Same Psychotic Wavelength (Feat. Jon Howard) 05:00
2. Winter’s End 03:40
3. Coming Full Circle 06:35
4. Color Of Beauty 04:05
5. New Earth 04:08
6. The Abstract (Instrumental) 03:49
7. Words Can Not Describe 04:26
8. Losing The Pieces 03:49
9. Scarlet Awakening 03:09

Coming Full Circle by The Neologist

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Calf Streaming Full Album “Bastards Anatomy Use A Unicorn Go To Apathy”

Formed in Karditsa – Greece in 2008 and composed of Koutroulis (Guitars/Effects), Thodoris Kakoulantonakis (Guitars/Effects), K.Paraschis (Bass/Effects) and Sakis (Drums), Calf is a twisted musical collective whose sound transports listeners to the darker, more experimental side of the noise/post-rock spectrum.

The new album “Bastards Anatomy Use A Unicorn Go To Apathy” was just released on vinyl and can also be purchased in digital format at this location. Check out a full stream below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Are you Laura Palmer? No I’m a fucking psycho 10:13
2. Lunacy box demon booth 06:08
3. Squeezing blue hope from my christian numb cock 10:23
4. The artist formerly known as hipstercunt pt.I 05:46
5. The artist formerly known as hipstercunt pt.II 08:13

Bastards anatomy use a unicorn go to apathy by Calf

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WolveXhys Posts “Poltergeist” Teaser Trailer

WolveXhys has posted a teaser for a new single, which can be found below, and the band also comments:

“We’ve released the teaser to our brand new track ‘Poltergeist’ (unmastered demo recorded at K9 Studios, Telford), which we will be filming a music video for with Floodgate Films in September 2014.

“This track will be the first track to be released off our new EP (featuring guest features from Alex Teyen from Black Tongue + others) available in the Winter, along with a new line of merch, new gig announcements, promo shoots etc.

“We are also very happy to announce that we have re-joined forces with Fivebyfive Records and will be releasing our EP with them exclusively on digital format via all major online digitial distributers i.e. HMV DIGITAL / AMAZON / DEEZER / SPOTIFY / ITUNES etc.”

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Raum Kingdom Releases Self-Titled EP On CD And Cassette

Initially released on digital format in mid-April, the self-titled debut EP of Irish post-metal outfit Raum Kingdom is now available on CD via the group’s Bandcamp page and on Tape via Aonair Productions.

Recorded at Dead Dog Studio in Drogheda, Ireland and mixed and mastered by Jonny Kerr, this debut EP sees the quartet meshing the expansiveness of post-rock, the gloomy end-of-the world intensity of doom, and the intricacies of post-metal, resulting in nearly 30 minutes of heavy, emotional and intriguing music. The track listing is as follows:

1. Wounds 05:47
2. Barren Objects 06:36
3. Cross Reference 03:22
4. These Open Arms 03:58
5. This Sullen Hope 09:38

Raum Kingdom by Raum Kingdom

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